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Good Confinement Lady

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by jaccs25, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. jaccs25

    jaccs25 New Member

    Hi 2010 mummies,

    Juz like to share wif u my confinement lady contact..

    She did my confinement from May to June'09..& it was a splendid job..

    She is very caring to both my baby & myself..

    As I'm a 1st time mummy..she guided me throughout my confinement..

    Even taught me how to breastfeed efficiently..

    During the 1st day when she reached my place, she took the initiative to setup my sterliser, wash & sterlise all the milk bottles, ask me about my bb's jaundice level so that she can do the necessary to prevent the jaundice from increasing, etc..

    Her cooking is delicious.

    & she is always willingly sharing her experience with me.

    She also coach me on how to bath my bb, advice me on how to take care of my bb after she leave.

    Her charges is at the reasonable market rate..

    Do contact her if you're looking for one for your confinement..

    Her contact is +65-90381368 (sg), +60127261198 (msia).


  2. whoofy

    whoofy Active Member

    hi jacqueline

    how shld we address this CL ? I;m actually thinkin of getting one as I'm expecting my 1st bb EDD 21 Feb..

  3. angelbaby8

    angelbaby8 New Member

    Hu, can i check if she do day time CL only?

    I am looking for day time CL in late Dec

  4. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi, i am doing my confinement now and finishing soon in 2 weeks time. So far, both my hubby and myself are very pleased with her. She cooks good food to whet my appetite, and takes very good acre of my baby. I have caught her many times smiling while looking at my baby, and you can literally feel her concern and love for children. She even help babysit my first child during the weekends and play with him. Also, she is never late foe work but will reach always a few minutes even to half an hour earlier. She vaccums my floors and mop them everyday, and my kitchen is left spick and span when the day ends. I am currently using her only for daytime, but she does full days including overnights too. Her name is Chew Yan and her number to contact is (Malaysian line)0127575908, Spore number is 83640705. Rest assured i am not related to her, nor do i get a commission. I just know all mummies need to rest well during this time, and she lets me rest well and have an assured mind. Chew Yan is friendly but not too talkative, she just does her work well. I strongly recommend her. As she is now in spore doing my confinement, anyone keen in having her pls call her local line. Good luck mummies..

  5. angelbaby8

    angelbaby8 New Member

    Hi zolldoll, can i check how is your CL charges like for daytime? wat time do she come in and leave?

    She is Malaysian then she is ok to do daytime only?

    I am looking for a day time CL in late Dec ....

  6. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi, i replied you in the other post. But think you got extra question here so here it goes. She is Malaysian, but she is ok for daytime only. In fact, i have her daytime only. From 9am to 6pm. So far so good, she is never late but always early. She is free in Dec so far.

  7. mstan8888

    mstan8888 Active Member


    Anyone hv gd recommendation for good confinement nanny (full-day) ?

    Btw, anyone heard of "ConfinementNanny.com" ?

    Anyone used their servies & any comments of their nanny?

    Thanks !

    Plse email me at mstan8888@yahoo.com.sg as I seldom check forum.

  8. penut

    penut New Member

    Hi All,

    I would like to recommend my Confinement Lady as I find that she is a nice and easy going person.

    Some of her other good points are that she can cook very well e.g like sometimes she will cook Mee Hoon Kuay for the occasional break from the boring rice + dishes. :p And she don't mind cooking an extra share for Hubby too.(Had heard of some which will mind if they are told to cook an extra share). She is not those old skool kind of Confinement Lady where she does not allow you to bath or even go downstair. Infact, she allow me to bath at least once a week. She will also do some light house work like laundry and mopping the floor.

    Most importantly, she takes very good care of my Baby and I can see that she adores my Baby very much.

  9. pat_lim

    pat_lim New Member

    Hi, Jacqueline

    Saw your post about your confinement lady. How does her cooking fare? Nice? I am giving birth next year mar 2010. thanks

  10. liteonmag

    liteonmag Active Member

    Hi Pat Lim,

    My CL is very similar to the one Jacqueline described. She is a very detailed lady who will ask me very personal questions like if I'm constipating, how is my milk flow & other very small details. She is also a very clean lady who is very particular abt environment hygiene & baby's hygiene as well. 1 thing that I was impressed is she actually bothered to wash my baby's bottom everytime she changed diaper which I know alot of CL dun do, they normally just use wet wipe & that's it.

