How to get kids to sleep through? Please help!


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I desperately needed help! My girl been waking up few times a night. She sleeps separately from me and would wake up middle of night to come to my room. I have to follow her to her room. She will get on her bed and sleep after she knows I'm in her room and my presence there.
I've tried all methods. Making sure she's full before sleeping. Rubbing sleep balm... Also to the extend of checking with medium what happen to her. ALL these doesn't help to let her sleep through. Any mummies used to having this problem with your kid? Please help me !!! I'm been lacking of sleep. I might blow up someday!!!!! Can't stand this anymore. If you have any proven method to let child sleep through let me know. How about getting help from PD To Prescrible something for child to sleep through?
What does she say is her reason, why she does not stay in bed?

Does she eat to much of sugar products before sleep? Or vitamin juices? This can also be a problem and keep her awake