How long did your divorce take


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I am still "stuck" even though my divorce is finalised. Hoping to find out what is the average time taken to finally close the chapter and move on. My divorce took about 10 months to finalise. Still working out the flat with the authorities and this is going to take few more months. Hence, still forced to stay under one roof. Argh.

what's your definition of closing the chapter?

My IJ was out in Nov'23. my FJ was out in Feb'24.
The matrimonial house transaction is currently in progress as there was some delay due to technical glitch at HDB website and we got pushed around to different people in HDB itself thus the delay. Only managed to officially submit the application in Apr'24. Lawyer told us it should conclude in 2-3 months time.

But, I moved out since Dec'23... so no need to face one another since then.
Closing the chapter as in we can finally start living separately. But i guess on the other hand, the "chapter" cannot be closed afterall technically since there is a need to co-parent. Good for you that you moved out and don't need to face one another while letting the flat process runs its course. You rented a room or moved to your immediate family's house? For my case, we are kinda stuck and still have to live under the same roof as we need few more months i reckon to settle the house.
I rented a place on my own with the kids :) But yea, with kids involve, the chapter will never be closed (until they are 21 i guess hahaha).
But the irony of things is that the relationship between my ex husb and i are so much better now that we are no longer living together.... in the past we just had to keep avoiding one another. But now we can even discuss and share updates about the kids when they are with us respectively :)

Is there anywhere else that you can move out to for now?
It really depending on the complexity of the divorced. Uncontested? Contested? Housing, kids etc issue also is part of it as well.
There's different way and see how one wish to go about, be it housing issue or what. Like others mentioned, can move out or what.
Like mentioned, depending on your terms in 'closure' too. I feel as long FJ is received, it's consider 'closed' already. Since housing issue sometimes can take months or even years to settle. And kids issue, like mentioned, till they are 21yrs old :)
Years to settle housing. That sounds scary! sigh. Let me try to to adjust my mindset to take it that it's "closed" upon FJ. Haha
Uncontested divorce should take about 4 months. But if ure talking about living arrangements then its between you and your ex.. if its difficult facing each other, you can always ask friends or family for help, consider renting a room too.