    Her name is Ah Ye fr Mersing Johor. Contact number is +6077992250(home) & +60167421779(mobile). Tell her Mag fr Bedok recommended.

  11. pat_lim

    pat_lim New Member

    Hi, Mag

    Thanks for your advise.

    In fact, I am looking for day CL. Have contacted Jacqueline CL but she does day/nite.

    Will contact yours too. Really appreciate.

  12. pat_lim

    pat_lim New Member

    Hi, Zolldoll

    Have tried to call your CL but her hp is off.

  13. denorlisa

    denorlisa New Member

    Hello all,

    in case confinement nanny gets booked up and you need another one [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    I'm currently doing confinement and find that this Msian aunty very good.

    Has knowledge about looking after baby and me e.g. dun eat yam for 3 months from delivery else 'down there' will itch for life... haha.

    She will cook 3 different soups everyday, lunch, dinner and before you ZZZZ.

    Also knows how to massage to relieve breast engorgement 'cos she learn from Thomson the lady name Wong Boey Boey (something like that)

    From what I know, she's only free from Feb onwards. She stays with you 30 days btw.

    Feel free to PM me if you want her number lah. Can call her ask questions no obligations :)

  14. tarepanjo

    tarepanjo Member

    Hi all,

    I have a relative from M'sia who do confinement. She is very experience, can cook very well & take good care of baby. Anyone who is interested, can PM or e-mail me at tarepanjo@yahoo.com.sg

  15. curious_sui

    curious_sui New Member

    Dear all mummy o mummy to be,

    I have a relative from Malaysia who do confinement. She had few yrs experience as a CL lady, can cook very well & take good care of baby. Anyone who is interested, pls e-mail o msn me at phine1977@hotmail.com

    Note down the mth ur need, so tat i can confirm her schedule.

  16. kcc

    kcc New Member

    I would like to recommend my Confinement Lady, Siew Zhen.

    She did confinement for me in 2007 and is currently doing for me now for my 2nd delivery.

    She's energetic and experienced, having been in this line for 7yrs, cooks well and is able to handle my baby and my toddler well. Best of all, she doesn't keep nagging me on the dos and don'ts of confinement and is also experienced enough to advise me a bit on breastfeeding.

    Her contacts:

    92440112 (Singapore Hdp)

    019-7733251 (M'sian Hdp)

    012-7393588 (M'sian Hdp)

    Do contact her if you are interested to engage her services.

  17. baby_glendon

    baby_glendon New Member

    hi mummies out there,

    I would like to recommend my CL too, i am currently doing my confinement nw 4 my 2rd delievery, n tis is the 1st time i hire a CL. It is really gd 2 hav sme1 professional out there to help u, ur families member n baby after delievery. Y i say tis is bcos my 1st delievery's confinement was done by my mum, i get no rest, bckache luking aft newborn cos she onli help in bathing n cooking, the rest i bao ka liao, i even get infection on my wound cos she cook chicken 4 me (sme say can eat male or female chicken at 1st onli). So tis time, my hb n i decided to hire a professional CL to bu3 hui2 wat is lost in my body during 1st confinement.

    My CL is great, 1st day she no need me to tel her wea my wok, detergen, mop n etc, she ask me go rest in the bed n say she will go my kitchen n open every cupboard n c wat i have n wat i dun hav, den she write dwn the ingredient n thing she 1, she ask my hb buy (cos 1st day, my fridge got no food at all). I only shw her the herb tat my mum brought 4 me. Best of all, she handle my bb v well! She teach me n0t to carry my bb often, so tat bb wil n0t cling on u alway 4 carry, if tat way, nxt time we no ned do other thing liao, eg hsework. I trust her in handling my little alston bb, hoping aft she left, i can handle m0re easiler as my bb oreadi well trained by her. Nw my bb is alway lying dwn even when he n0t slping, bt occasional i stil carry him up n play wit him, hahaha.

    As 4 her cooking, i can say better den my mum loh cos i neva try other cl b4, she cook many diff style 4 my whole family, do laundry, hsework. She even suggest to luk aft my alston at night so tat i can rest well at nite.

