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Hoping for advice re waterbirth/EMMACare at NUH

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by jellynova, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. jellynova

    jellynova Member

    So confused over NUH's website -

    Any mothers out there who has given birth at NUH: was EmmaCare involved and do I have to get a doula on top of an EmmaCare midwife too?

    I am a subsidised patient. From what I read, it seems like I have to switch to a private patient. Can this be done past 30+ weeks? Incremental cost is an issue, but I would like to try a waterbirth.

    Any mothers who can chip in her experience? Thanks in advance!

  2. Mrs H

    Mrs H New Member

    You can either arrange ur own doula or use emmacare. I find their midwife very pro, they helped to delivery my baby, the doc didn't make it in time. Waterbirth will be an addition cost. On TOP of that u have to pay Emma care, doc fees. What is subsidised patient?
  3. jellynova

    jellynova Member

    Thanks for the reply! I will check out Emma care then.

    I think the differences are: The subsidised mums go to Clinic G, and do not have a regular gynae to consult; is whoever is on rotation for that day. If you are a private patient, you consult at their Women's Clinic and choose your gynae. The ward class will also be different.

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