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Fresh milk vs formula

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by babylamb, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. babylamb

    babylamb New Member

    Anyone feed their one year old with fresh milk instead of formula? Please share your experience..

  2. skinneybeenie

    skinneybeenie Active Member

    i fed my kid with fresh milk and full cream powdered milk since he was 1. no issue. developmentally on par with peers too. i feel that formula is just a gimmick to make big MONEY from us. and sadly, most of us fall for it.

    (Note: I am also still breastfeeding)
  3. justone7378

    justone7378 Member

    I agree with you skinneybeenie! I have a gf who also does that, fully on fresh milk (she stays in Australia). It's so much cheaper than powder and more convenient especially at home too.

    When my turns comes, I will not hesitate let my child drink cold milk too. The temperature issue is really a palate thingy I read. Haha.
  4. snowymum

    snowymum Well-Known Member

    I'm giving my gal Nespray full cream milk powder since she turned 1. Development wise she is surely on par w peers. Actually FM are just fortified milk, if yr child has a balanced diet- full cream fresh milk/ milk powder is ok. I giv milk powder cos longer term i feel it's cheaper than fresh milk n I prefer to giv my gal a hot drink before bed. [​IMG]

    The important thing is to giv full cream as the child needs that to grow. Some fresh milk in the market are low in fat and those won't do...
  5. babyk2003

    babyk2003 Member

    I also started giving my son fresh milk when he turns 2yo.But I was advised by the nurse at polyclinic to stop giving my son fresh milk. She told me fresh milk dun contain much nutrients. Only calcium. Formula milk will be the best. But my son refuses to take formula. Vomits every time I give it to him.

    I consulted my GP. She told me wat the nurse says is true. Formula milk is still the best. But if my son refuses formula, fresh milk is the next best thing. It's better that he takes fresh milk than not to take any milk at all.
  6. jaclyntai

    jaclyntai New Member

    my daughter started on fresh milk when she was 18 months as advised by my PD. She never liked formula and it was my fault I only started her on formula at age 1 (I was fully breastfeeding before then). Anyway, all my angmo colleagues (Americans, Australians, Europeans) tell me they don't give formula in their countries unless they travel. They give fresh milk to their kids. The angmohs believe formula is not good, preservatives, etc etc. Anyway, my daughter is now very tall (not sure if really effects of fresh milk) but she's the tallest girl in her class and as tall as the tallest boy.

    Fresh milk can end up being more expensive than formula because my daughter ONLY takes the Australian fresh milk and not local milk.
  7. skinneybeenie

    skinneybeenie Active Member

    Do u know that formula packaging contains BPA and other environmental toxins?
  8. ferfer8

    ferfer8 Member

    hi there, does anyone have feedback on whether karihome brand (infant formula) is gd, does anyone have any testimony to share?

    am thinking of supplementing bmilk with karihome formula for my 5 mth old once i return to work so that i can continue bfeeding longer. Has anyone tried the combination of karihome formula and bmilk? do share. Thank you!
  9. snakeBBgirl

    snakeBBgirl Member

  10. mummygoh

    mummygoh Member

    is it better to order fresh goats milk from the farms in singapore?
    less processed.
    anybody tried before?
  11. Jewel_Ling

    Jewel_Ling Member

    Fresh milk can only be given after baby turns 1 right?
  12. lemondrops0.0

    lemondrops0.0 New Member

    I feed my baby organic fresh whole milk when she's 13 month old. She loves it from the start. Still breastfeeding though, quite surprise she can accept the fresh milk so easily.
  13. lemondrops0.0

    lemondrops0.0 New Member

    Formula is like processed food, i don't want baby to eat anything processed unless baby needs more nutrients.
  14. lemondrops0.0

    lemondrops0.0 New Member

    Goat milk is good for baby who are lactose intolerance.
  15. lemondrops0.0

    lemondrops0.0 New Member

    I'm not too sure whether the goat milk here is less processed but generally milk from animal needs to pasturize to kill any bacteria in them and allow safe consumption.
  16. ruth15