    If any1 need cl, can call her up loh. She is a m'sian, call mei3 hua1 @ 0166369997 or 0167302930.

  18. baby_glendon

    baby_glendon New Member

    oh i 4get 2 state tat she is caring oso, once she heard tat my hb conplain he is heaty, she automatic cook those cooling soup 4 my hubby. She wil ask hw my put put, hard or soft den consider wat 2 cook 4 me. She wil automatic heat up my BRAND ji jin n remind mi to drink every m0rning, she knw if she didnt do tat i wil n0t drink n leave it in cupboard 4 century. Every small detail, she wil take n0ted, make sure i got bu3. She even bring along her calamine lotion n apply on alston when he having heat rash n bring along her own duno wat confinement ingredient n cook 4 me, no charges. I plan 2 giv a small angbao in mid confinement 4 tat, paisay leh... If u say got bad point an0t, i realli cant tik of any, mayb i am v qing cai ppl ba...

  19. lfb

    lfb New Member

    Hi MTB,

    I have a very good and responsible confinement lady to recommend to all. She was the second one I hired as I had problem coping with my 1 month odd baby. Madam Tan came immediately the next day after I enquired her service. She is responsible, very experience and helpful. She knows baby very well and most importantly, love babies. She is of no nonsense, so no need to worry that she will get too friendly or chatty. And the bonus is she cooks very, very well. The first day she arrived, she looked at my fridge, and managed to cooked 2 dishes and 1 soup for us. When my maid arrived, she coached her personally and explained every details. If you are interested,you can contact her daughter. 92382012. She is definitely one good person to hire for you and your baby.

  20. shortgal

    shortgal Member

    Hi all mtbs,

    my cousin EDD is End of Dec and she is getting a set of confinement Herbal Soup package, so would like to ask if anyone of u mtbs interested to get too? If can hit 5 sets, will have 5% discount.. hee... so i am asking for her as she don't know how to use computer..

    It is for convienent and easy confinement, all the soups are prepacked, just put in the pot of water and boil will do.. the confinement agency in SG are selling it at higher price than wat we are getting...

    if interested, pm k.. ;p

    I am a mother of one, hee.. took this soup package too when i am doing my confinement last yr Nov.. ;p

    All the best for the last lap..

  21. rhino

    rhino Guest

    Hi for the above recommended CLs, are mainly fr Msia, right?

    Would like to know if they are gentle workers as in using the appliances (my washing machine nearly got broken due to my last CL heavy finger-tapping), or on the tap running for long unconsciously... use herbs or condiment in abundance as if they don cost money just cos they are fr kampongs & not use to our city life.

    Nothing against Msians, as my last CL did a gd job by being organised & take care of my baby well.

    Only qualm is that she is not that up-dated kind that i prefer my baby not to be swaddled & not feeding her a whole bottle of water when she hiccups.

    I hope to get a CL for May 2010 with updated knowledge & pro-breastfeeding, Thks for your recommendation!

  22. dnb

    dnb New Member

    I used this confinement lady who was very EXPERIENCED and her meals were really delicious!!

    I felt very well taken care of by this Confinement Lady (she's less than 45 years old) for the month that she was with us.

    But i heard that she's very high in demand and only works on a recommendation basis (i got to know of her through a cousin), but she's really really good! So i think you should try to get in contact with her, see if she has any available slots upcoming.

    The best thing was that she was very affordable and good in her services and care that she shown to my family

    You can call her at 9682 8813. I always recommend her to my own personal friends! Good luck!

  23. sillylady

    sillylady New Member

    hi all

    i would like to recommend this Confinement Lady agency,she has really good cl and reasonable rate, call her for more detail 90899426 or email nannyconfibement@hotmail.com

  24. sillylady

    sillylady New Member

  25. wish

    wish Member

    Hi Valerie,

    May I know what is your confinement lady's name and can I quote your name? Does she do housework and look after baby at night?

