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Happycall recipe!

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by mpyun80, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    Dearest mummies,

    Do come in to share your delicious recipes and comments on your happycall pan.

  2. glee625

    glee625 New Member

    I usually make egg, ham and cheese toast for my family every morning.

    A little oil
    Beat 2 eggs and pour on the pan, coat the pan evenly
    Place 2 slices of ham, then 2 pieces of bread
    Let it cook a while, like when u see the egg is drying out
    Close pan and flip over
    I use a tong to flip the excess egg on the bread, cut in btw the 2 slices of bread
    Place 2 pieces of cheese, then 2 pieces of bread.
    Close pan and flip over again
  3. kooladonia

    kooladonia New Member

    Hi Botakmum,

    How about your signature dish u posted at the BP previously? the pork one. Dunno what it's called... [​IMG] Look very delicious!
  4. glee625

    glee625 New Member

    Ah the roasted pork!

    Buy pork belly from wet market, make sure it is thick so that it will not fall side way when you stand it (on the skin side) on the pan

    Boil in water until cook, I think about 15 mins
    Drain and set aside to cool. I use a paper towel to pat dry the skin too.
    Marinate the meat (not the skin) with salt and pepper - be generous. You can also use 5 spice powder. Let it marinate for an hour. But I only marinate for 30mins.
    Pour enough oil ro cover the skin on the pan and place the pork belly skin side down on the pan.
    Close the pan and turn on the fire
    I cook on high fire for 5 mins. It's ok of it's a little burnt, taste nicer.
    Open the pan and turn the pork belly to the side and fry the meat part for 1 min. Repeat on the other side.
    Remove from pan, let it cool before you slice it.

  5. glee625

    glee625 New Member

    Do not flip the pan when you are doing roast pork
  6. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    Hi botakmum,

    Thanks for ur recipe. Will try it out next week. [​IMG]
  7. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    For me I fried fish with 1 tbsp of oil.

    Saw from the advertisement that no oil is needed. Anyone tried without oil?
  8. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    For my bake chicken, I used the oven bake method

    2-3 boneless n skinless drumsticks.
    Marinated with 1tsp salt. 30 mins

    1/2cup flour
    1/2cup melted butter(divide half into 2 portion)
    2tbsp honey
    2tbsp soy sauce

    First take out the marinated chicken. Spread 1portion of the butter evenly on the chicken. Sprinkle flour on the chicken.

    For the sauce. Mix 1portion of butter, soy sauce n honey together.

    Preheat pan on low fire for 3-5mins. Then put in chicken. Put big fire for 30seconds then switch to small fire. Then bast with the sauce when the chicken is cooked at 8 mins. Then turn the pan over 5mins later and bast the other side of the chicken. Total cooking time is bout 15mins. During the first basting u can put in the potatoes.
  9. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    Fry vege

    Vege ( I used xiao bai cai the other day) portion is enough for 2 adults.
    2 cloves garlic
    1 tbsp of dried shrimps
    1tsp of sugar
    1/2 cup of chicken stock (I used maggi brand the one without added msg)
    1 tbsp oil

    Add oil heat for 30 seconds then add in garlic and dried shrimps. Close the pan and stir for a minute.
    Then open pan n put in vege. Close the pan and 3 mins later add in sugar n chic stock. Then close the pan and flip the pan a couple of times. Cook for 3 mins. Then vege is ready.

    Note: I felt that for stir fry vege using wok is still nicer. Cos I used really big fire with it so it tasted more like those from stir fry shop. Whereas for happycall fire have to be of medium to low.
  10. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    Black pepper spare ribs

    2 spare ribs. Chopped into small pieces.
    3 cloves garlic
    A generous amt of black pepper
    3 tbsp soy sauce

    Marinate spareribs With all ingredients for at least 30 mins.

    Then just put in happycall. For 10-15mins and turn every 5 mins.
  11. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    Fish kebab

    Sticks to make kebab.

    Cut the 3 above into cubes of around 1inches

    For fish I used "ji rou yu" muscle fish ( sorry donno wat it's
    called in English) can use dory fish too.
    Cut fish into the desired size.
    Marinate with garlic, mix herbs, salt.

    Then put the fish n vege on sticks then put 1tbsp of oil n put the kebab in. Cook for bout 7-10 mins
  12. esther378437

    esther378437 Member

    Thank you, Mummies. I just got my HappyCall Pan. Never cooked a meal for my hubby before. But now, with the pan and your receipes, I'm sure I gonna cook
  13. kooladonia

    kooladonia New Member

    My turn: [​IMG]


    1 tablespoon hoisin sauce
    1 tablespoon tomato sauce
    1 teaspoon ground black pepper
    2 tablespoons dark soy sauce
    1 teaspoon white sugar
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 fish (I use white pamfret)
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1 tablespoon butter
    1 teaspoon cornstarch
    4 tablespoons water


    In a mixing bowl, mix together hoisin sauce, tomato sauce, pepper, soy sauce, sugar and salt. Set aside for 20 minutes.
    Rub fish with 1 tablespoon of oil. Heat Happy Call for 1-2 mins with medium fire. When it's hot, add the remaining oil and lower the fire a bit. Fry fish for 2 minutes on both sides, don't forget to flip. Take it out, drain on paper towels, and set aside.

