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HELP - Why baby neck is thick?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by cococrunch, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. cococrunch

    cococrunch New Member

    Im 3 months pregnant and my scan show bb neck is thick.I will have to go back to my gynae for detail scan in another week.But Im so worry that I cant sleep well.Has anyone encounter this before?

  2. scrumpee01

    scrumpee01 Member

    Don't mean to scare you but baby with thick neck (if they passes a certain level of thinkness), that means high chance of down syndrome.

    But don't worry too much first, go to your gynae for detail scan, may turn out to be fine. All the best
  3. cococrunch

    cococrunch New Member

    I heard some ppl said might not be down syndrome if bb neck is thick. But Im wondering why bb neck is thick if it's not down syndrome. If only someone can assure me.To wait for a week is so hard for me.
  4. babyethan

    babyethan New Member

    My 1st trimester scan also shows bb neck is thick. 3mm.. not the normal range. But blood test result shows that risk of down syndrome is low + we can see the nasal bone. Gynae told me could also because of thalessemia that causes the neck thickness. Did a blood test for it but shows that I'm not a carrier. So now, I'm aso as puzzled why the thickness.
  5. cococrunch

    cococrunch New Member

    This is my first pregnancy.I tell myself I must be strong but Im so worried bb is not normal o unhealthy.This is very important to me.Just can hope for the best
  6. snowblue

    snowblue Guest

    I have my abortion in Mar 2007 as my baby neck is thick and after the blood test is also negative. After going thru a series of tests, it shows that I am having a baby girl but with turner syndrome. I do not wish her to grow up different from other girls and therefore decided to abort it. Gd Luck!
  7. scrumpee01

    scrumpee01 Member

    Best to go through all the necessary tests with your gynae. I think the most accurate test is to test your 'yang shui' which is usually done on woman who are above 35 if they are pregnant due to higher chance of conceiving a downs syndrome baby.

    If you are very worried and have doubts with your gynae's test results, you can always seek a 2nd opinion before deciding what to do.
  8. cherylkjh

    cherylkjh Active Member

    my nt scan also show bb neck is thick 2.5mm.. so went on to do blood test. but the blood test come out normal. so dun worry too much....
  9. ong1312

    ong1312 Member

    Hi Elise,
    U can ask your gynae to perform the amniocentesis test as this is to detect if bb have any genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down's syndrome.It's a pretty accurate test but can only perform at 16wks. This test carry a small risk of miscarriage. This test can even tell u the sex of bb accurately. U can find out more info. at below link. Normally this is offer to women above 35years.

  10. autumnkumiko

    autumnkumiko Member

    Hi Snowblue,

    I have the same case as you and have the abortion in June last year. Was ultimately sad and thought over for a long time before we decide to try for another bb. We started trying early this year but sad to say still no news.

    Would like to ask you whether do you encounter irregular menses after the procedure? I used to have regular menses. Will come every 35 days but after the procedure, it becomes irregular. Either very heavy menses or stretch over a period of two weeks menses or don't come for more than 54 days. Did you try for a bb after a procedure? Any difficulty? Sorry for asking as I am now also very confuse and lost...
  11. olivegal77

    olivegal77 Member

    hi Elise

    I am preggy with my 3rd baby. just gave birth last may. and now i am 4 mths pregnant. during my 3rd mth, i went for Oscar was also detected baby nexk thick. high risk for down syndrome, which i did not have it for my 1st 2 pregnancies. Gynae told me to go for Amnio test, like wat Ong had mentioned above, which i did just last week, now waiting for results to come out in another 1-2 weeks. Gynae told me dun waste money repeating Oscar again, told me Amnio test is one of the most accurate test. so maybe you would like to go for it too.
  12. cococrunch

    cococrunch New Member

    hello all

    i did the blood test, show my baby have high risk of down syndrome. The doc did ask me to do the amnio test but i didnt cause of some reasons.

    I did go for 2nd opinion. This doc did give me some advise which is to abort it because the result of having down syndrome is positive.
    I did the abortion in March 2009. It came out that my baby not only have thick neck. My baby also have deformed placenta where his/her heart will stop beating during the 5th month. The doc told me it might be a girl.

    Its was hard for me to accept the fact that i lost my baby as Im so looking forward it. Until now I still can't get over it. But. thanks for all the advise.
  13. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    hi Elise

    I can understand how you feel, as i hv gone through
    2 miscarriages myself. I'm not good with words,so just want to say, don't lose hope, life can be cruel sometimes but you must be strong. "Tiao" your health first and who knows your next bb will be a beautiful one.
  14. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Everyone

    my condolensces to you...however, pluck up yr courage n take gd care of yrself in order to try for yr best soon..

    sorry to dig up on this again but i appreciate your advise..

    is the Neck Thickness as in the scan report - Nuchal Transluency?

    it's e only small dimension that i can find fm what you hv shared here..
  15. chummy

    chummy Member

    Hi BB,

    Yes usually Nuchal Transluency test is combination of scanning the baby neck thickness n blood test. But if blood test is ok usually doctor will let the case rest. If not u might fo for other test.

  16. paperclip

    paperclip New Member

    hi mummies

    My risk assessment also labelled as high risk
    However do read the website below and the associated literatures regarding Thick NT scan.

    NT AND WHAT DOCTORS STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND: This study states upfront: The ultrasonographic measurement of nuchal translucency thickness at 10-13 weeks of gestation is accepted as an efficient method of screening for chromosomal abnormalities. However, the underlying mechanism producing increased nuchal translucency thickness is still poorly understood. In the study of 65 fetuses, 17 had high NT measurement. Five of those turned out to have chromosomal abnormalities.

    For more info, pls read this
  17. felikoo

    felikoo New Member


    I am terrified. I am in my 40s, first pregnancy. Trying hard not to be afraid but there seems to be a dark cloud over my joy of being pregnant. I am doing my tests for defects or ds in babies.
    Feeling miserable worrying what ifs...the test shows baby defects. I heard my baby heartbeat this week but I don't want to bring a baby into this world and let the babe suffer.
  18. magic28

    magic28 New Member

    Hi Felicia

    Dont worry too much before your tests or before the results are out. I had my first child last year when I was 40 yr old. I did the scan and blood test, and so call passed the test, so need not go for amnio-test.

    I later spoke to a colleague and was told she had to go for amnio-fluid test when she had her boy when she was 28 yr old. Anyway, she cleared and she had a healthy boy. I have also heard a few cases where the mom has to go for amnio-fluid test and the final results came out ok and they had healthy babies [​IMG]
  19. felikoo

    felikoo New Member

    Hi magic28

    Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep my head up and pray like never before. Let u know when my results are out.

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