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Helping someone who lost wife due to childbirth recently

Discussion in 'Free Items Only' started by young mummy, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. young mummy

    young mummy Member

    Hi to whom that read my post

    Im doing a good deeds,pls support me by bless me the below items

    - m size diaper
    - brand new bottles
    - 0-12 months baby boy clothes
    (footed sleep suit,pyjamas,outing wear)
    - dulac milk stage 1

    To clarify a lil about him
    Wife passed away on 28may 2018
    Baby boy is 3weeks

    Pls take note:
    He already appointed me to collect item from blesser
    So dont ask for his address

  2. happywifey22

    happywifey22 Member

    Hi how can I contact you? I would like to know abit more about the situation. I don't mind helping the baby boy.
  3. happywifey22

    happywifey22 Member

    I have several milk bottles too.
  4. B0mbie

    B0mbie Member

    I have a baby carrier to give. You can contact me if interested.
  5. sunday88

    sunday88 Member

    Hi I hv a combi high chair, some baby items like diaper bag, sippy cup, baby eating equipment n some toys. Pm me if interested
  6. friendfaith

    friendfaith Member

    Can pm me i want to help this boy
  7. sunday88

    sunday88 Member

    Combi high chair no longer available

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