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FOREVER 21 by VIN - 20% off regulars+free shipping to SG (Global Site)

Discussion in 'Spree (Overseas Sites Only)' started by vinnie, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member


    Please join this spree only if you are comfortable with the T&Cs below:

    Rate fixed at 1.32 (to be adjusted if charged higher)

    Domestic Shipping : free > US$50
    International shipping: vpost, based on actual weight.
    Please be prepared to pay more if your item is heavy/bulky.

    Payment :
    POSB saving : 042-09192-8
    1st payment for goods order
    2nd payment for the shipping charges, GST, postage etc
    For internet banking transfer,use nick during transfer
    For ATM transfers,indicate the ref no., time, date and amount of transfer.

    Meet up :
    Hougang Ave 8 (weekdays, weekends - by appt)
    Bedok Reservoir View (most weekends, sat 8am - 9pm, sun 8am - 1pm)
    Chai Chee Ave (almost daily, 9am - 9pm)
    Bugis Fulushou building (most sat, 4.10pm or 5.35pm)

    Normal postage - will email actual postage + envelope/wrapper costs of $0.50
    Registered postage - Normal postage + additional $2.25 + envelope/wrapper costs of $0.50
    Smartpac - $5 (<3kg)
    Courier - $6 (size 60) or $8 (size 80). TBA (for bigger sizes)

    Waiting Time :
    - Approximately 3-4 weeks after spree is closed.

    Terms & Conditions :
    - No payment no order.
    - Please proceed with payment after you've placed your order. No confirmation is required.
    - No cancellation or refund is allowed upon placement of order. Strictly no exchange.
    - I will not be held liable for any mistakes made by the merchant.
    - I will not be held liable for shipment delays from the merchant/freight forwarding company.
    - I will not be held liable for the loss of your items en route from US to Singapore.
    - I will not be held liable for any damaged or missing articles, should you opt for normal postage.
    - I will try to avoid incurring GST. But should GST be incurred due to shipping, it will have to be shared among the spreeists.
    - I reserve the right to cancel this spree due to poor response.

    Pm me if you cannot place order here or email me at vinnietan05@gmail.com

    Order Format
    Mobile/ Email: pls pm me

    Item name:
    URL: (Ensure that it works)
    Alternative if oos:

    1st Payment for regular items = Price(USD) x 1.32 x 0.9 = S$
    1st Payment for sale items = Price(USD) x 1.32 = S$
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  2. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    just gotten a new promo code which is 10% off entire order including sales items :):):)
  3. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  4. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member


    USD X 1.32 X 0.9
  5. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Calling for orders....
  6. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  7. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Still taking orders with 10% off sales items
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2014
  8. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    30% OFF plus Free Shipping

    - Please post your orders asap to avoid oos


  9. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Hope to close a batch tonight...
  10. cassie_1808

    cassie_1808 Member

    Hi Vinnie,

    My orders... :)

    Item Name: Textured Fit & Flare Dress
    URL: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=dress&ProductID=2000121307&VariantID=
    Color: Black
    Size: Small
    Amt: $17.80
    If OOS: Drop

    Item Name: Abstract Print Cami Dress
    URL: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=dress&ProductID=2000138141&VariantID=
    Color: Navy/White
    Size: Small
    Amt: $19.90
    If OOS: Drop

    Item Name: Geo Pattern A-Line Dress
    URL: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=dress&ProductID=2031558298&VariantID=
    Size: XS Small
    Amt: $27.80
    If OOS: Drop

    Item Name: Scuba Knit Skater Dress
    URL: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=dress&ProductID=2000102676&VariantID=
    Size: Small
    Amt: $24.80
    If OOS: Drop

    Total: $90.30 x 1.32 x 0.7 = $83.44

    Will transfer to you shortly. Thanks!
  11. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Hi cassie_1808

    Noted ur orders
  12. cassie_1808

    cassie_1808 Member

    I've done the transfer as well. :) Thanks!
  13. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    hi cassie_1808

    has rec your transfer :)
  14. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Taking more orders...
  15. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  16. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Taking more orders...
  17. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Closing batch by sat noon, pls post and transfer payment if keen to join
  18. Sorry. Dropped my order
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2014
  19. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  20. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Ruffled Floral Chiffon Blouse
    Size: L

    Dynamite Sheer Gathered Top
    Color: Navy
    Size: XL
    OOS : Black

    Mod Dots Bandeau
    Color: Black/White
    Size: 1X
    OOS : Navy

    Total : USD 30.69 x 0.7 x 1.32 = SGD 28.36

    NB. Is the calculation correct?