  26. grace_hui

    grace_hui Active Member

    hi mummies,

    i would also like to recommend my confinement lady whom worked for me june 2009. She's a very nice and easy to talk to CL. abt 50 yrs old and energetic. she took care of me n my family very well. most importantly she treats my kids like her own grandchildren, hence besides her own tasks n responsibilities, she's doing alot of work volunteerily and out of her job scope. under her care, i rested very well, ate well n also do not need to worry abt my kids as she took care of 2 of them as well.

    if mummies need her contact, u can PM me. Cheers.

  27. princessgx

    princessgx Member

    Dear all, I signed up for a confinement nanny package at $1850 with GPLS. Have paid them a $550 deposit but have decided not to continue the service as I engaged a maid and have my MIL to help out too.

    Their website is http://www.gplsconfinementnanny.com.sg/ and they have a deposit money back guarantee scheme if you are not satisfied with their nanny even after changing a new one for you.

    I'm willing to transfer the package to any mummy who is interested, at a lower price. For example, if I just get $300 from you, you will only be paying $1600 for the CL, which is cheaper than the outside rate.

    Please pm or sms 98502228 if interested. Thanks.

  28. happy_mummy

    happy_mummy New Member

    Hi valarie

    Just contacted your CL and she seemed to be very friendly and keen to learn more as i told her about my mum confinement cooking.

  29. 8umble833

    8umble833 New Member

    Hi all, I'm a FTM2B and have been a reader of this forum since oct and hv learnt alot frm all the mummies here!

    my edd is 7 june 2010 and would like to look for a good confinement lady who can stay with me.

    I'm realli inexperience in this area and would realli appreciate if all the mummies here can share their experience on how to look for a good confinement lady i.e. what kinda questions i shd ask when i 'interview' her, what kinda stuff to look out, etc.

    tho i know the mkt rate is around 2k, but i'm hoping if i can find one thts ard 1.8k (i wouldn't mind if its even lower! :p)

    Also if the mummies here could share about other cost involved other than the CL fees, ie. confinement food, angbao to CL, etc. to better plan for my budget.

  30. ccat

    ccat Member

    Hi all,

    I would like to recommend my confinement lady, QinJie who is from


    She was recommended by a good friend who had a good experience with

    her. On top of taking good care of her and baby and good cooking,

    QinJie was able get along very well with her MIL and

    grandmother-in-law who were deemed as very "difficult" people.

    QinJie is just about done with her 1 month with me and i am also very

    happy with her services as she got along with my maid and also taught

    her many things regarding looking after baby and also chinese cooking.

    If you are interested in engaging her, pls contact her at


  31. jojo90

    jojo90 Member

    Hi Hi..

    Wanna check something with all of you..

    1) When we engage a CL, do we have to pay for their transportation fee (like air ticket/ coach fare) from Malaysia to Singapore and back??

    2) Normally the CL will stay with us for 28 days rite? They will need to have this entry permit valid for this 28 days? Do they have to go custome and have their passport stamp in every 2 weeks? Or is there such thing as a 28days visa permit?? Is there any fee for such visa permit and who has to pay for it??

    3) What if the CL get caught-up with the previous mummy when we deliver. Cos my CL is engaged with one mummy who is due in late March, and I'm due in early May. What if the March mummy overdue or me being early due??

    Please advise and Thanks!

  32. nekowong

    nekowong Member

    hi valerie/happy mummy

    so does the confinement lady looks after the bb at nite and whats her name?

    is she local pr malaysian?

    sorry will like more details and whats her charge like?

  33. jodi_wong

    jodi_wong New Member

    Would like to warn everyone of this confinement lady known as Ah Xiang from Malaysia, KL (HP: 60163822273).

    (sorry for the long winded post) My situation as follows: I gave birth on this new year and informed this CL known as Ah Xiang (Freelance - $2000) that i would need her to come down to my place on the 17th Feb. She then told me that there are no land transport and need to fly over. As such, i have no choice but to pay for her air flight. She requested for big ang pow as it was CNY, as such i decided to give her $200 ang pow upon her arrival. When she started work, she claim to me that she is very sought after and that she has even traveled to overseas such as London, Japan and etc to work as a CL. After hearing all these, i myself feel impressed with her resume.

