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Helium Gas for Balloon at West Area?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by mum2b, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. mum2b

    mum2b Member

    Only need to inflate 2 big balloons, so dun need to buy tank. can anyone help where can I get the 2 balloons inflated in west area? i live in clementi. thought florist has helium tank, but i call up one just now and they dun have. any advise is very much appreciated! thanks!

    btw pls PM if possible, coz i may miss this thread. thanks!

  2. spicegalklsl

    spicegalklsl Active Member

    Mum2B, you have pm.
  3. annabelle

    annabelle New Member

    hi... may i know where is e place? thanks so much.
  4. mum2b

    mum2b Member

    it's in IMM, the florist next to Burger king. There's also 1 party shop in holland V.
  5. annabelle

    annabelle New Member

    oh thanks... how much is e one in IMM charging?
  6. mum2b

    mum2b Member

    when i called up they say it's about $1.5-2. will update again when i go there next week to inflate mine.
  7. mookie

    mookie New Member

    I have inflated a 12" balloon before at the florist at basement of Bt Panjang Plaza for $2.
  8. mum2b

    mum2b Member

    have inflated these balloons in imm:
    18" balloon for $1.50
    jumbo singing ballon $2.70
  9. joelletan

    joelletan New Member

    Hi Mum2B,
    Can u PM the contact of the shop where u inflate the balloon? I have a few balloons to do so...

    DO they provide the picks for the balloons?
  10. bloom75

    bloom75 Active Member

    hi u can also try the express flower shot at west mall basement. not sure of the price though..
  11. cherylkjh

    cherylkjh Active Member

    any shop tat inflat balloon at cck??
  12. poshies1

    poshies1 Active Member

    anyone know any shop do in at jp and what is the cost?
  13. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    i inflate in West mall. Else nearest is BPP. Lot1 dun have. Oh yeah...got 1...farmart

    not sure JP have or not. So far at new extension i dun see any floating balloons. Maybe the old one still have at top level shops. Go pay a visit lah
  14. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Meow, what is the charges by the West Mall Florist?
  15. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    i think its $1.50-$1.80
  16. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Thanks Meow!
  17. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    I went to the West Mall florist to pump up my Mylar balloons. $1.50 for 12" and $2 for 18".
  18. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Sorry: Error in my msg.

    Its $1.50 for 18" and $2 for 31".
  19. zion_young

    zion_young Member

    hi there... anyone wants to rent a small tank of helium gas? @ cheap rate...

    pls PM me...

  20. joelletan

    joelletan New Member

    HI Mum & Xander,
    U got mail!
  21. zion_young

    zion_young Member

    NOTE: only up till March 2009

    Rental available...

    Need to return me by 29th Mar or 30th Mar... Deposit of $100, will returned u upon return of cylinder :)

    1 small tank @ $45 - fills ard 60pcs 12" balloons (if u have more balloons, i have 2 tanks available)

    I'm staying at Jurong.. Self collect..


    gather other mummies together for individual pumps - will do it upon 20 balloons.

    Location - same as above, Jurong

    Price - $0.70 for 12" latex balloons
    $0.90 for 18"-20" mylar
  22. joelletan

    joelletan New Member

    I need on 27 Mar to pump .... anyone keen to share?

    Mum & Xander, or i go to ur house to pump and u charge me accordingly???
  23. zion_young

    zion_young Member

    hi joelletan,

    how many balloons do u have??
    how big are they..??
  24. poshies1

    poshies1 Active Member

    hi mum & xander,
    which part of jurong... i have a couple of ballon would like to do it before 22 mar... as i'm having a party on 22 mar...

    can email me the information - poshies@yahoo.com

    i'm staying at jw st 65 near JW sec
  25. teenie

    teenie Member

    I need for next week
    around 10 walking pets
  26. joelletan

    joelletan New Member

    I have one 41', one31', seven 18' and five 12' balloons...
  27. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    JTS: Helium balloons loses helium fairly quickly. Might be due to the different density to atmospheric air.

    During my party, the Helium balloons got soaked in rain and it went down to the floor.
  28. summer1979

    summer1979 Member


    Anyone stayin in the west wanna share helium tank with me.I need to pump 200balloons.

