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Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by akachan04, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. akachan04

    akachan04 Member


    Anyone homeschool their kids? Please share your experience. Thanks.


  2. lilboymum

    lilboymum New Member

    How old is your child? How long do you intend to homeschool?
  3. sweet_pooh_28

    sweet_pooh_28 New Member

    i'm homeschool my 4yr 3mth for almost a year now... But we dun leave in singapore making it easier.
    The homeschool community in singapore is growing.. u may wanna do a engin search. they could give u better support.
  4. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    I live in Singapore and homeschool my 4 yr 3mth old daughter. I have a 19 month old son and another one on the way [​IMG]
    What do you want to know about homeschooling?
    How old are your kid(s)?
    You can also check out the Singapore Homeschool group's websites. Just do a google search, and you'll easily find them.
  5. weddingfairy

    weddingfairy New Member

    hi priviledged
    u hv PM
  6. krysta

    krysta New Member

    Hi, we have just arrived to Singapore and planning to homeschool our daughter... would like to meet other parents with 6-8 years old child(ren) or join to a group if there's any... we live close to the JB Children's Garden, but happy to go anywhere in SG.
    Please send a PM or email to batka11@yahoo.com
  7. sunflower78

    sunflower78 Member

  8. elaine_ho76

    elaine_ho76 New Member

    Dear parent,

    I like to organise home base LOGICO PICCOLO program for Ages 5-9.

    Directions for LOGICO PICCOLO cards:
    * Watch and Think
    * Perception
    * Watch, Discover and Speak
    * Space Position
    * Traces
    * Patterns
    * Geometry 1
    * Geometry 2
    * Me and My Family
    * My Home
    * At School
    * My Town
    * Counting and Addition to 10
    * Addition and Subtraction to 10
    * Addition to 20
    * Addition and Subtraction to 20
    * Introducing Multiplication
    * Multiplication by 2 to 10
    * Introducing Division
    * Division by 2 to 10
    (Total of 320 cards)

    Frequency: Every Tuesday & Thursday (except PH)
    OR Every Monday & Wednesday (except PH)

    Capacity: Max 2-5 participants per session

    Time: 9.45am to 10.45am

    Location: 567 Hougang St 51

    Charges: $10 payable every session * 32 sessions
    (10 cards per session)
    $50 deposit for frame
    (Refundable at 32th session)

    Contact: Elaine @ 9387 3377 or

    LOGICO PICCOLO can help to improve children's
    * Concentration and perception abilities
    * Logical thinking and reasoning skills
    * Spatial imagination and geometrical thinking skills
    * English vocabularies and sentences structures familiarizing abilities
    * Basic mathmatical concepts and operation skills
    * Problem solving and ideas association skills
  9. warmcorner

    warmcorner Member

    hi everyone,

    I'm homeschooling my going-to-be 3 year old boy. I'm looking to start a playgroup for kids around the same age to play, interact & learn together.

    I believe that kids learn many important things through social play and it is an crucial part of their development. Sadly, it's not emphasized enough.

    Any mummies interested to be part of this? For a start, we could meet once every two weeks and see how things go. I stay around Serangoon mrt.

    Pls PM me if interested.
  10. ugly_witch

    ugly_witch Member


    I Want to buy Phonics Flash Cards

    Do you have phonics flash cards to let go? If not, may i know where can i get it?

  11. tempo4me

    tempo4me Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I would like to learn more on how to start home schooling too. Both of my children are currently in childcare and infantcare now, but because we are going to move and me turning into SAHM, I am afraid that we may not be able to get my children into a childcare or kindergarten in my new residential area.

    If that's the case, I would need to homeschool. Thus, I'm preparing myself for it just in case. Any website will help me alot to better understand how to start in the first place.

    My worries are that "What if I teach them wrongly (too slow or too little)? and the things I taught them don't really help them at all when they go Pri 1."

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