Highly recommended nanny


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My family is very fortunate to have engaged Elaine Teng as our nanny. She's just left our home and we miss her alot. Many people have told me to install cameras in the room where the baby and nanny sleeps just to ensure that the nanny doesnt ill treat the baby. I believe that if we are engaging a nanny's service, we should have enough faith that the nanny will treat the baby well. And I don't want to have to micromanage my nanny. It will be too tiring for me, especially that I had just given birth and need alot of rest. With Elaine, there was none of that concern. In fact, right from the beginning, I saw that she did everything in the interest of my baby and I.

There are many other areas I particularly like about Elaine:

1. She is very direct. She doesn't beat around the bush. Sometimes, it may come across as too pushy at times but after spending time with her, I find that she always has a reason for her recommendations. She hears reason and does not insist when her recommendations do not fit our lifestyle. I like that she has her own opinions but is open enough to hear ours as well. She is very flexible. For instance, I wasn't interested with a strict confinement. She tried explaining to me why it was necessary to look after my body. But she respected my decisions in the end and still looked after me very well.

2. Oh her cooking... it is amazing. Restaurant standard. Not a day of repeated dish. i've always thought confinement food was awful tasting but I was very wrong. It can be very tasty and I never got sick of her cooking.

3. Hygiene: Elaine does not do the housework but I was fine with it as we have a helper. She still kept the kitchen and the house very clean. No issues around that.

4. I like that she taught us basic baby care skills such as showering and massaging. She had advised us on how to get a morning and evening routine going as well which has been extremely helpful for us as new parents.

5. Her love for children is infectious. This is very important to me as I did not just want a nanny but a person who could form a bond with my child. Elaine clearly loved my child like her own. For that, I am very very grateful.

She's usually fully booked as she's got great reviews online. Many mommys have equally sang good praises of Elaine. So if you want to engage her, contact her early!

Her number is +60 10-395 3906.