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In the meantime i would like to enquire anyone whom store the baby cord blood under stemcord company??

pls let me know! as i have the intention to store the cord blood under this company and if i can get existing customer whom already store under stemcord, both of us can get $50 discount off!

let me know! just need your ic number and name.. you may email or message me . let me know so that i can pass u my email address ..thanks


I have signed up with Cordlife for my baby.

Anyone want to sign up with Cordlife at Baby Expo on 20 July 2012? If I refer you as friend, we each get $100 shopping voucher.

Do email me at [email protected]
Have a good day.
Have stored my 3 kids cord blood with Cordlife.

PM or email me if you want referral, then we can both get vouchers!!

Thank U!!