    My gal bday celebration is on 31st Oct 2009.

    I intend to get a medium 10L or large 40L depend anyone sharing.

    Pm me for discussion
  29. charles_lim86

    charles_lim86 New Member

    Hi Summer1979, if u need help to pump the 200 balloons u can look for me i can help u out. thanks
  30. summer1979

    summer1979 Member

    Hi charles

    Pls pm me cos u dun accept pm.
  31. big_bird

    big_bird New Member

    I need to rent a small tank of helium gas... anyone have any idea... it is for my daughter birthday on 24.10.09...
  32. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    I need helium gas service, may i know where to get it?
  33. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Which part of west? I saw a wholesale party shop at Clementi West has the helium tank. It's at BLK 727 CLEMENTI WEST ST 2, next to the Post office.

    Xpressflower.com also provide, check their outlet here: http://www.xpressflower.com/shopping/aboutus.asp
  34. star_bright

    star_bright New Member


    Anyone stayin in Bkt Pjg, Bkt Batok, Upper Bkt Timah or CCK, wanna share helium tank with me.
    I need to pump 200 balloons.

    Rental is 26-28 Feb 2010.

    I intend to get a Large 40L for sharing.

    Price as stated below from Adam and Eve:

    Pm me for discussion

  35. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    anyone can tell me where to get walking animal balloon? Last time saw many threads on it but couldn't find it now.
  36. bluegrapes

    bluegrapes Active Member

    Musicbox, there is one store directly outside Mothercare Parkway Parade selling that.
  37. joycegian

    joycegian Member

    Hi, I have a large helium tank to share.
    I have around 150pcs of balloons.

    So still have half to share.
    Able to pump 150 - 200 balloons.

    My event is 28-30march.
    Tank can b rent till 4th apr.

    I stay jurong west.
    Birthday celebration will b at NSRCC.

    Can SMS me at 91880644.
  38. belrachel

    belrachel New Member

    hi joycegian

    where did u rent yr tank?
  39. sept03bride

    sept03bride Active Member

    hey kitty
    if west area, u can rent ur helium tank at Jurong point.
  40. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    If you need a small helium tank, try buying one from Spotlight. Might be cheaper than renting a large one if you don't intend to inflate that many balloons.
  41. rainibowbunny

    rainibowbunny New Member

    Halo anyone got idea if need 40 to 50 balloon , I need how big helium tAnk to rent ???
    Anyone to rent out ?? Price ???
  42. waterfall

    waterfall New Member

    hi, anybody know where can i get the helium gas pump ard north site? I just need to pump 3-4 balloon only
  43. cocomaro

    cocomaro Member

    Hi, anyone know where can I rent a tank of small helium in jurong area?
  44. mummyebest

    mummyebest Member

    Anyone could share some of the helium gas if u r rental the tank , cos jus need it for 5balloon on 07 Aug, stay at bt panjang.pls email: flora.crystal@hotmail.com
  45. Thiri Zin

    Thiri Zin New Member

    Hi anyone ..May i know where can i get Only Helium Gas Pump in Singapore? I have my own balloons and i don't want to buy/rent Tank. I just need to inflate 8-15 balloons on Tuesday 26th august. please help me :(
  46. sharshar

    sharshar Member

    This company Leto Balloons is selling Disposable Helium Tank plus free balloons at $59
    Email: info@letoballoons.com.sg
    H/p: 96935511
  47. ivory eng

    ivory eng New Member

    May I know how much you charge fill up 20pcs helium balloons?? Plans SMS me at 90088727 need before 02/05/15
  48. kittybaby12

    kittybaby12 Active Member

    Hi mummies, know of any shop pumping helium gas for pet animal balloons around Jurong area? And about how much? I have about 10plus balloons, looking for less than $3 for each pump.
  49. cyndi311

    cyndi311 New Member

    Hi u migt want try partyday www.partyday.com.sg , if i am not wrong they charge only $2.00 per pet inflation not sure if they got increase, best thing is that they got sell pet balloon too so if
    yr balloon is defected u can buy direct from them too.

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