How to help child focus?


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My 2018 child gets distracted doing activities she doesn’t like. We have gone for adhd assessment at kkh and doc doesn’t think she’s adhd at this point. But I would still like to improve her focus and attention span. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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Just to share since its the same like my child last time. I sent my kids to Genius League. At the start cant focus, walking around, cannot understand what teacher is saying, very distracted. Don't give up, just keep on bring them back to seat when teacher does next activity, make it exciting for your child. After several lessons you can see the improvement, but take it one step at a time. Cos they do lots of hands on learning activities so your child will start to enjoy the activities.. They do hands on like learn fraction using pizza, etc. Counting they do a special method at first not easy to understand. You also learn together and guide your child, soon they can do like double digit addition (now my child learning double digit subtraction) using Genius Maths Method. Like using finger method but have visual imageries and sound effect, so quite fun for kids. Also many memory activities, but must see fast to remember. So slowly will develop focus. Poem presentation also my kids enjoy cos they wear superhero cape in front of class and after present gets a reward. So my kids at first don't want then see friends do so fun, get present from teacher, now they also can do. Good thing the class is parent accompanied so if have focus issues, you just guide your child in the activities explain to them, then show them how to do, let them try. Slowly when they can do, they will feel want to do more. All the best!