Glenn doman flash cards

hi mummies,

Someone just blessed us GD card for my special needs son. Can anyone guide me?
I know its 15 times each card, but you are sure to repeat the 4 cards if you are only replacing 1 card every 5 days. isnt it?

Help appreciated.


Karen Ee

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Hello Potatoes,

Here is what I understand from the GD book (How To Teach Your Baby Math).

Teach 3 times a day.

Every lesson per day, the cards are all mixed up (not in sequence).

Then every day, you have to retire/remove and replace a card (for example, cards 1 to 10, you first retire the "1" and replace with "11". Now you have 2 to 11. The next day you retire "2" and replace with "12". this goes on until "99").

Once you are done then move on to Equation (addition, subtraction, multiplication).

The best if you could get Glenn Doman's book and follow step by step. There is so much the Glenn Doman math kit ort Reading kit "Instructions" can show. Doman's books talk about his approach to teaching your child. What I understand from GD books are, he places the importance of the approach or method of teaching.

For example your MUST FLASH less than 1 seconds. Speed is important. Stop the lesson before your child asks to stop. and so on.

Here more on Glenn Doman flash cards you can consider to buy. Do check it out.


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