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Good confinement lady

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by xuanmom, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. xuanmom

    xuanmom Member

    Hi, my confinement lady is fully booked till end Nov12. she can cook very nice of confinement food and taking good care of infant. Mum 2013 Pls decide fast if you wanna book on her service to avoid disappointment[​IMG]

  2. auntylee

    auntylee New Member

    Hi MTBs,

    I am Aunty Lee, I am a Singaporean confinement nanny trained with KK Hospital to cater to mothers who are looking for reliable and professional help. I am also well-versed in TCM herbs and tonics used in confinement practices.

    You can contact me at my mobile: 8522 3097 to find out more. Or you can visit my website at http://www.auntylee.com.sg

    Note: My appointments for the year 2012 is full but I am open for 2013.
  3. 春兰

    春兰 Guest

    Hi my name is 春兰. I have 10 over years experience as confinement nanny.

    You can contact me at my malaysia mobile: +60127261198 or Singapore mobile: 90381368
  4. jowie629

    jowie629 New Member

    Hi All Mummy,

    my mum is Aunt Yun, she is a Confinement Lady ,have more than 18 years experience.
    you can contact her @ M'sia mobile 016 - 6098059 OR S'pore Mobile: 8130 8583.
  5. duckie

    duckie New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I have a good confinement lady to recommend. Her name is Aunty Sabrina who is currently booked till end 2012. She is still doing my confinement now and her last day will be 1 June 2012.

    She is very chatty and friendly, clean and neat, can take my baby's american timing well, cooks good food and is very motherly towards me. Her EQ is very strong and knows how to stay happy during the 28-day stay, so that she can pass her happiness to the baby. Overall, I'm happy with her confinement service.

    There are other good reviews about her as follows: -

  6. duckie

    duckie New Member

    Her contact number is :-

    Singapore contact - 8105 5776
    Malaysia contact - 6016 4681225
  7. lilyc

    lilyc New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I would like to recommend my confinement nanny Lian Jie (Aunty Lian). I personally find her good as I can see she genuinely loves baby which is an important criteria for me as I definitely would not want an inexperienced nanny mishandling my precious baby.

    In terms of confinement food, she would ask what I don't eat etc and tries to cook a variation of food based on the limitations. She also makes herbal soup for lunch and dinner and also tonic for me to drink at night so that I can have more breastmilk.

    I understand she is already booked till end of 2012, but you can try calling her at the below no to check:

    Malaysia: 019-993 9483
    Singapore: 82857060

    While typing this post, Aunty Lian is packing up to leave as today happen to be her last day. Will definitely miss her as she has been a great help to me. Most importantly, she is an easygoing person to get along with.
  8. oink17

    oink17 Member


    has anyone has experience with this CL called Mei Ling from Malaysia?
    Her Malaysia mobile ending with 6219.

    The CL for my 1st child has retired and called up a few other CLs recommended by my frens but all fully booked for early Jan 2013.
  9. chocolateey

    chocolateey New Member

    Hi there everyone,
    I would like to find out how you guys have gone about applying for "work permit" for confinement ladies from Malaysia? I see that there are quite a few recommendations of confinement ladies who are from Malaysia. Thanks for the recommendations.
  10. piorpy

    piorpy New Member

    Hi, I am new here.. My edd is on 1st feb 2013. I need recommendation for a good live-in confinement lady for 1st time mum and charge reasonably for Cny period since 10th feb 2013 is Chinese new year.
    Can SMS me at +65 92255431.
  11. huang_meifen

    huang_meifen Member

  12. huang_meifen

    huang_meifen Member

    Hi piorpy, my confinement auntie is really good for me! she takes good care of me and my baby, leaving me with no worries. her food is pretty good too and being a first time mummy, i really learn alot from her. bathing my son was scary at first, but she will slowly guide u thru. she believe in letting the mummy have ample rest so i didn't need to take care of nite feeds (unless you insist on latching) and learning how to bathe the baby only comes in after 2nd week. i felt a tinge of sadness when she left actually.

    she is pretty popular since she is fully booked till oct when she was doing my confinement in end feb-end mar.

    as my edd was near CNY this year, she told me that the rate is $3k. not sure if this will change for 2013. she said that she didn't accept any jobs for CNY, not sure if she will change her mind for 2013.

