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I had miscarriage

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by ahgunbaby, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. ahgunbaby

    ahgunbaby New Member

    I had miscarriage on Sunday, 5 Feb.
    i had bleeding and cramping occur in the lower abdomen at noon time, when we rushed to the hospital the doctor told us that there was no sign of pregnancy and nothing was found.

    i was 4 weeks pregnant.... and it was our 1st pregnancy.... i have been crying alot.. it hurts my heart when i see he cry, he is a good husband.

    I can't seem to get over it. need some helps and some advices.

  2. cranky

    cranky Member

    hug each other and cry it out as much as you want. no matter how many weeks pregnant you were, a miscarriage is a blow. i know cos i have been thru it.

    it will take time to feel better. but you will never forget. have plenty of rest and try again only when both of you are ready. take care...
  3. moongirl80sg

    moongirl80sg Member

    My dear, I Always believe that it's heavens way of ensuring the best and healthiest bb is given to you. 4 weeks of pregnancy means bb is also not fully formed. So dun think too much. Always remember it's Mother Nature of giving u nothing but the best... I lost my first at 6 weeks, and my second preg was a twin, one of e twin stopped growing at 16 weeks. I was sad but I always told myself, I wan a healthy bb, so it's better that Nature gave me only healthy bb.. [​IMG] always remind urself this...
  4. mrs_r

    mrs_r Member

    Hi ahgunbaby,
    I had an miscarriage on the 8th. Spotting and discahrges on 5th Feb, went to KKH 24hr clinic, did BHCG went back and did another blood test on 7th, dr said going downtrend and HCG did not increase...left clinic devastated... 8th had heavy bleeding and very bad cramping... Was prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection. 2nd MC..
    Going to see a TCM at Marine Parade, recommended by my Sister's friend...
    I know wat u are going thru now.
    Hugs...give urself 3mths before you try again...
  5. luv_baobao

    luv_baobao Member

    Hi ahgunbaby,

    I know it is hard for you to accept but let time heal your wound though you will never forget. I had three times of miscarriage and I have loved all three of them. I really feel like ending my life by the second miscarriage but maybe the baby are not meant to be mine nonetheless my love for them will always be there. The fourth time I successfully bear a baby gal. She is ten months now. So give yourself time to move on after this ordeal. I agree with Premila to give youself sometime before trying for another. Hope you will get better emotionally. =)
  6. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member


    I also had a miscarriage at 8th week. Had bleeding at 6th week. No heartbeat found. HCG level not increasing. So it was not a viable pregnancy. I had to remove the egg sac thru the normal abortion procedure. Very tramautising.

    One fren told me that if it's meant to b your baby, she will come back to you again. I beleive it and I am now preg 2 mths after the miscarriage. So be positive! your baby will come back again!
  7. rayna

    rayna New Member

    Hi mummies,
    Had miscarriage for my 1st bb too after a long wait of 4yrs. Was very very sad at that time but I always believe that my bb is in save hand (GOD). After 7 mths later I got pregnant again.Pray for the best always and tell yourself that you'll get pregnant soon. Rest a while.
  8. cynderella86

    cynderella86 Member

    Hi there, i just want to let u know u're not alone. I loss my bb @5 weeks , doc calls this a chemical pregnancy. I could'nt understand wat was happening at first cos a chemical pregnancy just make it seem like i was imagining i was pregnant. But after much googling, i learnt that its just a teem used to describe very early miscarriage which i'm assuming happen to u too.
    Though this would have been my 2nd child, i feel very upset too but i try to get over it by keeping myself busy.
    Its been 5 weeks since the loss and guess wat? I got a positive test ytd, but i'm not getting overly excited now because i'm worried the same might happen.

    If u feel ready, maybe can start trying again? Heard 1st 3 montha supposed to be very fertile. Gd luck!
  9. mrs_r

    mrs_r Member

    Hi elated,
    My first MC was a chemical pregnancy but dont know wat went wrong in my 2nd MC. Anyway I am going to wait for my 1st AF then try right away... dont know if the cause is due to Clomid which I took before I conceived... anyway Congrats too...
  10. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Stay strong and don't wrought your mind with over-anxiety... not very good for your health. Impt thing is to nurse yourself back to health, relax and stay positive always!
  11. divein

    divein Member

    Hi elated,
    U tried immediately after your menses? Thats what my gynae told me that I could do so.. but also seen a lot of advise to only try after 3 months...
  12. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Hi Divein,

    If your gynae gave you the clearance to try again, you can do that. In fact, after my MC when I visit my gynae for checkup, she told me I can start trying immediately in the next cycle. Physically i was fit. But she wanted me to make sure that mentally I was ok before I try. So I followed her advice and tried immediately. I got preg at the second cycle. So shd be alright
  13. cynderella86

    cynderella86 Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Hi divein, i did'nt purposely try for it, just do when we feel like it, in fact in only ML once and strike already.... i think as long as physically u are ok , it does'nt matter but once u know u are preggie, it is important to visit a qynae quickly to get an tai yao... i visited my gynae once i knew i was pregnant and he prescribe me with duphaston to stabilise the pregnancy.</font>
  14. victoria_ching088

    victoria_ching088 New Member

    Hi, Stay strong. I had a chemical pregnancy the year before and i am so devasted too. crying myself to bed everyday. But believe that god has her plan for you. Maybe this baby is not meant for you. After my miscarriage, i stopped for 3 months and get preganant again and i have given birth to a beautiful girl last year jun. Sometimes i will still think of my 1st baby..if she is not being miscarried. But well...i guess we have to stay strong and move on. Take some time to grief but be strong and try again k? Hugs!

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