Husband and in-laws prefer you to have son over daughter?

Angelica Cheng

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Dear ladies,

Any of you here had previous experiences of your husband and in-laws strongly preferring and wanting you to have a son instead of daughter? How did they express their disappointment when you gave birth to a girl instead of boy? Please kindly share your experiences and ways to cope with such expectations as I myself am in such a situation. My hubby's family run a traditional Chinese family business in the furniture trade and they are obsessed with having a male heir. Here are some relevant interesting articles:

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Are u seeking validation or passively promoting something?
Dear Mongkok,

Hope you do not misunderstand my intentions.

I am sincerely trying the get tips on how to deal with my situation. I am sure that many ladies here have faced similar situations of their husbands and in-laws strongly preferring to have a boy instead of a girl. I hope that they can share their individual experiences and maybe give some tips on how to deal with such old-fashioned mindsets of their family members. You may be surprised, but in 21st century Singapore there are still some people who hold on to such ideas, particularly those from the Chinese family business community, of which I am a part of.
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