    her name is yafang. SG number is 8110 5075. Malaysia number is +60 177570779. Tell her recommended by Meifen from Toa Payoh.
  13. takuya_kazuk

    takuya_kazuk New Member

    Hi Meifen,
    Like to check with you the process of applying WP for CL as I'm planning to engage your CL yafang after speaking to her. ;)

    Not sure if its compulsory to apply this permit?
    Able to email me at madelyn.hslee@gmail.com

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  14. neona

    neona Member

    Hi Mummies-to-be,

    You may want to consider my confinement aunty, Aunty Tian Hua. She is recommended by my friend who also engaged Aunty Tian Hua for her no. 1 through the forum.

    I engaged Aunty Tian Hua to look after my twins. Would say she is experienced in looking after newborns and likes children. She cooks my meals and is good with tonic soups. She also handles the night feeds herself as much as possible though sometimes I have to help out when my twins feeding times clash. In general, would say that this CL is jovial, chatty, loving, and willing to share information. She even gave my maid tips on how to feed babies.

    Aunty Tian Hua is still with me now till next week. Understand she is fully booked till end of the year. Those who are keen may want to contact her directly 98963237 / 60139977374. Just say you are recommended by the twins mummy [​IMG]

    Btw, I applied for the work permit for Aunty Tian Hua and I believe she will also request the same of future engagements.
  15. xeronz84

    xeronz84 Member

    Hi, I would like to recommend my confinement lady as she is really good.

    Reasons for recommendation:
    1. Overseas exposure - Mummies hire her to go Australia to do confinement.
    2. Cooks delicious and nutritious food and soup
    3. Very knowledgeable - In terms of what food mummies can eat and not to eat (Mainly for increasing breastmilk)
    4. Very friendly and willing to share her knowledge
    5. Very hygienic - Sweep and mop the whole house after every cooking.

    She is now available from 10 August 2012 to 20 Sept 2012. After which, she will be fully booked all the way until CNY. She will be available again after 20 Feb 2013 onwards.

    You can either email me at cheerios84_28@hotmail.com or call me at 98470741. She is currently still with me until 16 July 2012.

  16. adellez

    adellez New Member

    Hi 2013 mothers to be,

    First and foremost,congratulations and its a beginning to a really beautiful and wonderful experience. Thus cherish every moment of your pregnancy with your husband.

    Confinement nanny is what one should definitely look for at the start of your pregnancy. Amazing confinement nanny are definitely hard to come by as they are always booked up.Therefore i would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Sabrina from Malaysia.

    Sabrina is amazing with newborns,experienced, not over-bearing,shares her knowledge on taking care of a newborn and imparts knowledge on a good healing process for the mother.
    She cooks well and takes good care of me during my whole confinement period whilst she dotes on my newborn.
    She is clean,neat and ensures the best for both mother and newborn.
    She also cooks for my in laws and hubby everyday even when i have a maid.
    She is very cheerful,helpful and is very bubbly personality!

    She really loves taking care of newborns when you see how dedicated she is. We wanted to extend her services however she is already fully booked.

    She is currently fully booked till Feb 2013.

    We had a farewell dinner for her yesterday with the whole family and all of us miss her. She was not only a confinement nanny to us but has became like a family member to us.

    We will definitely engage her for my #2.

    I would strongly encourage all mummies who needs a confinement nanny to book her early, as she is booked up very quick.

    She is now in Msia and her next engagement is in a weeks time.

    You can contact her at 81055776(SG) or 0164681225 (m'sia).

    Here are previous reviews from other mummies who have engaged her. I am thankful i did my research and found her.



  17. naivesg

    naivesg Active Member

    I would like to recommend my Confinement Lady, Sally. She pronounce as Sherry.

    She is doing confinement for me now and would be available from 8 Aug to 3 Sept and 7 Feb 2013 onwards.

    She has 18yrs of experience and is able to handle my baby and my toddler well. She support me in breastfeeding and will wake up when baby cries for milk for me to latch baby.

    Her contacts:
    9465 8800 (Singapore Hp)
    +60 12 267 2428 (Malaysia Hp)

    Here are some of the things she do:

    1) She prepares my daily herbal bath

    2) Help sew the mittens and booties which are way too big for my baby.

