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Holy Innocents Pri School - anyone with kids there?

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by tenten, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. tenten

    tenten New Member


    I am very keen on HIPS and would appreciate feedback about the school, especially those with kids studying there.

  2. chuayl

    chuayl Member

    Hi Tenten,
    My son is currently studing there(This year in P1)
  3. tenten

    tenten New Member

    Hi Yen Ling,

    Thanks for replying.

    May I ask how do you find the standard there? Does he like the school? Is there a lot of homework? How's their level of Chinese?

    Sorry so many questions, hope you don't mind!
  4. chuayl

    chuayl Member

    Hi Tenten,
    I think the standard is ok for average student. He likes the school very much. To him, everyday is a new day for him to learn in school.
    As for the chinese, they are studing higher chinese. Still can't tell the standard yet.
  5. tingting

    tingting Active Member

    hi tenten,

    can't help but giving my 2 cents' worth here.. i'm an old girl fr HIPS, and me and my classmates love it there! though it has been quite a long time since, but i understand that the school culture is pretty much unchanged. would have enrolled my son there if not for the distance from my home..
  6. chuayl

    chuayl Member

    Hi Tenten,
    Sorry to probe.
    Are you intending to send your kids there next year??
  7. tenten

    tenten New Member

    Thanks for your input, Yen Ling!

    Actually, am looking at enrolling DD in 2011 intake, just doing some homework to set direction to work towards.

    So far, my mind's pretty much made up, thanks to you mummies' helpful info!
  8. clover88

    clover88 New Member

    Hi Yen Ling

    I like to check if HIPS is really a good school to you as I am thinking really hard on where to enrol my kid next year. I am a old girl but that's 20 years back. I am now staying in Sengkang and my concern is on logistic and student care issues. Do you put ur kid in SC? There is neighbourhhod school at my doorstep but my friends advise me to enrol in HIPS as it is affiated to Sec.

    Will be waiting for ur advise.....
  9. princessjaz88

    princessjaz88 New Member

    hi tingting n clover88,

    I also old gal from HIPS!! wonder which yr u all graduated. Me is damn long ago, in 1986..hehehe..

    I just registered my son earlier this week with HIPS. Went ard looking at the environment too and see any changes. i wld say satisfied. so far, I cant get any detailed feedback abt the school except knowing tt its a SAP school n chinese as mother tongue. no malay n tamil language. Well, for logistics wise, I am moving near to upper serangoon view, so i tot distance is ok.

    Intend to put my DS at the student care ctr jus opp HIPS, morning star. went to check out the place tt day i went for registration. I guess they are quite organized n routine for the younger kids. Hope my DS will get used to it when he goes to P1 next yr. Have been preparing n telling him abt it. prob wan to arrange a day n drive him pass the school n take a look [​IMG]

    but affliation to sec school?? I have some doubts cos I wasnt sure if the sec school is of good std.

    part of the reason why I choise HIPS is i register under phase 2A2, so no nd to ballot n do volunteer work..LOL
  10. larkspur

    larkspur Member


    just to check do Holy innocents have those systems like nan chiau whereby the P1 kids will be placed in the best 3 classes based on their mid year result and whole school focus on the best 3 classes in each level?

    will be registering my girl next year but wonder if i should put her in holy innocent(i am an old girl there) or put her in nan chiau which is opp my house but i heard nan chiau stream the p1 children whereby the best goes into the first 3 classes and all privileges such as enrichment, computer lesson all good stuff are given to the top3 classes for every level.
  11. hazel_mum

    hazel_mum New Member


    please share with me if Holy innocents is a catholic school?

    do they have chapels services, study bible, prayers etc?
  12. momresource

    momresource Member

    I intend to have my kid there for P1 next year. Any feedback on student care in hougang CC?
  13. buranndoshop

    buranndoshop New Member

    I think the standard is ok for average student. He likes the school very much. To him, everyday is a new day for him to learn in school.
    As for the chinese, they are studing higher chinese. Still can't tell the standard yet.

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