    ruth15 New Member

    I have given my son powder fresh milk since he was 1. He is now 22mths, still breastfeeding but also takes the fresh milk.. I buy either Nespray or Fernleaf.. as long as it is full cream :)
  17. daphnique

    daphnique Member

    I give my son organic fresh milk ever since he turns 1. He is 18 month old now and never drink formula milk before. I always got a shock or weird looks from friends who got to know i feed my son with fresh milk rather than formula milk. do you ladies receive the reactions before? haha.
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  18. mummygoh

    mummygoh Member

    i just ordered goats milk from hay dairies. i hope my daughter likes it as she doesnt like formula ive been breastfeeding all these while.
  19. jule16

    jule16 Member

    My little girl has been on Meiji fresh milk since 11.5 months.. Nw 14 mths old.. Growing well.. Had a lot of tummy trouble with formula .. Tried all possible brands..nothing suited her.. Since starting fresh milk she s become a happy baby :)
  20. Honey22

    Honey22 New Member

    Hello mummies my son is 19 months old now.he is breastfed till now..I m planning to give him some outside milk..I hv few questions regarding the same.Can anyone suggest me.
    1 whether to start formula or freshmilk or powder milk?

    2 if freshmilk then wich brand would u all reccomend?

    3 i hope he doesn't face any trouble by drinking this milk ..

    hoping to hear from u all soon..
  21. babythumb

    babythumb Member

    doctors must safeguard their bowl of rice. So all doctors will say powder.
    If you are feeding normal meal, fresh milk is good enough.
    Powder is just a supplement added. If you are kiasu and have lots of money, go for powder.
  22. Honey22

    Honey22 New Member

    Thanks Babythumb!
    I intend to travel overseas for a week or less..so I am afraid if something goes wrong..what I feel is , it is easier to find freshmilk anywhere than to take hastle of finding formula m powder and prepare it..

    Well health comes first anyday..so what would u advice me to start and continue with the same? Freshmilk or formula..

    Does freshmilk contain less nutrition than formula?

    Hoping to hear from u all soon!
  23. babythumb

    babythumb Member

    if your child has problem eating or refuse to eat, then you will want to give him formula to supplement what he is not enough. If he is ok and eats himself, then fresh milk will be more than enough to supplement him. At 19 months, you do not need to worry much. Milk are supplements to normal meals. Formula are higher class of supplements than fresh milk.
    Baby do not eat solid so must drink milk from birth to 7 months old and optional to 1 year old to finish changing to solid food. after 1 year old, it is considered supplement.

    My child rejects any food or any drink since baby. She only likes plain water. Although she rejects food, she still grow good. After 1.1 years old, she suddenly accepts milk one day and drinks herself. Later, she starts accepting some solid food and fully on solid after 6 months.

    I have heard many stories baby rejects food or only eat yogurt until 3 years old and all of them still healthy. The only problem are the parents who got panicked and start sourcing specialists, hyper nutrition food,.... To tell you the truth, specialists also unable to help you because they are not god and cannot know what the baby is thinking. Babies and toddlers will changed suddenly one day so no need worry or panic.

    brands are just preferences. go for price. A lot of people thought new zealand source or higher price formula are higher quality but they are wrong. There are a lot of hidden agenda from these milk manufacturers. New Zealand no longer produce quality products and have many hidden problems. Example the biggest news, You can see follow-on problems from Fontera and they had tried to hide them. Few years later, again problems came from fontera. China government also so corrupted that they promoted fontera products only.

    As I have said earlier which had answered your question before and after:
    "doctors must safeguard their bowl of rice. So all doctors will say powder.
    If you are feeding normal meal, fresh milk is good enough.
    Powder is just a supplement added. If you are kiasu and have lots of money, go for powder."
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2015
  24. Juist

    Juist Well-Known Member

    Is magnolia fresh milk safe for 2yo?
  25. sjsivfcare

    sjsivfcare New Member

    I also believe fresh milk would be better than formula

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