    3) Cooks different dishes to cater to Me, Picky Hubby and my toddler. She usually most of the time skip lunch and eat vegetables most of the time for dinner.

    4) She starts her day quite early like 6+, 7 am and end sometimes at midnight.

    5)Clean all the dishes, Mops the kitchen floor after cooking every dinner vacuum very frequently

    6) Wash clothes and hang the laundry after she has clean up the kitchen.

    7) Take care, bath my toddler when she is feeling unwell and cranky

    8) Support me in breastfeeding and helps to steralise the bottles and such. Bring the baby to me when she cries for me to latch.

    9) Painstakingly remove all the fats from the Chicken and then prepared and cook it to get the chicken essences every night.

    10) Helps to pack and tidy up my messy house because I was unable to do so during pregnancy and with a toddler.
  18. neona

    neona Member

    Hi all,

    I've got second thoughts about the confinement lady, Aunty Tian Hua whom I recommended earlier (posted Jul 8).

    1) When she left, my kitchen was FULL of ants, oil & food stains, especially the corner which she cooked at. I realized she doesnt clean up after cooking and her rationale is : she is cooking there everyday, so no need to clean everyday.

    2) I also came to realize that she has taken ALOT of things from my fridge & kitchen without my permission and when my helper asked if she has told me about it, the aunty's reply was : there are so many things in the frige, just take lah, why need to ask.

    This is on top of the regular meals, fruits & snacks which she eats together with the rest of my family. I only saw the drastic depletion in my kitchen supplies recently as I hardly open the fridge during confinement (supposed to avoid cold stuff).

    There are other reasons as well, perhaps too many to list out here. In a nutshell, my family is extremely irked by her lack of basic courtesy and respect. As such, I personally will NOT recommend her and will NOT use her in future.

    I leave it to you to decide.. but if you do want to use her still, pls do not say you are recommended by me [​IMG]
  19. acert45

    acert45 New Member

    hi , i need a confinement lady for next year march 06 2013 . can you pls sms me the charges /contacts for a good nanny?

    94518382 / acert45@yahoo.com
  20. wendees

    wendees Member

    Recommending my friend's mum.

    Auntie Kim
    1) Able to cook confinement meals.
    2) Very patient and caring. Loves babies.
    3) Able to do housework.
    4) Timing is flexible. Able to do daytime or whole month.

    If you are interested, please contact Janet at 9007 2455 / 6554 0245
  21. tutu_san

    tutu_san Member

    hi , need a confinement lady cny 2013. anybody has contact pls pm me?
  22. kawaii_baby

    kawaii_baby Member

    Hi, I'm doing my confinement now and would like to recommend my CL Yu Jie. Besides taking care of mummy and baby, she also cooks for hubby, wash & hang hubby's clothes, sweep & mop the floor, sew my baby's mittens which are too big for my baby, made red eggs for baby's full month and even volunteered to wash my cushion covers!

    Her Malaysia contact is 0169627515. She's with me until next Thursday, PM me if any mummy wish to speak with her before then. She's available during CNY period.
  23. wawa08

    wawa08 New Member

    Hi mummy, could you share your current confinement fee?
  24. sc_nah

    sc_nah Member

    Hi , would like to reccomend my fantastic CL , was really lucky to have her as i initially hire one cl who was money grabber , ask for higher pay , air ticket to penang , minimum $200 ang pow and final straw was that she insist on "helping" me buy expensive things like abalone .. so i sacked her ..

    Luckily i got this CL who initially retired to take care of grandson .. now she just decided to come back and i got her.. finishing my confinement next .. she is god send ..Her name is auntie Hui Feng ..

