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Hi ! 2006/ Sengkang/Punggol/ SAHM ?? U There?

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by nemolss, May 8, 2008.

  1. nemolss

    nemolss New Member

    Hi hi I'm 34 yr old (all of d above). My kiddo is 26mths old. Looking out for (all of d above) mummies.. R there any?? Wish to know how u gals pass your time or m i the only boring one around..?! Thinking and looking for nice, fun places to bring my kid to.. and some advices regarding kids this age... love to hear some "voices" out there.. so i know im not alone.. can share just about anything!

  2. orangetul

    orangetul New Member

    Hi i'm a recent SAHM and stays in Sengkang. My gal Jan 06 born so coming 28mths old. i'm also keen to know about other SAHM around the area and have our kids out playing together too. PM me if you are still keen!
  3. agadlee

    agadlee Member


    I am also a SAHM with 2 girls aged 3yrs and another 20 mths. The elder one is aldy in playgroup for half day so i am with the 2nd one at home in the morning.

    Love to bring my little one to know more frenz of her age in this area!
  4. orangetul

    orangetul New Member

    Hi Mummyhamster

    Glad to hear from u too. Btw, i'm staying rivervale link, the nearest LRT is Rangguang station, anybody near? It'd be good we are all around Sengkang area, at least can meet Compass point for a start.
  5. nemolss

    nemolss New Member

    Hi mummyhamster and orange - im staying compassvale crescent, the 1st lrt stop in the yellow route.. sure can meet up when u gals r free.. slowly but surely i believe more mummies will join in this thread! yeah it's a gd start! mayb we can meet somewhere nearby first then if the kids get to know each other.. maybe the library is a gd place to start??

    lets see if we can get more response in a while..
  6. orangetul

    orangetul New Member

    Hi Soo Hoon, library is great, my gal loves to roam in the library, books there can't keep her attention well yet.
  7. agadlee

    agadlee Member

    Hi ladies,

    I am staying in the furthest part of Sengkang, - Fernavle. Haha... but got direct bus to CP.

    Ya, sounds good. We can meet there. But for these next two mths, i will be doing some work so wont be home most of the time.

    PM me if u ladies set up anything and i will join in if i can!

    take care!
  8. marlin_amin

    marlin_amin New Member

    Hi Mummies,
    I'm staying at Punggol and quite near to your neighbourhood. My son born in Feb 06. He's the only child & wanted him to mix ard b4 sending him to sch. Anyone of you enrol your child to playgroup yet?

    Wanted so much to send him to sch but only limited places ard Punggol. There is 1, Kidz Playhouse near my place but enrolment is not open yet.

    Can share your views....Thx
  9. orangetul

    orangetul New Member

    Hi Ott mummy
    i'm sending my gal to talentplus playgroup at rivervale walk when the school term starts in 1st july. It's 2 hrs. It caters mainly for babies born yr 2005 but allows yr 2006 as long the child seems ready. I've brought my gal there a couple of times and she seems to be interested in what's going on there. I've talked to the teacher and she seems ok too. you can search for their website, they seem to have 1 at the punggol east CC. Otherwise you can check out Apple Tree playgroup.
  10. mahmmy_boy

    mahmmy_boy New Member

    Hi mummies,
    Chance upon this thread. Im a SAHM staying at rivervale cres those flats opp the stretch of temples. My son is coming to 21mth. im interested to meet up with other mummies and my son will hv company to play with too. Any update or gathering pls PM me. Thanks[​IMG]
  11. xxqkcl

    xxqkcl New Member

    Hi all mummies,

    I'm a SAHM staying at Punggol. My son jus turned 19 mth. Hope there will be a chance to meet u all up. [​IMG]
  12. weather

    weather New Member

    Hi mummies,

    me staying at rivervale area too.
    glad to know that there are so many mummies keen iin meeting together to share experiences.
  13. melly55

    melly55 New Member

    Hi there, saw your thread I would be interested to meet up too. My boy will be turning three this year. I am staying at Anchorvale side. Let me know if guys are meeting up.
    Btw I am thinking of organising a Gardenia factory tour, it would sometime be in Sept. It would be free and only on a weekday. I need to gather 30pax, so msg me if any of you are keen.
  14. mahmmy_boy

    mahmmy_boy New Member

    Hi Julia,
    im interested in the Gardenia factory tour. My son is 22mth old. Is there any age limit for kids for such tour? Thanks.
  15. melly55

    melly55 New Member

    Hi Mahmmy boy,
    Sorry for the late reply, don't check thread often. No age group and is free of charge, just need 30 people. So far a couple of mums have expressed their interest but still need more.
    Do PM me so I have your email and will keep you posted closer if the outing is confirmed.
  16. marker

    marker New Member

    Hi mummy
    I’m Feb. 06 mummy too, glad to find this thread and would be happy to join in the catch up session. Hopefully able to get my girl mix ard before go pre school again. A few mth back try to send her to CC but failed after the trial session. So decided to give up the idea first.

