Hair loss after giving birth


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Hi, anyone facing the same problem with me? I had severe hair fall after giving birth to my LO. I was so worried I went into depression for a short period but I am glad my problems are all solved now!! I used Aisan top team shampoo and hair mask, now my hair actually grew :DDDD
If any of you would like to get this set, pm me! I bought in a lot of them, so I can afford to sell to you if you want it too :)


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It's good to know that you were able to cope with your problem. I have heard a lot about hair fall after giving birth to a baby. I read about this in a magazine. I thankfully found the solution about this in the same magazine. It mentioned about Hair beauty supply online products that can help to promote healthy hair. Even the diet we take has a good impact on the hair. Staying hydrated is also crucial in hair growth.
I had heavy hair fall post my delivery. I tried all home remedies, hair treatment, products and what not. Nothing worked. I used Vitamin C shower head. It helped me a lot. Due to high chlorine content and after delivery when you are still in recovery phase. This product is very useful to remove chlorine from water and help nourish your hair. Hope it helps you.
I faced hair loss problems too. So, I opted for a hair growth laser treatment. After a few sessions, I saw the results. My hair started growing back, and I noticed that it got thicker and stronger. My aesthetic doctor is Dr. Ng Hong Yi of Zion Aesthetic Clinic. If shampoo and a hair mask doesn't work for you, perhaps you can consider hair growth laser treatment too.