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Good female gynae in Thomson/Mt Alvernia (Please help!!!)

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Mihip, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Mihip

    Mihip New Member

    Hello, I am a first timer here. Can you recommend me a good female gynae in Thomson/Mount Alvernia? Thanks a lot.

  2. KHW

    KHW New Member

    Can try Dr Chua Yang.
  3. mummyinbliss

    mummyinbliss New Member

    You can try Dr Adelina Wong from TMC.
    She was my gynae and I find her to be a good choice as a gynae for first time Mums. Reason is because she's extremely patient in attending to my queries, very reassuring for first time Mothers. Be prepared for long queue though.
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  4. Mihip

    Mihip New Member

    Thanks for the recommendation! Do they have package? Can share the rate pls? Thanks!!!
  5. lalafate

    lalafate New Member

    Is DR W K Tan from TMC good? i think she's quite old already though.
  6. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    I delivered elder from Madeline in TMC..quite good....she is old but not as old as DR WK Tan..i heard lots of good review from WK Tan..
  7. witchz

    witchz New Member

    I am with Dr WK Tan, she's old for sure but that equates to experience and she's a very modern gynae
  8. lalafate

    lalafate New Member

    I heard that Dr WK Tan is very serious type but very experience and steady Dr. Maybe I should choose her. It is true that waiting time to see her is really very long?
  9. lalafate

    lalafate New Member

    Anybody got reviews on Dr Caroline Khi from TMC?
  10. witchz

    witchz New Member

    yea she's the no nonsense kind of gynae. her waiting time can be quite long if she needs to do delivery. Just a note, she only delivers in TMC
  11. lalafate

    lalafate New Member

    Ok with TMC.. I compared the prices for private hospital it seem that TMC is more cheaper compared to Mt E, Mt A, Glen E.......
    I'am like choosing the hospital and then decide a good gynae from that hospital. Dont Know if im doing the right thing haha
    It is your first time with WK Tan?
  12. witchz

    witchz New Member

    nope. this is my #2 with Dr WK Tan.
  13. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    anyone has female gyane to recommend in Mt.E?? with package??
  14. gammahedging

    gammahedging Well-Known Member

    it's insane... when i consulted her abt 10 yrs ago for irregular periods i waited practically the whole morning,
  15. emolambfamily

    emolambfamily New Member

    Recommend Dr Dolly Wee from Mount Elizabeth. Very experienced and patient, and has a sense of homour.

    She delivers at Mount Alvernia as well.

  16. emolambfamily

    emolambfamily New Member

    By package you mean prenatal? When we went with Dr Dolly Wee last year, we took a consultation package that cost around 1k. Not sure what are the latest rates now.
  17. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    I also recommend Dr Chua Yang from Mt A, but then you may have to call to enquire on the package price. I am not sure what is the price now as I last delivered Aug 2014.

    6463 3366
  18. janetw88

    janetw88 New Member

    dr ong xiaohui delivered my baby. she used to be kk gyne but now in tmc. her clinic offers pkg <1k. her waiting is not so long also altho is best you book appt with her clinic. very nice & frenly doc!
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  19. Wonderbub

    Wonderbub New Member

    Hi all mummies to be! :)

    I am a first time preggo here :p .. really unsure of which gynae to chose and what is the avg market rate for packages and delivery fee. I am firm to have delivery in Mt A and a female gynae though... So far the only gynae I know of who delivery at Mt A are Dr. Lim Yuin Wen & Dr. Esther Ng.

    Would really really appreciate any kind mummies to be can offer your advice?

