How to get cheaper milk powder & diapers


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can I've the contact as well? Does Annie carry other brand besides Abbott Similac?

Can someone share the clinic at Lor ah soo contact w/ me as well? Thx alot!


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Hi Angel,
Hav pm u Annie's contact & the number for the clinic at Lor Ah Soo. Luckily managed to find it.
Tink Annie is selling Enfa milk powder too.


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Can I have Annie's contact and the number for the clinic at Lor Ah Soo too?

Thanks in advance.


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Wat brands of milk powder are you ladies looking for? I hav lobang for Friso milk powder. Anyone keen can pm me.


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Nt sure whether annie has Gain IQ or nt leh. Coz' tink she mostly hav Enfalac only.

Hav pmed u.


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Hi msblur,

Can PM me Annie's contact, GP & clinic name too.. I am looking for Gain IQ.



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hi all,
anyone interest to buy NTUC voucher with 5% discount from the value ????
voucher exp feb 2010.. this time i have stock S$500 and if u are member u still can get
rebate 4%. and on tuesday elderly can get discount 2% more. so why not buy on tuesday with 2% (elderly) + 5% (my voucher) + 4% (member rebate)
and remember one more thing : received can send to abbott to get point and redeem with abbott product

interest pm me at


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I wanted to hold bp for milk powder.
Anyone can help me list down all the milk powder pricing and brand in supermarket?


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i got one 400g Gain IQ milk powder want to give away.......expired day is free gift i get previously but my son drinking enfa product, so keep until now...

interested, pls pm me for collection


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I have 20tins of Abbott Grow Vanilla 900gm for 3yrs onwards to let go.
9 tins expired in August2011 and 11 tins expired in May 2011. $170 for 10tins.
Please pm me if interested.


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Hi any mummies interested in New fitti premium diaper can Pm me! $12 per pack, retail selling @ $14.90! I'm getting for myself so can consolidate orders for mummy who is keen!


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Hi Olwen,

I received some samples from Fitti, they attached an order form n their promotion (for new born promotion). Need to order by carton (6 pax/ carton). Limited to 3 carton. Price $60/carton.I will be ordering 3 cartons from them soon. but i'm not sure whether we can continue to place order at the same price in future.Do u have any idea?

I have tried Drypers, Huggies, pampers and mamypoko and pureen. So far only satisfied with pampers and mamypoko however they r more exp. I looked at their samples (Fitti) and find their quality pretty good, consider a next good alternative to pampers & mamypoko, as its much cheaper and good.


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Hi Happy,

I cant recall when and where I got their samples. Probably through some goodie bags from hospital. You can log on to this website for product info. . To request for samples and place order you can contact their singapore distributor at

Product: Fitti 360 (sizes: NB52, S48, M44, L38 & XL34)~~~"NOT" Fitti Basic~~~

but i'm not very sure whether they r only giving such offer to new born. base on the order form i have, Promotion is valid till 31th july 09. Free delivery, limit to 3 cartons/customer, 1 cartons comes in 6 pkts.

I'm just abt to mail my order to them nia. I might probably ask them whether I can continue to purchase from them direct in future lo.

My gal is currently 2 mths old, but i be ordering M size(1 carton) & L size (2 cartons), becos I have alot of stocks (other brands) that is enough to last her for next 2.5-3mths. Had been using Huggies(normal & Ultra), Drypers, Mamypoko, Pampers, Pureen but only prefer mamypoko & pampers. wahaha Kiasu mom ... :p

huggies, dryers & Pureen grade are not as good & will leak. Day use still ok
So Normally night time or when i'm out i will not use them. Find them cheap & bought alot before my bb was born, now trying hard to clear them. :p