    Add 1 tablespoon of butter in pan. Melt over medium heat and add soy sauce mixture, stirring well. Dissolve the cornstarch in the water and pour into the pan, stirring constantly. Cook until thickened.
    Return fish to the pan and cook again for 1 minute on each side, don't forget to flip. (I usually do this final stage a little bit longer with very small fire, so the fish will absorb the flavor more)
  14. kooladonia

    kooladonia New Member


    1 Whole chicken (cut into pieces, depends how big u want it to be)
    4 tbsp oyster sauce
    2 tbsp curry powder
    6 cloves garlic (chop)

    Mix oyster sauce, curry powder and garlic in one bowl. Put in chicken and marinate. Cover bowl and put inside fridge for 20 mins.

    After 20 mins, put all chicken inside heated Happy Call. I melted little butter for flavor instead of oil. Close pan, wait for few mins and flip. Continue checking your chicken from time to time over small fire until it is cooked. Don't forget to flip.

    Very delicious fried chicken, served with sambal chilli. [​IMG]
  15. kooladonia

    kooladonia New Member

    LAMB STEAK... *drools* [​IMG]

    Depends on how much sauce you think u prefer. I'd like mine with lots of sauce. [​IMG]

    1/4 or 1/2 a bottle of tomato sauce
    1/2 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
    1-2 tbsp white sugar
    1 tbsp butter
    2 tbsp plain flour
    1/4 cup water

    1 tbsp butter
    pepper, salt
    lamb steaks (I use 4 standard pieces)


    Marinate lamb steaks with salt and pepper. Let it stand for 15 mins.

    Melt butter on pan, pour in tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, white sugar. Mix well. Small fire.

    Mix plain flour with water, and pour in to the pan, stirring as you go. Mix well into a thick consistency.

    Taste and feel free to adjust. The taste should be a bit sweet and sour.

    Put aside if you happy with the taste.


    Heat pan with medium fire, melt butter. Put in 2 steaks (doing this in 2 batches as the pan size allows), close pan. Wait for 3 mins or so, and flip. When both surface cooked, make the fire smaller. And flip again when necessary till they are cooked. Depends if you'd like it medium rare. Repeat for the other 2 steaks.

    When done, serve steak with the sauce together in a plate. Coupled with boiled broccoli or carrot. [​IMG]
  16. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    errrr... no more recipes liao????
  17. jennytang

    jennytang Active Member

    Anyone tried frying fish like cod fish? Those one piece type. How long to cook it? I'm waiting for my happycall to arrive.
  18. liquidskycc

    liquidskycc Active Member

    Can advise,
    The manual says no preheating happycal pan?
  19. netfencimind

    netfencimind New Member

    Wow thanks mummies/ladies/chefs! I'm gonna earmark this page. Am still waiting for my pan. Will certainly share recipes once i rec'd n start experimenting! :D
  20. jonjosh

    jonjosh Active Member

    woo hoo!! I'm going to love this page!!! Tks vivien for starting this!

    I manage to "take over" the pan from another mommy who decided to sell hers to me yippy and I am officially in the loop :p

    Botakmum, I saw your roast pork in BP#2 and it's still in my head! I am going to try it out first thing I get the pan!
  21. happybride

    happybride New Member

    Oyster sauce fried fish
    ó Shallot (sliced) or onion
    ó Ginger (sliced)
    ó 1~2 tablespoon Oyster sauce mixed with 1 tablespoon of water
    ó 1 fish (I use black pamfret)
    ó 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    ó 1 tablespoon butter

    ó Rub fish with 1 tablespoon of oil.
    ó Heat Happy Call for 1-2 mins with medium fire. When it's hot, add the remaining oil and lower the fire a bit.
    ó Fry fish for 2 minutes on both sides, don't forget to flip. Take it out, drain on paper towels, and set aside.

    ó Add 1 tablespoon of butter in pan. Melt over medium heat and add ginger close for 1 minute, stir.
    ó Open add shallot close for 1 minute, stir.
    ó Add oyster mixture, stirring well.
    ó Return fish to the pan and cook again for 2 minute on each side, flip.
    ó Serve
  22. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    H Jenny

    I.ve tried frying cod fish last week.

    Sprinkle salt on fish.

    Then use butter instead of oil. Then put in the fish. Big fire for a while then switch to small fire. N remember to turn the pan. Took bout 8 mins to cook.

    Separately I.ve standby fried garlic beforehand cos my hubby loves fried garlic. So I.ll sprinkle lots a fried garlic on it before serving.
  23. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    Hi cc,

    Did it said no pre heating? Thanks for highlighting it to me. [​IMG]

    Hi jj,

    Don't mention. Welcome to the thread. Hope you'll enjoy cookingnwith ur happycall
  24. crayola

    crayola New Member


    Bought the pan but have yet to use it. Did anyone pretreat the pan before using? How to treat it? Thanks
  25. glee625

    glee625 New Member

    Just use a soft sponge or cloth wash with soap.
  26. poogle

    poogle New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    thanks for all the recipes... i am waiting for my pan too..

