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How much does a babysitter charge now?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by stunter, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. stunter

    stunter New Member

    Currently I am having a babysitter taking care of my 15mths year old son at $650.And my 2nd baby will be at this yr Oct...
    Thinking of how to handle the 2 of them..
    1) 1 babysitter to take care of both
    2) 1 babysitter to take care the small and the big one will send him to childcare.
    3) Either my mum or mil will take care both but hire a maid to help her

    If 1 babysitter to take care of 2 babies,does it mean that I have to pay them double.And will the babysitter able to manage to handle both?
    What is the price like if send a 18-24mths to childcare?And if using my working wife name,will it be slightly cheaper?

  2. i am not sure how much is babysitter charging. as for childcare 18-24m is abt 300plus after 300 subsidy for working moms.

    my friend nanny charge $600 for 1 kid and $1000 for 2. i dont know if its reasonable.but if she is late to pick up her kids,the nanny will show black face.

    its almost the same price if u hire a maid to assist ur mum or mil to look after. but in turn u got someone to do ur housechore too!but the disadvantage is also 1 more person to care for.as u know maids these days also like to have relationships.so u have to be more tactful with that.
  3. stunter

    stunter New Member

    Thx for the info...
    I heard from frz that some childcare centre accept only bb that are toilet trained?Is that true?

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