    However little did i realize that she is actually a very lazy and stubborn person. When she cook, she just cook simple confinement food without cooking separately for my husband and expect my husband to eat the confinement food with me which can be very heaty. she just do simple mopping in my kitchen occasionally and does not even bother to clean our toilets including the common toilet that she has been using. Most of the time, she will just sit down on my sofa and watch TV. Sometimes when i am watching my own TV programme, she would request me to change to her favourite channel instead!

    Then after the third day, she started coughing and claim that it must be my husband who spread her the coughing after she heard from my husband that he just recovered from a cough recently. When i asked her to wear a mask, she show me the super black face and dun care attitude. As such, i decided to look after the baby on our own instead of depending on her. She would also often touch my newborn baby head even after repeated telling of her not to do so as my baby head skull is still soft.

    On the 10th day, she suddenly claim she is not feeling very well and will stop work immediately and go back home. She demanded my husband to pay her half a month salary and a big ang pow. After negotiation, we decided to give her 10 days of working salary plus a $10 ang pow given that she has not really done anything much and leave us stranded without a CL out of the blue. She took our money without hesitation and still has the cheek to complain that she has never ever seen such a small ang pow in her life.

    After she left, i realized that she has taken expensive medical herbs from us and even our blanket provided to her. Sigh....Luckily, i have my mother to help me out otherwise my husband and i would not know what to do.

  34. peggyyenni

    peggyyenni Member

    Hi mummies,

    my mum is a cl with ard 18 years experience in this line, who works in Singapore most of the time although we r Malaysian. If u r interested to engage her service or just to know more, pls feel free to email me at peggyyenni@gmail.com. My mum can meet up wit u personally for more details! No obligation..



  35. gooskie

    gooskie Member


    I am about to finish my confinement with Mdm Tan. I got her contacts thru this forum recommended by LFB.

    Mdm Tan is like a personal butler to me, she is attentive and I felt a little shy as I have never been served by someone. Her key focus is on mother and baby, the rest (eg husband and family) is secondary. She is also responsible and has no problems attending to my baby day and night, I practically didn’t have to do anything except breastfeeding my baby. She is also flexible to adjust to your personal needs/ requests (you can let her know your preferred style to cooking eg less oil or how you want your baby to be handled). She even has a planned menu on what you should eat in every week. What I like best about her is her cooking is delicious. Mdm Tan has many years of experience handling babies, there was a time where she handled a total of 8 children (age from newborn to toddler) at her house back in JB.

    Due to a last min cancellation, Mdm Tan is available in the period of end Mar to mid May 2010 (she is on standby for her next assignment in end May). For the rest of the year, you may also check her schedule with her directly. If you would like to engage her, you can call her daughter at 92382012. No need to worry about permits as she can come into Singapore freely.

  36. ffdoremi

    ffdoremi Member

    hi gooskie

    im intrested but the number u have given is not in service....can give me her number again? thanks


  37. jenx2

    jenx2 Member

    Hi Gooskie,

    i just called Mdm Tan.. too bad she alrdy book til oct le... so clash w my edd in nov..


    need to keep sourcing again

  38. ficusis

    ficusis New Member

    Hi Jennifer

    Do you know if Mdm Tan is booked for Late Jul - Aug? Is the 92382012 still valid?

    Kinda interested to engage her.

  39. cutecutebb

    cutecutebb New Member

    try this Confinement Lady agency. they have reasonable rate at 1.8K and good serices

    contact 82649876,90899426 or nannyconfinement@hotmail.com

  40. vaiosiao

    vaiosiao Guest

    Hi Gooskie, may i know what do you mean by husband and family secondary? did Madam Tan take good care of them also? Does she charge extra for doing housework and cooking for your family?

  41. perfect_moment

    perfect_moment New Member

    After reviewing the reccomendation here, I have decided to call Mdm Tan Hp : 92382012.

    At first , she agreed to accept my assignment . I told her my due date was Jan 2011.

    Later she called and say she is not willingly to do the confinement if it is during Chinese NEw Year. Asked me to check with my gynae to confirm the EDD.

    One week later when I tell her my due date and the confinement will be during the Chinese New Year . I told her I am willingly to let her go back to celebrate CNY and she just have to come back and continue with the confinement.

    She agreed. But two weeks later called me again and say she have another assignment so she can't take up mine.

