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Going maid-less

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by watervapour_baby, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. watervapour_baby

    watervapour_baby New Member

    Hi fellow parents, for those who have young children under 4 and coping without a maid, care to share with us how you manage your time?
    I'm a mother of 2 young children and contemplating to go maid-less. Ideally I would still like to have home cooked meals for the kids. Appreciate any tips and ideas! Thanks!

  2. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Watervapourbaby,

    I have 2 kids - aged 4 and 5.5yo. My maid just went back for her homeleave. Hence, I am "maidless" for the next 3 weeks. I should say, there are many things/ chores to do at home and I want to leave the evening time free to spend time with my children. Hence, for these 3 weeks, I took 1/2 day leave to go home in the afternoon to do housework and cook dinner.

    I bought a thermal cooker which can be I used to cook soup early in the morning before going to work. No need gas or electricity. Hence, it is very safe to use esp when no one is at home. You can also consider getting a second one to cook stew. Or, get a 6-ltr pot that comes with 2 X 3-ltr inner pot - 1pot to cook stew and 1 pot to cook soup, all in one. You will get nice and hot home-cooked dinner when you go home.

    For cleaning, you can consider getting a part-time maid to help with home cleaning.
  3. mummy2008

    mummy2008 Member

    Hi snowball,

    What kind of thermal cooker are u using now? Am thinking of buy one.

  4. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Mum_chng,

    I am using the Tiger brand. Bought it last year at Tangs sale. It was the old model 4.5ltr pot at $249.00.

    Very useful. No regrets as I already ploughed back the investment cost by saving on Gas (used 1 cyl every 2 mths now instead of 1 mth) and also save on electricity bill (no longer used the slow cooker).
  5. mummy2008

    mummy2008 Member

    Yes, I knew it from my friend. She also said very useful. But she bought it at very very cheap lor. She bought la gourmet brand 6l, and got free 1.5l at $70 after plus plus plus discount from Robinson. Ahhh ....should ask her buy it for me too [​IMG]

    Thanks for ur info anyway. Really consider this for saving electricity n gas

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