    Thank you so much in advance! ;)
  20. janetw88

    janetw88 New Member

    hi wonderbub, dr ong's clinic is in TMC but she delivers at Mt A too. :) she was very patient to me during my first pregnancy and i like her alot.
  21. evelyntan83

    evelyntan83 Active Member

    I'm with Dr Esther Ng. She delivered my #1 and I'm going back to her for #2. She said that she do not take in as much delivery as she used to so now the waiting time is pretty short (even on Sat) as compare to my #1. I feel that she is pretty motherly and she doesn't rush during the consultation. But do note that she charges is on the high side.
  22. Nini84

    Nini84 New Member

    Hi, you can try my gynae.. Dr Eunice Chua from TLC (clinic based in tmc)... Very nice and patient lady... She cared for me during my polyps removal in 2013 and 2 miscarriages ( 2013 & 2015) before finally conceiving my current (Edd mid Jan)... She is also the gynae for my 2 cousins (elder cousins had 3 kids by her and 1 younger one just deliver in apr 2016)... She saved my younger cousin with her experience.. So I would highly recommend her.. :)
  23. LovePeg

    LovePeg New Member

    I am a first time preggo.. searching for gynae. Choosing either KKH or Mount A. Any good gynae to recommend..
  24. Iamsaintly

    Iamsaintly New Member

    Me and my 2 younger brothers were delivered by Dr WK Tan. I am 30 this year. And now she will be delivering my baby ☺
  25. Pb Ng

    Pb Ng Member

    Did Dr WK Tan offering any package?

    I was under Adelina Wong. She is good, patient and soft spoken. Her stitches skill is good, my scar just one fine line.
    Just that she is not offering any package and most of gynae from TMC also not offering anymore.
  26. Iamsaintly

    Iamsaintly New Member

    WK Tan Antenatal package

    Single (Total fees: $2875)
    -upon booking: $1475
    -upon delivery: $1400

    Package consists of:
    -scheduled consultations from booking to delivery
    -standard urine dip stick tests from booking to delivery
    -delivery fee (normal/c-sect/forceps delivery)
    -hospital visits after delivery
    -1st post-delivery check-up

    Package excludes:
    -Laboratory tests, medicines, ultrasound scans
    -1st trimester NT scan + Down's syndrome screening (OSCAR)
    -Post-natal checkups
    -Paediatrician/other doctors
    -Anaesthetic fees
    -Surcharge for auspicious timing (planned delivery)
    -Unscheduled visits ($100/visit)
    -Hospital bills
  27. Pb Ng

    Pb Ng Member

    Seems like her package quite reasonable. Her package starts from week 20 or anytime once confirmed booking?

    How about doctor fee?
  28. Iamsaintly

    Iamsaintly New Member

    I believe it starts once you have decided to take up her package. I will be going down for my 2nd appointment next week to make the first deposit (will be 12 weeks by then).
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  29. cytanee

    cytanee New Member

    I'm seeing Dr Goh Shen Li at Mt Alvernia. Friendly and reassuring female gynea. Good experience so far =) Her package starts from wk 14 at $1100 (exclude gst) for 10 visits. You can call up her clinic to confirm price again.
  30. Idayu Sani

    Idayu Sani New Member

    Tried Calling Dr Adelina Wong's Clinic but no response the whole of today.
    Wanted to check her package and doctor's fees before deciding on which gynae to choose.
    I have called Dr Claudine Tan and Dr Geraldine Tan so I was hoping to compare with Adeline Wong's package.
    I was highly recommended to Dr Goh Shen li but she practices in Mount A only :(
    Comparing TMC to Mount A delivery packages, from my calculation it's almost about 2k difference therefore TMC is currently my first choice.

    Anyone can advise Adeline's package?
  31. oceantear

    oceantear New Member

    Hi do you have Dr Geraldine's package breakdown? Will you mind to share. :)
  32. Idayu Sani

    Idayu Sani New Member

    Hi Oceantear,

    Sure. I don't mind.
    Here goes.

    Antenatal package starts from week 13 onwards. $1400 before GST with approximate 10 visits or until you give birth. Excluding medications like folic acids and etc, detailed scanning, blood test and any other test required. So basically the antenatal package is just for consultation, basic scan and routine checks of your height, weight, blood pressure and urine. Her delivery fees is from $1600-$2000 for normal and $2600-3000 for c-sect.

