Hi BeeLee,

The thread by AlexisMall on Disney Clothing is missing. I've tried emailing her but no response. I've paid for the items and she has indicated that delivery will be made by end Jul. Appreciate your help. Thanks.
<font color="aa00aa">Hi, rapple (rapple01):</font> <font color="000000">Looks like you are one of the "victims" as well.

We are liaising with AlexisMall's partner, Mr ES for recourses. I have just email to you the email correspondence we have with Mr ES pertaining to the refund and some of us are planning to file a case with the police. You will have a better understanding once you have look through our emails. Thanks.</font>
Hi Bee Lee,

This spree thread is missing:

The spree organiser juz updated it 2 days ago.
What happened?
Payment made but orders are not placed yet.

Pls restore the thread or get the oragniser to contact us.

My email is [email protected]

Hi littleclothland,
Yup that smocha thread disappear.

I was waiting to read the updates n finding from happysmet on the pdt.

Mod: the thread is not even in closed bp. Where can we get to read the findings? The above link is not working...
hi Bee Lee
my Amazon Spree 71 (Dreamz) spree thread has gone missing. can you kindly restore it back as i've a few more batches which has yet to complete transactions and some spreeists are pending my reply on that thread. pls help. thanks!
hi bee lee,

i paid for the items but lost the contact of the BP owner. pls help?

the title of her page is:
(2011 02 15) PRINT your PHOTO on CANVAS with GALLERY WRAP

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Hi Bee Lee,

I noticed the thread MemoryBoardGames by Shinthea Chong has been missing. I have placed and paid for my orders and have not heard from Shinthea for a month since May. Please help.

hi Bee Lee

My Carters/OShkosh Spree (novi) spree thread is missing. Can you kindly help me restore it back as i still have 2 more batches which has yet to complete all the transaction. Pls help

hi bee lee,

can you please help to restore back the BP#3 Paris Chanel/LV bp thread in June 11? We are still waiting for the bp organiser for updates and she has been dragging for nearly 2 months.

I make payment to this lady selling maracas in this overseas site. The thread was there yesterday but now gone.

Can anyone help?
<font size="+2">to whoever in-charge,

pls restore my thread ended 26/9 and is supposed to be in the archive. Was there this morning but disappeared at 10am.
I have unfulfilled orders and some pending paymts.
Pls restore before my customers get worried. I do not have the email address to contact some customers.

appreciate your immediately attention! </font>
hi beelee
my amazon spree 93 (Dreamz) thread has gone missing. kindly reinstate back as i've pending batches yet to close transactions and some PMs which i have yet to reply. thanks lots!
Hi Bee Lee,

I hav placed an order to a thread on overseas spree and already made payment but it disappeared!!

The thread subject is "Tiffany &amp; Co inspired jewel".. Can u help me contact the seller to refund me the amt I hav paid??
Hi Bee Lee,

My Birkenstock(footshopping) spree theread is missing. Could you check and restore the thread asap?



i want to be able to post on the thread again. after nearly 1 mth plus coming to 2 mths, 5 missed appt from babysim, i still have yet to collect the bags even though she said she has them.
i want to check how many other mummies are affected, which i believe there are some. and to see what actions can be taken together for this.

hi moderator, can you do something about it?

hi inu,

i'm one of e mummies affected. she is HORRIBLE!!!!!!! pls PM me if u need me to share details juz in case i lose this thread.