    My baby is extremely fussy and cry for milk every hour . She is quite pro breast feeding thus dun mind staying up the night to take care . She wakes up ard 6 am just to start preparing my meal .. everyday breakfast , lunch , dinner is like restaurant style .. so far , into my 26 days of confinement i only have 2 repeated dish ... She make very good food even for my husband and my fussy mother and a separeate set for my dad. So daily , she cook 3 type , one set for me , one for mum and husband , and one set for dad who is vegetarian . SHe also is quite clean and can tell she love baby. Extrememly patient and kind , not wasteful at all ... imagine when i was in hospital , she brought my confinemnet food even when i ordered hospital meal , then she say dun waste and she can help me eat the not nice hospital food if nobody eat .. very nice and sweet lady ..
    There was once my mum bought meat bao and she told me that better not eat as not sure what type of meat they use , might not good for me ..so the next day she immediatey hand made meat bao me ... how many CL would do that !
    She also help to teach my new maid how to care for baby , how to do housechore , and maintain my maid cleanliness such as min 1 day bath 3 time cos taking care of baby .. she also talk sense into my maid when my maid got lazy ,.. so really is making my every penny wrth .. she make me feel that she is more of mother than a CL .. very motherly and yet not naggy .. she is modern and flexible and also respect our privacy alot.. she totally understand that having our first baby, we naturally will want to see baby more so even when hubby came bk late from work , she dun mind leaving the room when hubby come in to see so that we can have family time ... so very considerate ...
    she is also not pushy in the confinement rules, she will tell u what to do but if you decide not to, she will respect too .. (etc like me i die die no give bottle till 3 weeks so for 3 weeks she patiently spoonfeed my baby thru the night ). The only thing she very admandant about is mummy have to drink enuff soup .. so she gave me 3 big bowl a day and insist i drink cos it will help produce milk ...
    She is also frenly to all guest that comes and dun mind cooking extra for them .. i duno what bad point to say abt her as i have yet to find any ,, can only thank her by posting good review and reccomendation .. i will post all pics of food she cook .. but she mention that she is able to cook different thing and so much everyday cos we have alot of ingredients in the fridge .. so for those who hire her , if you want to eat something u have to have the ingredient ,,,

    I extended my confinement with her and now really cant bear to let her leave .. i guess all who employ her is lucky .. i am not related to her and fund her by a forummer recommendation too .. so since i am so free doing my confinement now i can give very detail review ... haha .. For those who ineterested please email me at chers5810@gmail.com











  25. sashamama

    sashamama Active Member

    Dear Mummies,

    I'm also here to recommend my confinement lady Aunty Sabrina from Penang. I was very lucky to have managed to book her at the end of my first trimester. She is doing my confinement for me since 28days ago. Here are my reasons:

    1) Contactable
    It is un-nerving as first time parents to pay a deposit to someone you have never seen and whom you're gonna entrust your confinement to (especially reading a lot of horror stories of dishonest CLs). Sabrina has always been contactable via her Singapore or Malaysia mobile numbers. She even asked me to meet her during my 2nd/3rd trimester to get a list of herbs to buy for my confinement (unlike some CLs who insist you pay them to get from you from Malaysia where you wouldn't know the actual source and costs).

    2) Love & Care for baby
    This is my first and most important criteria for a CL and she has fulfilled it well. Despite baby fussing at night or soiling diapers immediately upon a new one changed or even dirtying her clothes by spraying poo on her, she has not once complained abt baby being not good. In fact, she will still dote on baby and say cheerful things to baby. Taking care of baby is also her first priority and at any time of the day, if she can't be with baby because she is cooking or bathing, she will always ensure it is at a good time when one of us can look after baby. Upon the first cry, she will move quickly to baby and fulfill baby's needs.

    3) Care for mother
    She is especially concerned about my welfare during my confinement too. Always asking me if I'm ok with the dishes, whether there is anything I particularly like or dislike and she'd try to suit my tastes within the confinement 'rules'. She is also always reminding me to be properly clothed and not get wind. She fulfills her CL duties of preparing the longan red date tea, boiled water for my usage, herbal bath for my daily baths, breakfast lunch dinner & sometimes even supper preparations. She also washes and sterilises all pump parts for my ease of use and gets a routine in place for my meals and implements an easy-to-follow process of sterilising and storing of bottles and pump parts.

    4) Hygiene
    This is of utmost importance and I have no need to remind her of this as she has high standards. Even if the cloth diaper (used to lay at baby's head or to swaddle baby or to lay on the breastfeeding pillow) is a little wet, she will change a new and dry one. She ensures all baby's stuff are washed cleanly and monitors when my maid does it and reminds my maid to do it thoroughly, setting the standards high so that it'd be easier for me to monitor my maid when she leaves. She herself bathes twice a day and sterilises her hands (with the hospital grade steriliser i bought) or washes her hands before touching baby.