    Hope that helps :)
  33. Idayu Sani

    Idayu Sani New Member

    I've also managed to get a reply from Dr Adelina Wong's office with regards to my queries. I hope this information can help those that requires the info. Information is accurate as at 28/09/16.

    Hi Idayu,
    Thank you for your email.
    Dr Adelina Wong only practise at Thomson Medical Centre and there is NO antenatal package in this clinic.

    Antenatal visit
    Our clinic charges for 1st consultation start from S$160/- and follow-up consultation start from S$85/- onwards.
    Obstetric scan start from S$68/- and routine urine test start from S$10/-. (All price excluded 7% GST).

    Delivery charges
    Normal delivery charges start from S$2800/- onwards.(All price excluded 7% GST).
    Caesarean delivery charges start from S$4000/- onwards. (All price excluded 7% GST).

    You may also contact us at +65 6358 4963 to schedule an appointment to consult Dr Adelina Wong.

    Kindly reply this email as to acknowledge that you have received.

    Best regards
    Joleen Poon
    Adelina Women's Clinic Pte Ltd
    339 Thomson Road #06-04
    Thomson Medical Centre
    Singapore 307677
    Tel: +65 6358 4963
    Fax: +65 6358 4749
  34. Clairegsy

    Clairegsy New Member

    Im with Dr. Lim Yuin Wen at Mt A.

    I'm seeing her for my second pregnancy. Many of my friends are with her and we all find her experienced and steady.
    She is very professional and plays safe in her decisions.
    She did a C-sec for me and when she held my hand in the operating theatre, I was filled with assurance and know that I'm in good hands.

    Waiting time is reasonable, usually less than 30 mins on a weekday. She's straightforward and doesn't chit chat much with you, not to mention your husband. So, manage your expectations. But you're assured of nothing less than professionalism from her.
    Staff are friendly and I'm comfortable asking questions.

    I would say go pay her a visit once and experience yourself!
    Hope this helps!
  35. oceantear

    oceantear New Member

    Thank you dear. Have you visited her clinic before?
  36. chweewy

    chweewy New Member

    I'm with Dr Adelina Wong. She is very assuring and will answer all your worries and doubt. Never feel any rush and she'll explains details with you. The down side is no package.
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  37. Idayu Sani

    Idayu Sani New Member

    Hi Oceantear,

    I have not visited her clinic before unfortunately.
  38. Class95

    Class95 New Member

    Hi all,

    anyone saw dr Chua Yang ? Can you share how much is her packages? Like per appt, consultations n scans...
    And also Her delivery charges, for normal delivery etc?

  39. Baby2017

    Baby2017 New Member

    Firsttime very new mum here looking for a gynae.. female and at mount A or TMC. So far Dr adelina wong looks good, but seems pricey!
  40. US_Mamabliss

    US_Mamabliss Member

    Huh I am quite sure Mount Alvernia is slightly cheaper than Thomson.
  41. elyn02

    elyn02 Member

    i just check her package is $1400+ now. is it consider expensive?
  42. esther77

    esther77 Member

    Dr Sim Lee Ngor at TMC #04-04, v experienced and good stitching skills.
  43. imting82

    imting82 Member

    Dr Chan Weng Buen Cathryn - Does delivery at both Mount Alvernia and Mount E Novena. She delivered both my girls. Always long queue at her clinic. A very steady gynae who is patient and caring. :) In my latest delivery (10 days back), she managed to retrieve my separated placenta which was a total relief.
  44. Jessie Poh

    Jessie Poh New Member

    Hi, i am a first time mum to be and had seen Dr Sim LN for the first time. Wonder if she is good for C Sec.
  45. Sely_jap

    Sely_jap New Member

    Can you share how much is her ante natal package? and also the delivery fee. Thanks :)
  46. spider_meow

    spider_meow New Member

    May i know if u opted for c sec for both delivery by dr lim or was advised by her?
  47. Meow^^

    Meow^^ New Member

    Hi.Do you mind sharing with me on how much is Dr Esther delivery charges? Thanks:)

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