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How to lose weight naturally and safely

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by msbonj, May 30, 2013.

  1. msbonj

    msbonj New Member

    Hi Mommies...

    Most of us find it difficult to lose weight naturally amidst our breastfeeding routines, and high amount of carbo to top up our milk supply.Not mentioning exercise routines when we are almost up every night, feeling tired during the day.

    I managed to lose weight faster after my third kid by taking natural ingredient supplements. Suitable during breastfeeding.

    Please ask if you need help k. I'm an educator teaching nutrition and able to advise accordingly.

    Hope to hear you soon.

    Let's embark on this journey together

  2. mumofamelia

    mumofamelia Member

    I'm a mother of two kids. My weight and inches increased after pregnancy. I had tried many other products and methods to reduce my weight and inches. But it did not work and make me feel hungry. I felt very upset and wanted to give up.

    Until Nov'2011, I saw my friend's big transformation, so I decided to give it a try on unicity world class products. So in Dec'2011, I started the Clearstart 30 days and I saw my tummy getting flat in this cleasing period. When I'm getting into 25th day do Bios Life Slim. I saw the reduction in weight and inches. I feel very happy to see the results from time to time and it makes me feel fresh, energetic all the time in order for me to take care of my kids.

    Bios Life Slim has brought back my confidence. Not only that, it gives me healthy, beauty and slim. I'm just loving it.

    Inspired and wish to get started too. Email me at healthyyummymummy@yahoo.com.sg for more
  3. joeyeu

    joeyeu New Member

    Dear all, I have 1box of bio slim (orange favour) to sell, i am letting off at $150. Bought extra one box and I am not continuing as I have taking other supplements. Please email me at yanyan_eu@hotmail.com if you are interested to buy. Bought two months back and is still nicely in box.
  4. lynnzo

    lynnzo Member

    deal all,i have trial packs of Bios Life (orange flavour) sachet drinks for sale..13 packets..bought from SMH forum at $32..selling at $25 with FOC postage within Singapore..pls email lynasong@hotmail.com or PM me for more info..
  5. beworkz

    beworkz New Member

    you can visit my facebook fanpage. To learn more about natural remedy for High blood pressure, Cholesterol, diabetic, weight loss, eczema, allergy, Cancer, Heart Attack and cardiovascular risk. as well as testimonial. As well as global business opportunity which you can work at home.

    To see your future possibility please visit: www.facebook.com/liftyourdream
  6. kellylbh

    kellylbh New Member

    Hi Mommies,

    I am new to this forum. Yes, weight management is one of my greatest challenge too especially when I reach age 30. I never imagined I would have this problem cos in the past no matter how much I ate, I still have a good figure that people envy.

    Wow, after 30 things really change because of low metabolism rate. I had signed up expensive weight lost program with one of the beauty salon, it doesn't work and only my pocket get hurts deeper. I went to one of the medical doctor, it did help me to lose 10kg but after I stop the medication, it rebounced. Hai... after birth, its getting worse and my boy coming to 1 year old already, I still can't wear back my old permudas.

    I have learnt and realised that most people only target at the symptoms of weight problem but not at the source. Is only when I look at the source of my weight problem, I manage to lose 2.6 kg within 2.5 weeks and finally wearing back that old permudas of mine. I am so happy and excited to see my successful result and even my friends are excited for me.

    I am willing to help whichever way I could, if you want to know more, you could email me at kellyleebh@yahoo.com.sg.
  7. okimisu

    okimisu New Member

    I'm using Clearstart 30 and Bios life slim too but this product is not working on weight loss. But targeting on the INCHES lost. Because the body burning fat, I can fell my cellulite from one lum became broken small little piece under my skin.

    Bios Life Slim NOT controlling your nervous system (mean make you feel not hungry) because once you stop those drug. you will hungry again and your weight will be re-bounced (Yo-yo effect)

    But Bios Life Slim will work on your burning metabolism, adjust cholesterol level (HDL & LDL), insulin and triglyceride. and make your stomach smaller, even I forgot to eat, I also not feel over eating.

    Bios Life Slim do help on the patient who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease as well. And The best is 100% natural ingredient.

    Now I lost 3 inches in the duration of 1.5 months of taking Clearstart 30 + Bios Life Slim.