    5) Experience
    She has many years of experience despite still being in her 40s, thus she has the expertise and also the energy to still deliver her duties well. She is organised and helps me to organise the baby's trolley and diaper bag and teaches me what to prepare for baby's needs. When my baby has some rashes on her face, she advises us to get the baby lactacyd and she diligently uses it to clean baby's face and the rashes have cleared up almost completely. She also prepares sterilised cotton balls wet with boiled water (in an airtight container) by my bed so that I can swiftly clean myself before pumping and breastfeeding. She has also been very patient teaching my maid on how to continue helping me with my confinement as I intend to do until 40days with my mum & maid's help.

    6) Cheerful Personality
    She is very bubbly and chatty. She can actually become 'bosom buddies' with my mum in these short weeks which is no mean feat as my mum is very strict at home & at work and rarely laughs and chats with anyone. She can actually cheer my mum up with her anecdotes and cheerful personality such that my mum actually opened up and they chat about many things. This is really one less problem for me because I was originally worried that my CL can't get along with my fussy mother. But now, I am so very heartened to see my mum has found a friend in Sabrina. Staying in someone's home for 28 days deprived of proper rest and sleep is not easy but her positivity and cheerfulness has helped herself and all of us pass the days so fast and in a happy atmosphere.

    7) Easy-Going
    At first, she was apprehensive about me having a dog at home as she is really scared of them. But she still carried about her tasks daily while trying hard to live with my dog under the same roof. And although cooking should only be restricted to herself and my hubby and me, she also did not mind cooking for my family and even patiently taught my maid how to cook. Despite me having a maid, she also helped with chores like washing, preparation of ingredients, cooking, etc although I have told her the chores can be done by my maid. She has also gotten along well with my maid and everyone else in the family.

    8) Committed
    She is committed to her tasks and does not request to go out etc (unlike some horror stories I read abt CLs leaving the house for hours). To ensure I have a good rest, she doesn't bring the baby to me especially when I am resting. Throughout the 28 days, yesterday night was the first and only night she brought baby to me in the middle of the night as baby was crying and not soothed despite clean diapers & EBM in bottle (the usual), as baby was looking for me and my smell as after I latched baby on, baby slept. All other nights, she has handled baby on her own (unlike some CLs who just pass baby to mothers the moment baby cries). She will always ensure all the necessary tasks are finished before she rests.

    She has sort of become part of my family and I really cannot bear to see her leave tomorrow. I believe my mum and I would be in tears. Time flies and 28 days have passed. I will bid farewell to Sabrina tomorrow (later today) and I do hope to see her again soon if I can conceive a second baby. But of course I hope she'd be available then for me!

    Thank you Auntie Sabrina! May you get assignments that appreciate the good work you do for the baby, the mother and the family [​IMG]

    Here are some other recommendations for Auntie Sabrina by other mummies:

    1) Zna8 (July 2009)

    2) Elynntan (Jan 2010)

    3) Kaxin (Sep 2011)

    4) Duckie (May 2012)

    5) Adellez (July 2012)

    Call her at:
    8105 5776 (Singapore) or
    +60 16 468 1225 (Malaysia)
    You can also PM or email me at sashamama@hotmail.com for more details [​IMG]

    May all mummies find an awesome CL and have a nourishing and restful confinement!!! [​IMG]
  26. keegenation

    keegenation New Member

    Hi I'm looking for daytime confinement lady (no stay)
    My edd mid mar 2013. Staying near kallang mrt.
    Pls SMS me 98421122
  27. style05

    style05 New Member

    I have just delivered my little princess on 15 August 2012 and now doing my confinement. I have engaged a confinement lady her name is xiu fang from Malaysia. I would said she quite pro in taking care of children, cooking and other house hold items those who is interested can contact her now and interview her..she is now in Singapore. Her contact in Singapore is 81852730
  28. hug_hug

    hug_hug New Member

    I m looking for a part time or daytime confinement lady.
    My Edd is next mth Oct 2012,so urgently nid confinement help. Both my mum amd mil r not available. Staying in balestier. Pls sms me 91794927 or joeylimkl@gmail.com
    Tks in advance
  29. stlp

    stlp New Member

    Hi all

    I had a very bad experience with my confinement lady named AH YONG +65 91329207 / +60107763883 / +60173937890. She is from Muar and was recommended by another confinement lady as she was fully booked on my due date. Some senario:

