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Formula milk provided by KKH

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by kan_jong_mum, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. kan_jong_mum

    kan_jong_mum New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Any one know which brand of formula milk does KKH provide for baby when stay in hospital? Thanks in advance.

  2. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    They are giving Frisco Gold... [​IMG]
  3. momotealeaf

    momotealeaf Member

    Heard that the formula milk will change once every few months, so the brand may not be the same when you deliver.
  4. samanthaloh

    samanthaloh New Member

    Hi Cocoa,

    Is your bb drinking friso gold 2?
  5. samanthaloh

    samanthaloh New Member


    I have 4 tins 1800gm and 4 tins 900gm fiso gold giving 15% discount cos my #2 bb is allergic to this milk powder
  6. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    My baby is not drinking Frisco Gold 2. I'd switched from Frisco Gold 1 to Enfalac.
  7. beanietan

    beanietan New Member

    There is no fixed brand of formula milk that KKH is giving. They are using various brands like S26, Naan, Similac, to name to a few.
  8. shirley_lee

    shirley_lee New Member

    Hello mothers,

    I am a SMU student working on a project to find out more about how moms and dads think about infant milk formula.

    Could u kindly help me to complete a short survey... Please do not answer if your kid is not drinking infant formula.

    Please click on the URL link to start the survey. The link is as follows:


    Thks alot!

  9. wormybaby

    wormybaby New Member


    My son was given S26 when he was delivered last mar...
  10. beibeijo

    beibeijo New Member

    every month they will change the supplier, from what i know. when i delivered in Dec last year, the brand was Nan.
  11. lilian0079

    lilian0079 New Member

    My son was given similac last May.

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