    Hi mahmmy,
    mi blur blur type what FACTORY tour is that huh? I'm keen but not so sure what tour is that, sori for silly question
  17. agadlee

    agadlee Member

    Hi all mummies,

    Anyone still keen to do a meet-up session? If so, i can organise one. Say, meet at Compass Point Library for a start.

    I am also keen on the factory tour. Any details?
  18. marker

    marker New Member

    Hi agadless,

    Thanks for voluntary to orgainise. Yes, i'm keen for the meet-up session pls keep me posted. Compass pt' library sound gd.
  19. orangetul

    orangetul New Member

    Hi Julia,
    I've PM u on interest in the Gardenia factory tour. Do keep me update too!

    Hi Mummyhamster,
    I'm still keen too. Have been rather busy helping my gal adjusting to her playgroup since 1st July. She took 2 weeks of crying. Now she can wave gdbye without tears..much to my relieve! Guess we can arrange a weekday? My gal's playgroup is from 11.15am - 1.15pm daily. I'd prefer afternoon meetups. However if there's any inconvenience to any of the mummies, I'm fine to let my gal skip class once in a while. Do keep me informed. I'm fine with Compass pt library too.. familiar ground for my gal too[​IMG]
  20. mycutey

    mycutey New Member

    Hello ladies,

    Me also a SAHM in sengkang, compassvale link, very near to Ranggung lrt, my boy is 22mths.
    Can I join?

    Hi Soo hoon,

    Why are u boring? I am so busy with my boy.
  21. jazzyjas

    jazzyjas Member

    Hi Mummies, am glad to come across this thread. [​IMG]
    My girl is 24mths & we r staying in Punggol.

    It wd be great to know all of u! [​IMG]
  22. agadlee

    agadlee Member

    Hi all SK & punggol mummies,

    To start the ball rolling, can you maybe post your email address here so we can organise an outing? perhaps the most central place will be the library at compass point.

    but do bear with me coz i maybe slow in checking my mails.

    join in so we can form our own playgroup! ;-)
  23. celline

    celline Member

    I'm new here. Just moved to Buangkok a few weeks ago. My son is 21mths.

    I've been to the Sengkang library a few times.
    It has a toddlers corner, with children tables/chairs.

    My email: sharonssl@hotmail.com
  24. agadlee

    agadlee Member

  25. mahmmy_boy

    mahmmy_boy New Member

  26. agadlee

    agadlee Member

    Hi mummies,

    I hv PM-ed most of you about updating your email address here so it will be easier to organise an outing via email incase some mummies dun check out the thread so often.;-)

    but the following mummies cant accept PM:
    - orangetul
    - TCL
    - weather
  27. jazzyjas

    jazzyjas Member

  28. orangetul

    orangetul New Member

    Hm, wonder why I can't accept PM... Anywayz, here is my email address :-


    Tks mummyhamster for co-ordinating the emails. Look forward to the meetups!
  29. jazzyjas

    jazzyjas Member

    Hi orange, u may wanna change ur settings at the Profile under Preferences. [​IMG]
  30. agadlee

    agadlee Member

    Hi mummies,

    thanks for adding your email addresses.

    So far, only got 5 of us. Maybe we wait for another week, in case, some mummies were busy and couldnt check their mail.

    "Closing date is 29 August." hahaha

    Tentatively, we will put a date to our meeting. Let's say, 3rd Sept, Wednesday, morning?

    I will keep every one informed. Look forward to meeting all of you too! :)
  31. orangetul

    orangetul New Member

    Jazzyjas, tks for pointing that out. Have changed my profile to accept PMs [​IMG]

    3rd Sept is fine with me as my girl is having her 1 wk term break from her playgroup.
  32. celline

    celline Member

    3rd Sept is fine with me too.
  33. mahmmy_boy

    mahmmy_boy New Member

    on 3 sept, i have gathering at my friend's place. Guess i have to miss the boat this time[​IMG]
  34. teojen

    teojen New Member

    Hi all mummies,

    Glad to come across this thread too. My boy is Nov 2006 BB, currently 25th mths. Staying @ Hougang Ave 10 (Very close to Sengkang).

    Nice meeting all of you here.......
  35. teojen

    teojen New Member

    Might not be able to join u mummies for gathering......cos of tight schedule. Hopefully one day will be able to join in for the fun.

    Facebook anyone.........????
  36. darlinbranbran

    darlinbranbran New Member


    I have a june boy staying at hougang too, nice to join the thread here. Hope to joinin the yaking seesion or playdates nearby.
  37. sleepylee

    sleepylee New Member

    me me me! [​IMG] i'm in kovan pretty nearby!
  38. tidalstorm

    tidalstorm Member

    Hi darlinbranbran and lee li,are u still keen to meet up? I am staying at sengkang,hav a 4.5 yr old son. Pls pm me if u are keen especially now sch hol...
  39. felix38

    felix38 New Member

    me fernvale

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