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How to get rid of ANTS?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by spanielpups, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. spanielpups

    spanielpups Member

    Hi, Can anyone advise me of your victory battle with ants? I have ants at home and it is multiplying! It's those ants that likes water, they call it ghost ants. The strange thing is, after trying many types of ants baits that don't work, I finally bought this ant gel type and i put some in kitchen and some the bathroom. The kitchen ones ate it but the bathroom one avoided it. Anyone has any advise how to get rid of ants?

  2. orchid

    orchid New Member

    get ant powder from any provision shop/hardware store i find that they're the most effective.
  3. moorspa7

    moorspa7 Member


    You might want to visit this thread on how to deal with ants

    I hv shared in the above thread that I used Bio X insecticide. It was my last resort and it worked for me. Tried ant bait and powder but it was only a short term solution. You can get Bio X from NTUC, Self fix DIY shop etc.
  4. spanielpups

    spanielpups Member

    Hi Orchid,

    I bought the ant powder, but they avoid it like plague.
  5. spanielpups

    spanielpups Member

    Hi Moorspa

    Bio X Insecticide sounds interesting...will go and check it out later. THanks.
  6. orchid

    orchid New Member

    u have clever ants. heh
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  7. spanielpups

    spanielpups Member

    Hi Orchid, you wd be surprised how clever they r... Haha. I now owns tons of baits fr various supermarkets. Sigh.. Just bgt Bio X!
  8. jamandbutter

    jamandbutter New Member

    Hi Spaniel,

    I tried this method and it worked for me, try putting vinegar into a small container (like the ones you get when you tabao). Pour about .5cm and leave it at the area infested.

    Vinegar has to be the strong kind, I used Heinz one I believe. Try out and see if it helps, because mine disappeared when I did this!

    Hope that helps ;)
  9. tempo4me

    tempo4me Member

    Tried the chalk type that get rid of antz? I draw everywhere where there's ants like me. :p Sooner or later, the ants will know that they are not welcomed and move elsewhere.
  10. jannherm

    jannherm New Member

    i use artificial vinegar, add water into a spray bottle then spray all over the kitchen area...the sourish smell is a deterent...somehow :p
  11. babak

    babak Member

    I am told by a fren to use combine dettol with floor detergent to mop floor. Floor is original first place for ants to crawl upwards and anywhere
  12. blur_blur_gal

    blur_blur_gal Member

    Ants scare of rubber band smell too
  13. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    I bought two of those S$5 anti-ants plates at one of those roving stores. Works! Certain branches of NTUC carries this item.

    The ants have somewhat given up hovering around my kitchen top...

    The seller explained that the plate works because of the circular rings at the base which serves to 'disorientate' the ants so they keep running in circles, never getting to the top of the plate.
  14. bgstory

    bgstory New Member

    I use combination: bio-x, dettol, vinegar, rubber bands at table legs, anti-ants trays. So far not a single ant (touch wood).
  15. brnca

    brnca Active Member

    I am using a combination of citronella/lemongrass/eucalyptus scent to try to keep ants away. Not always a success but I have not seen other insects though.
  16. kiwilady

    kiwilady New Member

    moth balls , it helps with lizard and ants
  17. brnca

    brnca Active Member

    So we just need to throw some moth balls in the cabinets??
  18. bbmirai

    bbmirai Member

    optigard ant gel but not carried in retail stores
    works very well since it targets the ant nest where the ants will eat the gel and bring it back to the nest
    the solves from the root
  19. kiwilady

    kiwilady New Member

    lol! that time i was so paranoid , i put 2-3 moth balls every corner .
  20. brnca

    brnca Active Member

    Lol! Ok. Shall get some moth balls. Desperate liao... Too many ants and dunno where they are sprouting from!
  21. gumbokins

    gumbokins Member

    Best ant poison I have found so far (tried and tested) is TERRO PCO. It's very effective. I used it a few months ago to remedy my ant problem and they were gone for a long, long time. Now, the moment i see a few ants i just put a few drops and they will disappear.