    It is irresponsible for her to waste my time thinking that the confinement issue have been settled . I asked her why did you accept my confinement at the first place . Her reply was never mind you still got time to find another one and hang up the call.

    Now, I have to start my search over all again. All thank to her for creating such a mess.

    MTB, please think twice of engaging such confinement lady .

  42. stress2

    stress2 Guest


    U may try my this CL. she a Day CL non stay, a singaporean, friendly 50++, more than 10yrs experience, a great cook wif different dishes everyday,can cook different tonic soup, flexible auntie..

    U can call her at HP: 98476976 (Auntie choo)

  43. everafter_03

    everafter_03 Member

    Hi mummies,

    Would like to recommend my confinement lady, Aunty Yeo. She is very experienced & easy going and take good of my baby and me during my confinement period. She cooks well and also help out in household chores like cleaning and washing clothes. U can pm me for her contacts if u r interested.

  44. blue_skies

    blue_skies Member

    Hi mummies

    I have home made Hong Zhao Jiu (glutinous red rice wine) for cooking confinement food. Some CL do not make this red rice wine, but you can get it and ask your CL to cook for you. They will know the dish since it is a very popular confinement food.

    Do PM me if you'd like to get any. Thanks!

  45. missymic

    missymic Member

    Mommies ....

    this morning ive received a phone call frm my confinement nanny that she cant help me to do as one of her family member have stroke.But im due anytime...I need to find a confinement nanny asap as my mother in law n my mum does not knw how to do...im at total lost..Anyone have any suggestions??? thanks..

  46. simmama

    simmama Member

    Hi Michelle

    When is your EDD? I see whether my MIL can help:)

  47. stress2

    stress2 Guest


    U can call mdm choo...she very experience..local day confinement lady..she had more than 10 year experience..very honest & nice lady...btw she can cook well wif tonic soup also..

    her contact is hp:98476976

  48. tinsong

    tinsong New Member

    Hi all mom,

    Anyone needs a confinement lady in early Sep 2010. I have paid a $200 deposit for a confinement lady and she did for my sister-in-law recently. The actual price is $2K. She is quite good and from Malaysia, however my mom offers to help me now and I also want to save money. I can absorb $100 and let go at $100 deposit. Anyone interested can SMS or call me at 9188 7560.

  49. ducklingeshop

    ducklingeshop Member

    I would like to recommend my confinement lady, Auntie Ya Yin, who is currently doing my confinement for me.

    Auntie Ya Yin is very friendly has easygoing personality. She is energetic and experienced, having been in this line for more than 10 yrs, love baby and is able to handle my baby well.

    She can cook good confinement food, never grumpy, and she doesn't keep nagging me on the dos and don'ts of confinement. Best of all, she is encouraging breastfeeding & experienced enough to advise me benefit of breastfeeding.

    Other than taking care of me and the baby, she also does the household chores for me, as we do not have a maid at home. She is very systematic in what she does and she keeps the kitchen neat and tidy.

    I don’t earn any commission and I just wish help her to find other assignment as a token of my appreciation to her.

    If you are keen to engage her, you can contact her at:

    8402 8386 (Singapore number)

    012-459 9824 (Malaysia number)

  50. sappy

    sappy New Member


    I thought i share this ...

    I just finished my confiment and had a very good confirment lady (Aunty Yue Fen).

    I even extended her for 2 more weeks.

    This is my second child, my first child i engaged a CFL as well but it was a terrible experience. Hence, this time i was also skeptical when i was recommended to this CF aunty.

    So i was extremely glad that i had this aunty this time round.

    She has many years of experience, very patient and loving with my daughter. First few days she is with me, she takes the time to observe my daughter to see how she can best take care of her, and she learns very fast. She cooks very yummy food (my first confirment i had horrible food and i didnt know confirment food can actually taste nice ...) and most important my family all like her very much and she is hygenic!

    She has a very pleasent character, very helpful and responsible. when looking after baby, she doesnt on her hp or pick her hp so that she wont be distracted.

    If any one is interested you can contact her at 65 8375 6048 (SG) or her house at 0207-6522606 (MSA). (but as i say if she is looking after baby her hp might be off or she doesnt pick up, so you might want to leave a message instead so that she can revert)



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