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***How to make your baby's head round ?***

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by keshena, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. keshena

    keshena New Member

    Hi All Mummies,

    Pls advise how to make my baby's head round ?

    He is 4 months old. And sometimes sleep in side position ( hug the bolster ). But only a while.

    Does bean pillow work ?
    What is the benefit for this pillow ?

    I have the small one but no fit anymore for his head. So he sometimes use for hugging.

    Thanks so much

  2. hopefully

    hopefully New Member

    I used to hear people said sarong will give baby a round head.
    My son head 1 side is a little flat cos he used to sleep on that side.
    u have to help him switch side to sleep.
    I thought bean pillow is for hugging or on tummy only?
  3. caramel08

    caramel08 Member

    I've heard of using the beansprout pillow under the baby's head, but personally find it very unsafe, as baby may suffocate when he turns to the side. The best thing you can do, is make it a point to turn his head to each side when he naps and sleeps, maybe about 20min after he falls asleep- my mum-in-law did this with my son. Drove me nuts, because I just wanted to let the poor kid sleep, but it worked.He's got a perfectly rounded head.
  4. happytobemum

    happytobemum Member

    alternate and switch sides when your baby sleeps. Do not let him sleep in one position all the time. This will help. My mum did this on my son and he has a nice rounded head. No need to use special pillow.
  5. happytobemum

    happytobemum Member

    bean pillow is used to put on baby's tummy so that it will give the baby a safe feeling.. not easily startled when sleeping..I did not use the bean pillow until my son is abit older.. I was worried he would suffocate if we didnt monitor him properly
  6. littlegecko

    littlegecko New Member

    My baby's head was quite flat at the back for first months so I bought one of those soft flat head baby pillows (can get online, many types available). The one I get was from Australia. V soft and nice, less than A$10. It was quite good!
  7. pann

    pann Active Member

    My elders will use their hands to keep going around baby's head. Like making rice dumpling (dang yuan) like that.
  8. cutiepiemummy

    cutiepiemummy New Member

    Hi littlegecko,

    Can I know which website you go to get the pillow? Able to get it in Singapore?

    My baby is 3.5 months and one side of the head is flatter compared to the other side. Can it still be rectified?
  9. maydalim

    maydalim New Member

    hi Keshena, flat head (plagiocephaly) is very common for baby. my little girl is having this problem and we have started physio treatment. there are some methods recommended but donut pillow, bean pillow and sarong is not encourage by specialist. if you want more info pls pm me. i'm happy to share with you.
  10. maydalim

    maydalim New Member

    hi cutiepiemimmy,
    the best way to start is to seek help from PD, if the problem is severe then physio treatment is highly recommended. helmet treatment is the best but not popular in Singapore. the younger you start treatment is most likely to get it corrected.

    btw, my little one has this problem and we are seeking professional help.
  11. piggyming

    piggyming New Member

    Hi Mayday,

    My infant is also suffering from the same flat head. The PD advise to turn the bb and let it sleep on the other side, but it doesn't seem to help. Can you enable ur PM?

    How much is ur treatment for the phyiso?
  12. darlinz

    darlinz Member

    hi Keshena
    remember keep massage the head go round n round and don let baby sleep on 1 side always change side for them

    my auntie's grandson head shape like bullet she every now n then massage the head go round n round n round now very round already hehehe
  13. oositioo

    oositioo Member

    upon bathing... keep rubbing their head in circular direction...
  14. mummm

    mummm New Member

    yeah just massage round and round or sleep sarong
  15. cupidth

    cupidth Member

    hi mayda, can recommend your PD? My baby has this conidtion, and is rather serious, want to know which PD can offer advice on this matter. Thanks.
  16. maydalim

    maydalim New Member

    Hi Piggyming and Jasmine,
    Sorry for the late reply. (seldom login to this page)

    My little one went to Kids Focus Physio for treatment. We started with aggresive positioning and stretching exercise.

    1st session is $160 and follow up session is $130.

    I went to 4 PDs but only 1 PD (Dr Toh in Raffles Hospital) recommended physio. (really thanks God for her). Other PDs said no worry, problem will self-corrected when they are older. however if you google "torticollis and plagiocephaly" alot of unhealed cases.

