Help!! Son has dry cough then wheezing no sign of recovery? any good pd to recommend?


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Desperate need of advice.. My T1 - 22 months, started school in February and since then been contacted with bronchiolitis. When it happened we had to rush him to KKH where he was admitted and was on the nebulizer. Its been over 3 weeks and there is no sign of recovery.. The dry cough occurs mainly in the evenings and nights and some days are so bad that he vomits what ever he ate.. And the wheezing and phlegm too doesn't seem to subside.. I am so worried and depressed to see him go through such a hard time and unable to do anything.. I went to KKH and saw two PDs, still no improvement.. Is there any parent who faced similar situations and what preventive steps can I take.. Please advise.. Thank you..


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omg.. your situation sounds desperate! hope by now your little one is much better.... yes i think we all parents have faced such situations better before!
but next time if you need a dr good with children, Dr Zhang at Paddington Medical - she is very good with children! calming clinic environment also, Simpang Bedok, right beside Giant! not a PD, but a very calming and detailed GP! should check out the clinic reviews on google also... better than some PDs actually...


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Have you tried seeing an ENT specialist for your son's coughs? Some chronic coughs may involve problems in the ENT areas. It could even be allergies or rhinitis. You can try Dr Lau Chee Chong at Mt Elizabeth. He's good with kids and may be able to help.