    1) She is annoying. Keep talking about money. Before birth, she keeps calling to remind me on the Ang baos … first and last day

    2) When I gave birth and before i discharged from hospital, I checked with nurses how much ml of milk given to my son. It was 30ml. From the first day she came, she fed my son 30ml. However my boy started crying 30minutes after feeding. Ended up she fed him another 30ml. Meaning double amount of milk were given!!! Babies’ tummy is like a size of walnut. And when she tried to burp him, he puked all out.

    3) She is very lazy. Every morning after her breakfast, she will place her used cup and plate in the basin. Her duty is to wash my cloth however she leaves my clothes for 2 days untouched except baby clothing. I had to ask her then she brings it down but handover to my maid for washing. After cooking, she doesn’t clean up the kitchen area. All these are not done just because I have a maid. Even preparation of cooking such as chopping of onions, ginger etc is done by my maid too. Must well I pay my maid to do it. What for I engage her?

    4) She discourages me from giving breast milk in the middle of the night. She insisted on giving my son formula. She said formula make baby feel fuller. I do agree formula is fuller but the main point is she wants baby to sleep longer so she can enjoy her beauty sleep. She keeps complaining baby wakes up 2 or 3 hours making her no energy to work during the day. But is normal for a newborn to wake up that often right. Moreover she does take afternoon NAP.

    Finally on the 15th day, she suddenly came to me and said she wants to quit. She said she’s totally exhausted and ask me find another confinement lady. This year is DRAGON year. Don’t expect me to get one replacement immediately. After she left, I felt so helpless and broke down and cry. End up I had depression. Cried on few occasion. Such irresponsible confinement lady shouldn’t do confinement for people. PLEASE BEWARE OF HER !!!
  30. denzelgranny

    denzelgranny New Member

    Hi, I need a CL in October. I have a helper at home. As such, she just need to cook and look after baby. please contact me at 90074006. Thank you [​IMG]
  31. jocelynyl

    jocelynyl Member

    May I know roughly how much would be a confinement lady for next year?
  32. xuanmom

    xuanmom Member

    $2,200 not incl. angpao. Any mummies can share yr confinement fees?
  33. newmommy13

    newmommy13 New Member


    Anyone have heard of or hired Auntie Peggy from Malaysia before? Her contact is +60 -14-3409-497. I tried calling Aunty Sabrina after reading the forum but she's fully booked for April 2013. Aunty Peggy was recommended by Aunty Sabrina. Would you interested to hear any experience from mummies who have engaged her.

  34. shine_loh

    shine_loh New Member

    Hi my name is Shine. I have 12 years of experienced as a Day confinement Nanny, working time 9am to 5pm. I am a great cook, passion with infants also an Infant Host teacher with CIT. I do custom made confinement meals for mom and family. Interested, you may contact me at 97873674 for enquiry or fix appointment to meet up. I am resting at the moment and booking is available in 2013 except march 2013 (Booked).
  35. kawaii_baby

    kawaii_baby Member

    I would like to update my 8 Aug 2012 post.

    We extended Yu Jie but were not pleased. Some of the things which changed our opinion are:

    1. She bathed & wiped baby's face using smelly cloths & even used water which had been used to wash baby's mouth to wash baby's eyes. When we told her not to do so, she argued that it's ok to do so.

    2. The dishes she washed were often not clean no matter how many times we pointed it out to her. Dishes had leftover food, utensils were oily, cups had her leftover oats from her breakfast. Worst was my breastpump parts had foreign stuff on it after she had supposedly washed it.

    3. She served uncooked food a couple of times. Not only that, when we told her the fish was not cooked on the inside, she argued that "this fish is like that, red in colour". However, after cooking it further, the raw red changed colour to become cooked white.

