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Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by fluffie, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. fluffie

    fluffie Member

    Need to service my aircons... any recommendation pls. need someone who's charges is reasonable and can do a good job. If you have any pls PM me the contact no. Thanks for your help

  2. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member


    I'm using these two brothers who are Malaysian.

    One of them is called Jacky. Good service and very reasonable. You can contact him at 9616 8319.
  3. mummy__me

    mummy__me New Member

    U may wish to contact Rong Wei Air-con Services :

    Ong Heng Weng - 9824 5613

    Highly recommended, very good service and do not charge you for unnecessary repairs.
  4. karcheng

    karcheng Active Member


    My Hubby is going air con service, maybe you can contact him at 9796 5699
  5. shannee

    shannee New Member

    hi, the air con man charge me $70 for 3 units, normal servicing .he did a great job for both my shop and house.
  6. traceylee

    traceylee New Member

    i used igloo aircon last time, aircon was very cold after.
  7. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    Hi I just got 1 to clean inside out, they really remove everything and clean it, cost $88.

    This is the cheapest I could find as compare to those recommended from my other contractor friend which charges $150.

    2 person came to wash it and complete in 2 hours (I am only washing 1 unit as another room hardly use aircon).

    If you need contact please PM me.
  8. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    The one I recommend is not Surface cleaning, they remove all the stuff and clean instead.
  9. quinbus9

    quinbus9 Member

    Any idea which aircon retailer/company has reasonable prices + installation + good follow-up services?
  10. karcheng

    karcheng Active Member

  11. blessedxav

    blessedxav New Member

    I used this company by the name Wil_tech Air conditioning and you can contact them at 62850096 to arrange for appointment and servicing. I find their charges reasonable and service good.
  12. jeanlo

    jeanlo New Member

    Mummies, do any of you have any good contacts to repair aircon? I have tried Singapore Aircon to repair my air cons in my old home , their service was not bad. But due to CNY, their schedule are very packed. Anyone tried their service before? Any reviews?

    Their Link

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