    Make waist line come back and my breast is firming and the size increased 1 inch.

    I'm so glad for the result!!
  8. joeyeu

    joeyeu New Member

    Hi,I have excess one box of bios slim life orange (30 sachets) brand new letting go at $120. Gmarket selling at $170. Interested please email me at yanyan_eu@hotmail.com
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  9. lisaaxiu88

    lisaaxiu88 New Member

    i do sports everyday and also control my diet.
    in the morning, i will run about 20 minitues and in the aftertoon, i will go to attend the aerobics class.
    i do not eat meat and only eat vegetables.
    after 3 month, i lsoe about 5kg.

    lisa from melodyhome
  10. Marsitah

    Marsitah New Member

    Hi mummies,

    If you want to lose weight naturally and effectively

    Have to CULTIVATE healthy eating habits, natural detoxification by consuming super fruits supplements and much much more!

    If you are keen on a FREE Flat Tummy Detox consultation, can send me a PM/Wapp to 91528797. (Strictly no hard-selling! Non-obligatory!)
  11. logesh

    logesh New Member

    Intake more fruits and vegetables, it is full of proteins and vitamins. It helps to maintain body weight and improves antioxidants. Water is also a natural weight loss drink and it helps to eliminate toxins from your body.
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  12. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    you're right to exercise! but am just too lazy.. i have tried jogging, swimming after birth of my 2nd child. but the accumulated weight gain from 1st child makes me upset. my friend recommended me a slimming centre. they're TCM certified, using cupping and gua sha to improve the metabolism rate. no needles involved. It's amazing! dieting required but bearable as I still get to have my fav fried stuffs. most importantly, it's fast weight loss. i lost 4.5kg in just 2 weeks (total of 4 sessions)! I was happier than before after the whole slimming program where i lost close to 10kg. besides my kids, this is probably the most amazing thing that happened to me. i'm slimmer than my pre-pregnancy weight now!
  13. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    btw, anyone has post-natal massue to recommend? am asking for my sis in law. the lady that i engaged has retired...
  14. Joanna Tan

    Joanna Tan Member

    Hi, which TCM you went to & how is the charges like?
  15. xutai

    xutai Member

    Hi Luvjj,

    ya.. pls advise which TCM and the charges... really keen to try out.
  16. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    hihi care to share which TCM u went to?
    have been trying to lose some weight since i gave birth to my 2 kiddos
  17. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    traditional chinese medicine :)
  18. xutai

    xutai Member

    Hi Kraize,

    Same same... had 2 kids.. seems very difficult or impossible to regain back as b4.. :(
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
  19. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    yes i know :(
    but taking care of my 2 kiddos take up so much energy and time already haha
    any diet to recc?
  20. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    hope so!
    yes, taking care and running after them burn up quite alot calories hehe
  21. xutai

    xutai Member


    how old r yr kids? mine 6 & 2yrs old.. gained 15kg. :(
  22. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    mine 2 and 4. very mischievous already.
    i gained 7kg. hope to lose them soon.
    really envy my friend, gave birth to 2 but is still as skinny as before!
  23. xutai

    xutai Member

    yes... there r many out there, b4 and after still so slim.. really the omg. haha! 7kg still ok lah... not as bad..
    u working or....?
  24. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    guess it's really in the genes lah
    just started working part time. need to help out my hubby le. everything now so expensive :(
  25. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    Hi everyone, my eldest is 5yrs this yr n the other 3yrs. I went for weight loss when my younger kid was 2yrs. So upsetting cos I couldn't find nice ckothes. Without fail, the sales girl wi say "L" size ah. Cry!!

    Anyway, the slimming centre is at china sq. I first started at their outlet at ngee ann city then I switched to china sq. Not sure if they expanded now. You can check out their website www.slim-couture.com
    It's better to ca them n understand more. They will tl u your ideal weight n guve u recommendation on number of sessions. I ever witnessed a Caucasian lady who signed 20 sessions right away cos she said she saw the significant weight loss in her friend. Nut me being sg, I only signed 4 sessions at a time.. total I went 12.