    4. She spoilt / broke many things including microwave oven, kettle, milk bottle, plate, spoon, basin, dishwasher detergent dispenser & even tripped the house circuit when she burned the kettle cord. Instead of apologising, she would make all sorts of excuses to argue that it's not her fault.

    5. She passed baby to an insurance agent we were meeting only the second time without our permission.

    6. She scolds baby for crying.

    7. When baby had rashes & we asked her to wash the net bouncer, she had to argue that the rashes were not due to the bouncer & that the bouncer was bought after baby started having rashes (which was not true).

    8. She lied that another CL we met was getting more than $2500 when the other mummy had not even paid that amount to the CL agency.

    9. She took back the ang bao she gave baby (apparently she had placed it on baby's bed for a short while), saying that she thought we didn't want it, but we didn't even see it! She said she would give baby another ang bao, but she never did.

    If any mummy still wish to engage her, she did do those things I mentioned in my 8 Aug 2012 post.

    But we will never hire her again nor recommend her to anyone.
  36. hlchang

    hlchang New Member

    Hi I am looking for CL who can work on a part-time basis (9-5) without stay-over because my hubby is not used to having a stranger stay over at our house. Any recommendations for that??
  37. simmama

    simmama Member

    When is your EDD? And where you live.
  38. london07

    london07 Member


    i'm also looking for a CL.
    My EDD is end Mar 2013.

    Tried calling many CL thru recommendations but all booked.

    Please pm me your contacts.

    Thank you in advance.
  39. hlchang

    hlchang New Member

    Hi VT,

    I stay in Punggol and my EDD is in mid April 13.
  40. casteres85

    casteres85 New Member

    I'm looking for a day CL. My EDD is Feb 2013. Called a few CLs but all are fully booked. Would appreciate some good recommendation.

    Please do pm me the contacts.

    Thank you.
  41. tslibra

    tslibra New Member

    Hi, my CL is really good for me! She takes good care of me, my 2 years old daughter and my newborn baby, leaving me with no worries. Her food is pretty good too. She believe in letting the mummy have ample rest so she will totally take over in the day time and i take over during nite feeding as i insisted on latching.
    My eldest daughter keeps asking for her when she comes back from childcare as my CL will cooks her fav foods for her to eat.

    For those lloking for CL during CNY period, She told me that the rate is around $3.2k, not sure if this will change for 2013. Currently she is still available during CNY.

    Her name is Mei Qing, SG number is 82657476. Malaysia number is +60 167333008. Tell her recommended by Ah Li(Donna) from Jurong West.
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  42. jodiumgmailcom

    jodiumgmailcom New Member

    Hi, has anyone heard of Ah Lian CL with the nos. +012-67315464. this is actually her husband's no. And her daughter's no. is 85109039. She was recommended by another CL whom i called but not available for my period. The thing is i have read quite alot of reviews on this auntie 'ah lian' but not sure if it's the same one cuz this name is so common! She's from Msia and she does not give me any of her nos. but only her husband's and daughter's. advice pls!
  43. mimiyan31

    mimiyan31 New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a good day-time CL during Feb, my edd is 15 Feb which falls on the cny period. I can only hire day time as I do not have spare room for her to sleep in. Please do message me! I'm feeling all stressed up! I know I'm a little last minute, as I'm stil feel so nauseous and sick.
  44. grianto

    grianto New Member


    I'd like to recommend my confinement lady, her name is Ah Yi Ana. I'm doing this out of goodwill to her as she is such a nice lady and, as she is Indonesian, she is particularly suitable for Indonesian mums like me.

    What I truly like about her is that she is not pushy about confinement rules and very open to feedback. She is also very understanding and she doesn't take things personally, which I find really important as we can get very stressed out during the first month and sometimes just don't have the capacity for tact and diplomacy.

    I can't speak Chinese, which was why I didn't engage a CL from Malaysia. Ah Yi only speaks Bahasa Indonesia and Hakka, which suits me.

    As for confinement duties, Ah Yi Ana can cook very well, including typical Indonesian dishes, like nasi kuning, rendang, etc. She also sweeps and mops the floor and washes the whole family's clothes. She's been with us for almost 2 mths now and I'm really gonna miss her when she leaves. Sigh....