    Where to buy
    - MEIDI-YA at Liang Court seems to hv the most reliable supply
    - I managed to get my bottle from Giant, but need to look hard hard and long long
    - Amazon http://www.amazon.com/TERRO-Liquid-...UTF8&qid=1388763560&sr=8-2&keywords=terro+pco
    (can join ongoing sprees here to tag on item, should be able to ship free to SIN)

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  22. mlr

    mlr Member

    Be careful with moth balls around kitchen area.

    The ingredients are poisonous if consumed, especially for children. Also, if your child has G6PD, then it is a definite NO NO!
  23. lololy

    lololy New Member

    usually I buy 一扫光 brand. common in most supermarket.. but need to monitor them, as sometimes they will avoid the bait area. I will just trace them to the nest and stuff the hole with ant baits.
  24. amandawa

    amandawa New Member

    I learnt so much from this thread. Thank you
  25. Angel's mummy

    Angel's mummy Member

    I heard ants hate lemon juice too.. mix lemon juice (pure juice, without honey lol) with water and spread to those area you see them the most might help.. I didn't try before la.. just share
  26. matsuoamane

    matsuoamane Member

    Do those work against red ants too? House kitchen infested with small red ants! I used combat but still no use.
  27. mommy_viv

    mommy_viv Member

    Hi Mommy,
    Do u know where i can buy the plates? Which outlet of NTUC?
  28. Tres Beau

    Tres Beau New Member

    Hi mummies,
    do check out this product - Terro Ant Killer (available in gel form or pre-filled baits) sold online in Singapore. It's especially effective against household ants. Hope that helps!
  29. katherine

    katherine New Member

    We got this chalk from those $2 shops. Just draw it where the ants path is n they will die. It's a neuro - disrupter but harmless on humans becos the dosage too low. We usually draw it across our main door.
  30. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

  31. zigggy

    zigggy New Member

    Wiping the ants infested area with vinegar and placing cucumber works for me in keeping the ants away.
  32. bbtay

    bbtay Member

    I am looking for this tray, anyone know where can I get it?
  33. I found a combination approach worked for me:

    1. Make a honey+baking soda trap as recommended by numerous online sources (search youtube).
    2. Place it in the middle of the kitchen worktop.
    3. Pretty soon the ants will be feasting on it -- and you'll be able to clearly see the trail they're taking back to the nest. The trail is really invariable, they lay down some pheromone and follow it.
    4. Place one of the commercial trackback poisons midway along this trail so the ants have to walk right by it.

    This got rid of my ant problem in about a week. I think it works because it shows you where the nest is, and allows you to put the commercial trackback bait/poison in a location where the ants will keep walking by it. The problem with the commercial ones is they're not very attractive to ants. This solves that problem.

    I tried to find borax but it seems unavailable in singapore. I think this is because of the auntie who a few years back poisoned her husband by putting it in his noodles? Thanks auntie, you did a doubly bad deed there.
  34. wishluck

    wishluck Member

  35. betc

    betc Active Member

    The ants in my house seem to have went thru commando training! Those plates are useless. Ants still get to food on the plate. I use water also no use. They can swim to the food!
  36. tshserene

    tshserene Member

    Please do not use moth balls in the cabinets.

    Please go and check the ant holes and use a sealer from HomeFix and sealed it. On Kitchen solid top, you may slice 1 or 2 lemon and just leave it there. There will not be ants.

    Lemon not only smells good it helps to get rid of ants as well.
  37. JamesOkland

    JamesOkland New Member

  38. Relaxurmind

    Relaxurmind Active Member

    pour salt at e area
  39. adhd.dad

    adhd.dad Active Member

    I posted on this here:

    You will find all you need on how to kill ants in your own home. More importantly, how to keep them from coming back!

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