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Formula is that is closest to mom’s breastmilk and what supplement to boost breastmilk?

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by blissfullife, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Hi everyone, would like to know which formula is the closest to mom’s breastmilk in terms of taste wise. My Son is abt 2 months old and Am exclusively breastfeeding but wld like to introduce formula once a day to make sure he doesn’t totally reject formula in the future.

    Also what supplements do u guys take for exclusive breastfeeding..? That don’t cause gassy and fussy babies. Fenugreek is a big NO for me right now.

  2. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Hi arso, Thankyou for replying. I am a SAHM so I prefer latching on. I did power pumping for about 2 weeks once a day and it definitely helped boost my supply but got too lazy to continue doing it, haha. Also I found out that my milk has this disgusting soapy taste after a few days. Including the frozen ones. Baby was always gagging and thus I tasted it and boy was it nasty. Could it be cause of the pre natals and dha that I am still taking? But anyways it was jz too disgusting so I rather latch.

    That’s why I looking for alternative that would surely work, since we don’t know how much baby drinks from latching on. Appreciate your reply though
  3. Feline Tan

    Feline Tan New Member

    I just gave birth to a premature baby. The nurse told me that papaya soup helps in producing breastmilk.
    Currently i dont have so much breastmilk so been doing mixed feeding. Im using Holle organic milk formula and my premature baby seem to like it and no allergies after drinking the milk. After taking the milk for 1 week, my baby has regained his pre birth weight.
    My husband is importing this holle organic milk formula so if you would like to try, he can give you a discount to try.
  4. homemacathy

    homemacathy New Member

    Let your baby latch latch latch or pump out milk every 2-3 hours to stimulate your breasts producing more milk. Drinking more liquids also helps increase milk. My milk boosters are black bean water, chicken essence with vaccaria seed and fish soup. Especially the chicken essence with vaccaria seed, it is quite effective becos the herb vaccaria seed can boost milk supply and prevent from mastitis. Jia you!
  5. LylaMorris

    LylaMorris New Member

    You must eat such food that produces more milk and feeds your baby after every few hours, it helps you a lot.
  6. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Thankyou for reply dear. Will definitely check out the milk and get back to u..
  7. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Thankyou dear for the advice..will definitely utilise it
  8. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Ehehe..always forget to take note of what food triggers it.. thank for the advice thou

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