    Am not joking. It's guaranteed weight loss!
  26. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    Hi. Any massue in particular?
  27. september

    september Active Member

  28. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    thx! will give them a call. :)
  29. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    i'm a part time clinic nurse.
  30. tae-yang

    tae-yang Member

    I lost 7kgs in 3mth through exercise. I do 30 to 40min stepper daily from 3rd mth onwards in the morning after I express out. It is very tiring as I need to wake up at 5am every morning,. Now I got a stationary bike to cycle 40min 3 times per week to maintain. No change to my diet, 3 meal plus snacks.
    Afterall, exercise is still the best and health way.
  31. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    oh well guess i must really find time to start working out!
  32. kraize

    kraize Active Member

    hehe i see that mummies around here all wanna exercise liao :)
  33. xutai

    xutai Member

    me too... but lack of motivation... hahaha! :p
  34. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    Yeah. Need lots of motivation. Maybe get your hubby to exercise together.

    But am still lazy! That's why I chose to go slimming !
  35. vernice80

    vernice80 Active Member

    Luvji which tcm u go to?
  36. xutai

    xutai Member

    She went slim couture.

    My hb lazy type.. Plus he isnt fat at all.. And we no time, hav to look after the kids on our own..
    Haha, alot of excuse hor.. Lol!
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  37. Sonia_78

    Sonia_78 Member

    I run 30km weekly
    I became 80 kg when I was preg
    I'm 57 now my daughter is 2.5 yes old
    I'm into running tat helps me maintain weight but extremely difficult to stay motivated and find time since I hv a full time job
  38. Sonia_78

    Sonia_78 Member

  39. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    Yea. I went slim couture. Check out their website www.slim-couture.com or Facebook pg.
    One of the photos is me. Haha maybe last year posts.
    It's better to call them to know more. I signed up cos I saw my big size friend lost weight significantly and I was desperate to slim down!
  40. xutai

    xutai Member

    Hi Sonia,

    Wow... Tats very good n great for u... I was 80, now slightly down to 77kg.. I guess i'll nvr be able to see a 5 starting in my weight anymore... Haha

    Can u share yr story to motivate us? Haha
    Like erm, how u start off, which timing of the day u jog usually since u r holding a fulltime job n having a kid.. Bet u r very tired n busy, yet still can jog.. Thumbs up for that!!
    how frequent n duration of each jog.. Oh ya, did u jog alone?
  41. Sonia_78

    Sonia_78 Member

    Hi Xutai
    I jog alone I used to run 10 km straight in 1hr, I'm a fast runner but tat on regular basis used to drain me
    So I changed my schedule now I do half hr on treadmill in a gym in my condo on Monday 30 -10 pm after bb sleeps
    Wed and Friday 30Mins on treadmill n 15 mins on cycle like equipment in gym
    Sunday 1 hr outside on park connector
    I picked up running in 2008 before bob is born I used to run everyday half hr
    After bob very difficult I re started running wen I was 70 kg very tough but pushed myself
    Hv to stay highly motivated
  42. xutai

    xutai Member

    Wow, Sonia..

    U really are motivated and very disciplined.. Very good! Not much can do tat...
    Esp after a long day at work n bonding at nite.. Already 10pm.. Most wld jus zzzzz and tink, tomoro then jog, haha!

    Anyone else has their to share.. Hope all these stories can motivate and inspire us.. Hahaha!
  43. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    Slim couture 6536 8586
  44. vernice80

    vernice80 Active Member

    Xutai, we are on the same "boat"
    I'm picking up zumba classes which tone me up but weight abt same
  45. xutai

    xutai Member

    Haha.. High five!
    Ya, zumba is very popular these dayz..
  46. xutai

    xutai Member

    22kg... Tats alot! For how long were u on reductil?
    Any side effect like insomnia or heart race, thirsty?
    If im not wrong, reductil is abt the same as duromine...
  47. babyxin

    babyxin New Member

    hi luvjj, are you still on the program? i called them today to enquire. I'm almost 15kg overweight. Can't wait to start the program!
  48. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    Hihi, u signed up? I have completed the program. Am still maintaing my weight for a yr plus already.

    How many sessions u signed up? ? Good time to go huh. After cny!
  49. babyxin

    babyxin New Member

    I needed like 20 over sessions but I intend to go for 12 first. Will track my progress and see how it goes. I just hope I can take the diet. Did u follow strictly?
  50. luvjj

    luvjj New Member

    Nope. I had roast duck n suckling pig once in a while when on the program. I can't resist food haha

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