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High Chair,which brand is good?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by versailes, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. versailes

    versailes New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Any good high chair to recommend?

  2. missycandy

    missycandy Active Member

    combi =)
  3. versailes

    versailes New Member

    Hi missycandy,

    How much did u pay for it?where did u find it from?it is from kiddy palace?
  4. bluencream

    bluencream Member

    Mine is a Fisherprice portable booster feeding chair. Takes up less space and easy to clean. Just need to strap to any dining chair. Can also carry and take with you when you dine outside. Bought at Taka but forgot the price. I think Isetan also sells.
  5. weishy

    weishy New Member

    just a reminder:high chairs must be sturdy cos sometimes children will move/try to climb out etc......try not to leav them unattended.....accidents may happen.

    me using rubbermaid super sturdy but no designa t all looooo
  6. sghlynn

    sghlynn Member

    got mine at ikea - very affordable and lightweight
  7. prisneo

    prisneo New Member

    I was using Jane Activa for #1 and will also be using it for #2. Very sturdy and easy to clean. It can be converted to a table and chair when the child is bigger.

  8. gaga_ser

    gaga_ser New Member

    don't waste your money to buy expensive ones. The ones from Ikea are cheap and lasting. My gal had been using her one ikea high chair for almost 3 years now and still using it. The only cons abt this chair is that it takes up space and you can't fold it unless you dismantle it each time you finish using it.
  9. bluen16

    bluen16 Member

    thumbs up for IKEA highchair!
    Easy to clean and lightweight. My son loves it and is always comfy esp since most restaurants use the IKEA highchair we have no problems fitting him in.
  10. blackberryb

    blackberryb New Member

    Yes, I bought good high chair and only use for 3 months and my son refuse to sit. So now he sit on Ikea high chair for every meal.
  11. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    Junior is using the one that priscilla has for her kids. No doubt it is very expensive (compared to ikea ones) but I like that it can be separated to become table and chair when junior is old enough to use them.

    Besides, I have no complaint at all - junior is using it for every meal he has at home!
  12. zeeyan

    zeeyan New Member

    Agree with Ikea high chair.
    Economy and good for use.
    Clean nice design.
    Help to save the money for other purposes.
  13. fltan

    fltan New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a brand new Lucky Baby high chair (Model: 702420) to let go

    Please email me at fl_tan@hotmail.com if you are interested.
  14. tomokofukui

    tomokofukui New Member

    i think the highchair i have is absolutely brilliant i tried to put a link to it on my answer but i don't know how! If you go onto http://www.thekidswindow.co.uk/ and type in move highchair' in the search box it will show you the one i mean and there are some great reviews on it so you don't have to take my word for it! it absolutley brilliant!

    More info
  15. karoru

    karoru Member

    We use the highchair brought fr ikea when my boy was younger. Cheap & durable. You may want to consider.

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