Help with Ivf drugs in Singapore


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Hi Ladies
I am currently 5 weeks pregnant (yeah !! ) by Ivf done in Australia. I am currently working on a ship that will be in Singapore next week , the ship is currently running behind schedule & I am running out of my hormones. I need to purchase "Progynova 2mg" asap when I get to Singapore. My question is to all you local ladies, do I need a prescription for Progynova in Singapore ? If any of you know if a Singapore pharmacy would honour an Australian prescription ? Thanking you all in advance & wishing you all the best results for 2015 :):)


Hi Toisa
You may want to bring your prescription to KKIVF pharmacy.
Otherwise, you can try at any private gynae in SIN (might need to pay for consultation fees).


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Hi, I'm not sure if local pharmacy will recognize the prescription from aus or not.

If not like what sim mama said u can visit a private Gyane and they will prescribe the drugs for u.

I'm with Dr Benjamin Tham from Thomson Medical Centre. You can give the clinic a call before you go down and tell them your situation. Hopefully they can a lot you in.

Tel: 6253 4122

Alternatively, there are many other gyanes in that clinic, if Dr Tham is not available then you can ask them to arrange a Gyane who is available. Or you can look up this website there are many other clinics available.

Hope these information helps. In the meantime, try to rest more and not tired yourself out. Don't carry heavy stuffs. :)


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Hi!! I have 32 tablets of progyNOVA 2mg with me..was prescribed by my doctor but I did not take it at all cos was a little hesitant..if u want,u can get it from me..:)