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! * * * * * * * * ! Help needed!! Kinderland @CCK or MMI

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by carol0425, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. carol0425

    carol0425 Member

    Hi mommies,
    I intend to put my gal in Kinderlad @CCK. But there are quite a lot of bad feedbacks for Kinderland CCK.
    So thinking to enroll her to MMI @ Beauty World Centre.
    Can someone please kindly share with me between these 2 center?

  2. carol0425

    carol0425 Member

    Can anyone please kindly comment on Kinderland @ CCK or MMI in beauty World?
    Or any other good kindergarten around bukit panjang area?
    Truly appreciate comments from mommies.
  3. vamp_mama

    vamp_mama New Member

    There is a pretty good childcare at cck. It is neighborhood if you don't mind. Greenery childcare. Just opposite to sunshine place. My son is there since infant.
  4. sunny~gal

    sunny~gal New Member

    Hi vamp mama

    Is the childcare non aircon?
  5. sunny~gal

    sunny~gal New Member

    Sorry some more qns
    Is the greenery childcare gov or private ?
    The mcys website did not state the food served or mother tongue,can tell me more?
  6. kalpanasingh

    kalpanasingh New Member

    Hi mothers ,
    I want to know something regarding toys for infant .Actually i am new in motherhood and baby care .So nuch tensed regarding small things for babies.

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