    My little one almost go for helmet treatment, but in last monday follow up session, her condition is consider fully resurrected.

    P/s rubbinng is not encourage from physio perspective.
  17. maydalim

    maydalim New Member

    Yesterday channel 8 news covered a story on plagiocephaly “an abnormal shape head”. This is a great awareness introduced to local audiences.

    If you think that your baby is having flat head, you can do online self assessment at http://www.cranialtech.com/

    Otherwise there are many resources in following website:
    - Baby Center UK plagiocephaly support group
    - Cranial Tech in facebook
    - www.plagiocephalyawareness.com/home-eng.htm

    *google “plagiocephaly” or “flat head syndrome” for more material.

    You can also read up a mommy’s blog on her baby recovery journey.

    Most of the materials (either printed or internet) are written based on western context, very little information originated from local but the facts & solutions are VALID. For local context is better to seek professional input locally. plagiocephaly is a common and treatable condition as long as you take action! The younger age child will gain best result after treatment

    I’m sharing it from my heart as a mother, who walk-thru the journey together with my little baby girl. If you need more info, pls feel free to PM me. I’m more than happy to share more.

    Pls take plagiocephaly seriously…..
  18. finspitz01

    finspitz01 Member

    I heard that using the pillow with a dent in the centre helps to keep the head round. I saw one in the last baby fair selling, it's netted material to prevent suffocation. the saleperson said the whole thing can be put into the washing machine to wash, easy to dry too. Recently, I saw it being sold at CCK lot 1 Kiddy palace. Didn't buy, coz i think it's quite expensive ~ $20+.
  19. stephsg73

    stephsg73 New Member

    just to share, my son's head was "out of shape" once he came home from hospital till he was about 4 months old. his PD recommended neck exercises similar to those posted by Mayda. still, best to seek professional's advice.

    plus, heeding my mum's advice, whenever i was bf-ing him, i'll rub his head slowly in circular motions.

    now, he's 33 months old and everyone just loves his round round crew cut head [​IMG]
  20. dream09

    dream09 New Member

    Thought I ll just post as my son had this issue too. Went to physiotherapy and it really helped. Please seek treatment early as it gets more difficult once they grow older. Good luck
  21. maydalim

    maydalim New Member

    Hi Dream,
    all the best!! and don't give up. you will see the result soon.
  22. unome

    unome Member

    Hi mummies, my girl has very nice and round head so k thought I'll share my experience.

    I've been letting her sleep on her tummy even since she was born. Maybe from 1 week old onwards? I know sleepin on tummy is not very recommended as it links to sudden infant death. I only let her sleep like tat when she naps in the afternoon n thrs ppl watching her. My mum would check her head once in a while to see if it's balanced. Then we'll switch side every alternate day.

    It also helped to train her neck muscle as well. She could turn her head to switch side at 3 weeks old! And it also helped her in sleeping better n longer.

    She's 6 months now n has very good neck control n shape of head like Ang moh. Heheh...

    Hope this helps!
  23. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    my boy slps on tummy since birth. i noe many ppl is skeptical abt SIDS. but babies really slp btr in this position and sometimes he will curl up into foetal position.

    my boy has nice round head too [​IMG]

    as long as no obstructions around the bed, babies can slp on tummy safely.
  24. maydalim

    maydalim New Member

    ABC News 7 in New York ran a great torticollis story the other day. Since so many plagio babies are likely to also have torticollis, it's nice to get more awareness out there.

    New treatment for wry neck children | Video | 7online.com
  25. mehui

    mehui New Member

    My son also slept on his tummy and the fellow could switch sides on his own when he was a month old or so and push the swaddle away when he felt warm. My granny recommends very lightly massaging his head and also his legs (so that they'll be straight?).
  26. marmaladesg

    marmaladesg Member

  27. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Keep placing him on the left side but this is probably caused by the fact that he was on her right side inside you. So keep setting him down on the left side and dont worry about it.

    Keep this up and his head will get better. If he keeps waking up though on him right side. You might have to get up in the middle of the night and place him on the other side.
  28. marmaladesg

    marmaladesg Member

    Thanks xuan.

    Did your child see any therapist or just do the exercises and you see improvement ?

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