    Do PM me if you'd like to know her contact.
  45. yvetteong

    yvetteong New Member

    My Confinement lady, Auntie Annie is very good. She cook well and take good care of my baby. I like her responsible character. She encourage i breastfeed and dun mind waking up so many times at nite to feed my baby with my breast milk.

    Can call her at 93852409
  46. look4adriangmailcom

    look4adriangmailcom New Member


    Would like to recommend our confinement lady who is serving us now. Her name is Auntie Yuhua who is from Seremban, Negri Sembilan who has 9 years of experience.

    Auntie Yuhua was a recommendation by our friend - she makes excellent confinement dishes, as well as non-confinement ones. She really is a great cook, as well as attentive to details.

    Apart from taking care of the baby and dishes, she does washing of laundry daily, cleaning up the kitchen, sweeping and mopping of floors and toilets as well, since we do not have a maid. Most importantly, she treats and cares for our baby well. Basically she doesn't take too many breaks and works hard.

    She is available now for later half of Dec and 2013.

    If interested, do give her a call at the following:

    Auntie Yuhua
    +60 12 923 4220 (Malaysian Hp - always available)
    91562925 (Singapore pre-paid contact valid till end Dec 2012)

  47. ann123

    ann123 New Member

    Hi Everyone, I would like to recommend a good confinement nanny that have just finish doing confinement for me. She is auntie Siew from Tangkak, M'sia. She have taken good care of my baby girl,very attentive to her as I did'nt hear my baby cry often and auntie will attend to her within minutes once she start crying.

    Auntie Siew is also very hygine as she will mop and clean the kitchen everytime after cooking and does'nt mind to help me with some light house chores(moping, washing toilets and etc). She will also do all the marketing for me daily as the market is just few blocks away.
    Every meal she will prepare a big bowlof soup for me to boost my breast milk supply and will prepare dinner for my husband as well for dinner.

    I'm not receiving any token from her for writing this, it's just my little appreciation to her for taking good care of me and my baby girl during my confinement month. Btw, she is a stay in confinement nanny with me for 28 days which gives me a good night sleep at night as she will take care of all the night feeding.

    She is contactable at M'sia +6016-6870058 / SG-83058350 if you are interested to check her out.
  48. truewish

    truewish Member

    Hi,I got this lady through my friend who had used her service and proven good. I had used her for my own Confinment in July this year. She's really good that I extended her services. So she's been helping me for slightly more than 2 mths.

    This confinment aunty is very good, hygienic, responsible and hardworking. Once she finish the chores, she would take the initiative to carry baby so that i can rest. My kitchen and whole house is so clean when aunty is around.

    She takes care of my baby well and wash baby's bottom regularly. Some Confinment lady just use baby wipes. This Aunty uses cotton and water. It's lots of work man. She even uses handkerchief to clean baby's mouth after every breastfeed session & burp baby. She even wakes up in the middle of the night to help me change baby's diaper, wash my breast pump and burp baby. It's tiring but she still wakes up every morning at 7plus.

    She cooks well. She knows how to brew henessey chicken for takes 5hrs! Her Confinment food is delicious! Never sick of it.

    She's really patient and doted on my baby. She even help me feed my 2 yrs old when i'm busy with my baby. She does this without even me asking her to do.

    I address her as "Aunty". Her HP is 82352012. She's from Malaysia JB. Has 30 over yrs of experience. She's quite booked so hurry. now her only slot is May 2013. You can tell her that you are recommended by her July 2012 customer.

    Even after she had finished her assignment, she still calls to check on my baby. Hardly any Confinment lady would care so much. To me, she's even better than my mum. That's why I'll miss her even till now. I still keep in touch with her. Hope u guys will be blessed by her just like i did.
  49. autumnleaf

    autumnleaf Well-Known Member

    Hi there, my ex-confinement nanny was good! She's from Malaysia and I hired her for both my son and daughter. Her name is Rita and her number +60105473168 and email is rita.chua@yahoo.com (She is english speaking)
  50. xuangoh

    xuangoh Member


    Would like to intro my confinement lady who has 20 more years experience of take care baby,good cooking skills, patience and nice.

    Her charges are reasonable.

    Name: Auntie Xin Hua
    Mobile: 90699570

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