Free Maternity Gift For You!

Congratulations to your pregnancy!

Find reassurance with maternity insurance, that covers unexpected pregnancy complications as well as 23 congenital illness. Starting from as low as $100 a year, you will be covered for 3 years.

The most important benefit of having a maternity insurance is that it guarantees future insurability for your baby, without medical underwriting.

With so many policy plans available, which is the most suitable for you?

Make an appointment with Fair Capital, who has partnerships with major insurance companies. You can have a customized plan to meet your family's specific needs and possibly at a lower cost. On top of that, you will receive a maternity gift set worth $100 upon completion of the financial planning.

You have given birth? Time to plan for your baby's future. Contact Fair Capital to make plan for your future needs, either Educational Plan, Savings Plan or Investment Plan.

Make a no-obligation consultation with the experts from Fair Capital:

To understand more about maternity insurance, here is a read for you.

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