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Hatchery Buddy Promo (25% off) for Cots, Chair, dressers

Discussion in 'Year 2020 Mums' started by geri_smile, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. geri_smile

    geri_smile New Member

    Hi! Hatchery Cribs is having a buddy promo for the cribs or furniture (dressers or nursing chairs etc). If we manage to get 4 orders (or more) of different delivery address, we can get a 25% off refund.

    I’ve checked with hatchery and it’s not limited to the number of orders. So, even if we have 7 orders, all 7 orders will enjoy the 25% off. Refunds will be done through the credit card used, and orders will be separated (so we don’t have to combine orders, just need to email them the order number and names!)

    Do PM me if anyone is interested! I currently have 2 orders.


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