    Think the MOST important action in all recipe is "DUN FORGET TO FLIP"

    So, Happy flipping! ^_*
  27. liquidskycc

    liquidskycc Active Member

    Thanks for starting the thread ;)

    I read wrongly, manual says don't heat without food in pan..

  28. worry_mum

    worry_mum Member

    wow.. it will be great if u can share photos on these recipes.. .. ;) Cant wait for my pan to arrive..

  29. september

    september Active Member

    where to order the pan?
  30. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    Hi everyone

    Alway always remember:
    Never never put detergent immediately onto a hot pan when washing. You will spoil the coating easily and the chemical from the detergent will penetrate in.

    Last time when I purchased neoflam products, the salesman reminded me that regardless of what brand, as long as the pan/pot is non stick coated, what I have to do is to take kitchen paper to clean off the dirt and later wash when the pan/pot is cool.

  31. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member


    247mall is not bringing in at this moment due to several ppl arguing over the authenticity of the products.

    However, from what I have known, she has ordered excess qty, so you may try to contact her to reserve one first.


    If not, there is another one person doing a spree at the bulk purchase section and another one doing a spree at the overseas section.
  32. jennytang

    jennytang Active Member

    Thanks vivien. I'll try out the fish recipe when my happycall arrives.
  33. liquidskycc

    liquidskycc Active Member

    Mrs Chew,
    thanks for the tip [​IMG]

    sorry to digress...
    btw, did you buy the erconomics pots from 247mall? any feedback?
  34. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    Hi CC

    No, I'm still waiting for her to start a thread on the pots.

    However, I find the pots' feature very familiar with the neoflam products too. So, intend to get one first and if it is good, will buy another one for my sis.
  35. happybride

    happybride New Member

    since it's ceramic coating can still use metal soup ladle or not?
  36. liquidskycc

    liquidskycc Active Member

    Mrs Chew,
    Yes, saw the Features almost same but I don't have a neoflam - waiting for her new thread ;). Old thread was just deleted 10mins ago.

    Looking forward to new pots too!
  37. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    Doggies mummy

    U mean the ecoramic pots?? I don't know yet. Must ask 247mall.

    Honestly, I find that as long as it's non-stick coating, better not. I ever bought a ASD wok which Is non-stick coated and yet is able to use metal ladle (indicated clearly on its box). But I discovered a lot of scatches when I used the metal wok ladle to fry my food. I called the agent but was told the wok was still safe to be used. However, I never use it till now cos I still don't feel safe.

    So, ultimately, I find that using non metal ladle helps to preserve the lifespan of a non-stick pots/pans.
  38. happybride

    happybride New Member

    but plastic ladle is not safe leh... have wooden ladle or not? i really thought ceramic coating is better than other types of coating
  39. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    Me use wooden ladle.

    Only use metal one on my old black traditional iron wok as well as those stainless steel pots.
  40. happybride

    happybride New Member

    oh there's wooden soup ladle too??
    Where did u get it?
  41. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    I bought mine fr ntuc or isetan.
  42. jonjosh

    jonjosh Active Member

    Mrs chew,
    Really??? I bought neoflam and no one told me cannot use detergent when it is still hot!!
    After cooking, I just wash immediately to prepare to cook the next dish!
    Wonder if it applies to their clay pot range? I used that to cook my girl's porridge everyday!
  43. jonjosh

    jonjosh Active Member

    Oh anyone knows for the HC pan, need to " Kai guo " or not?
  44. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member


    Yes, the salesman told me. I cant remember his name liao. He also advised that if you need to rush for the next use, cool the pan over running tap water and once cool, you can use detergent Liao. As for the clay pot, I dunno. Never buy that one before. Are they good?? I only bought the pans n pots.
  45. happybride

    happybride New Member

    I saw somewhere HC need to condition with oil to prolong lifespan... don't know manual write or not
  46. glee625

    glee625 New Member

    if u put detergent on a hot pan, the steam plus detergent will sting your eyes.

    It's very easy to care for your pan. I just do a wipe down with paper towel and cook the nx dish. And wipe down with paper towel again before I wash with detergent.
  47. glee625

    glee625 New Member

    Use wooden ladle on non-stick pan to prevent scratches. Not plastic. Unless it is high grade silicone material that xan withstand high heat.

    Nonstick pan doesn't need to condition with oil.

    You only need to 'condition with oil' for cast iron wok
  48. happybride

    happybride New Member

    jj,mrs chew

    Is neoflam available at singapore's shopping centers? wanted ecoramics but i dun need the big pots of 24cm. may just get neoflam instead
  49. liquidskycc

    liquidskycc Active Member

    doggies mummy,

    neoflam is avaible at leading dept stores like Isetan, OG.. hot items [​IMG]!
  50. happybride

    happybride New Member

    thanks cc will check it out

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