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Hi mummies, do you know any good childcare centers in Woodlands area?

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by candyjfj, May 9, 2014.

  1. candyjfj

    candyjfj New Member

    I'm going to send my son to childcare center after 18mth.

    We are in waiting list of my first skool. But I heard some private are quite good like kinderland and sweetland...

    Do u send ur babies there? Appreciate if you could share your commends :)

  2. candyjfj

    candyjfj New Member

    Hi NadineSarfraz,

    I have registered on line for my son. Don't know how long need to wait...
  3. js_baby

    js_baby Member

    I shortlist sweetlands, kinderland too, then I went to jolly owl school house which is quite near my house, I am quite impressed my the overall environment. they use project approach learning, quite interest me, I might enroll with jolly owl schoolhouse, u can take a look at their website n fb too
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  4. yixian

    yixian New Member

    I enrolled my children in a new childcare at Woodlands 11. There are many new CC there.
  5. babyabl

    babyabl New Member

    Hihi mummies, I am new to this forum. I have 18 month son & looking around for a CC to start when he turns 2. I personally visited kinderland & like their classroom concept. But, I noticed that the noise there was still quite noisy. So I asked the person who brought me around for the tour that day and got to know that they share classroom between lvls. Then, I saw a new school, niwa schoolhouse at primz bizhub when I went there for breakie. Looking from the glass, it seems like they have individual classroom for each lvl just like mindchamp! Anyone has visited the school? Can share your comment? Cox I am thinking of visiting the school this weekend with hubby and bb.
  6. wendy trinh

    wendy trinh New Member

    You can try Little Skool House,my son will join this May..You can try 1hr free trial also

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  7. Horibaby

    Horibaby New Member

    Hello, did you end up enrol with Jolly Owl? -)
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  8. Patricia Lim

    Patricia Lim New Member

    hi there - did your child go to Jolly Owl?

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