    Transfer details:

    To Account POSB eSavings Account
    042-09192-8 Vinnierae
    Transfer Currency and Amount S$28.36
    Transaction Reference 13307997453

    Nick: rong rong
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2014
  21. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Any more orders??
  22. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Order placed for cassie_1808 and rongrong

    - 1 oss for cassie_1808

  23. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Still taking orders
  24. fruit_tart

    fruit_tart Member

    NICK: fruit_tart
    Collection: TBC

    Item name: Classic Denim Joggers
    URL: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Pr...tegory=bottom&ProductID=2000064382&VariantID=
    Color: Dark Denim
    Size: Large
    Alternative if oos: Drop
    Qty: 1
    Price: 24.80

    Item name: Crepe Woven Joggers
    URL: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Pr...=bottom_pants&ProductID=2000058476&VariantID=
    Color: Black
    Size: Large
    Alternative if oos: Drop
    Qty: 1
    Price: 14.80

    Total: 39.60 x 1.32 x 0.7 = 36.59

    Transaction Ref - 13311587027
    Date and Time - 28 Sep at 7.52AM

    Thanks :)
  25. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    thks fruit tart
  26. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Still taking orders til 2pm latest, pls submit asap to avoid oos
  27. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Please help me order the following thanks!

    1) Down-to-Earth Dove Bracelet
    Color : Gold
    Size : One size
    Price : 2.80

    2) Romantic Stud Set
    Color : Gold/Peach
    Size : One size
    Price : 3.80

    3) Cool-Girl Math Bracelet
    Color : Silver
    Size : One size
    Price : 1.99

    4) Crochet Halter Dress
    Color : Black
    Size : Medium
    Price : 19.80

    5) Large Twisted Metal Hoops
    Color : Gold
    Size : 1 size
    Price : 2.99

    6) Classic Hair Tie Set
    Color : black
    Size : 1 size
    Price : 1

    7) Favorite Boyshorts
    Color : navy, French vanilla
    Size : Large
    Price : 3.80x2

    Total quantity:8
    Total amount: USD(39.98) x 0.7 x 1.32 = SGD36.94

    Nick: snowlurve
  28. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Batch 2 placed!

    update table later tonight
  29. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Batch 2 table

    - 2 OOS for snowlurve

  30. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Spend $75 receive $15 off.
    Spend $100 receive $20 off.
    Spend $150 receive $30 off.

    September 28, 2014 12 am PST - October 1, 2014 11:59 pm PST
    Regular priced items and Sale Items qualify. Sale Items are final sale.

    first payment = USDx1.32x0.8 (actual disc will only be finalised upon order placement)
  31. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Taking orders for batch 3
  32. starrycanopy

    starrycanopy Member

    how much will shipping cost for a pair of denim shorts / a dress?
  33. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member


    est shipping ard S$4-S$6 for both type
  34. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    batch 1-2 have been shipped out by merchant
  35. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  36. cassie_1808

    cassie_1808 Member

    Hi Vinnie,

    I would like to order the following:

    Item name: Tribal Patterned Bodycon Dress
    Size: Small
    Color: Black
    Amt: $19.80
    If OOS: Drop

    Item Name: Guns N Roses Tank
    Size: Small
    Color: Red/Yellow
    Amt: $15.80
    If OOS: Drop

    Item Name: Joe Cool Tank Top
    Size: Small
    Color: Cream/Black
    Amt: $13.80
    If OOS: Drop

    Total: $(19.80+15.80+13.80) x 1.32 = S $65.21

    Please advise how much I have to top up. Thanks!
  37. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    hi cassie_1808

    there is 10% off all items now so ur order is

    $(19.80+15.80+13.80) x 1.32 x 0.9 = S $58.69 - excess of $25.68 = $33.01
  38. cassie_1808

    cassie_1808 Member

    Hi Vinnie,

    Thanks. Funds transferred.
  39. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    thks, rec it
  40. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  41. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Just rec a promo code fr a spreer (thk u) - 30% storewide ending 6 oct noon.

    Hope to place orders tonight
  42. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

  43. rong_rong

    rong_rong Member

    Hi Vinnie,

    Kindly help to order the followings:

    Crochet Lace-Trimmed Cami
    Color: Wine/taupe
    Size: L

    Wildflower Print Leggings
    Color: Black/cream
    Size: 3X

    Mickey Mouse Tee
    Color: Black/cream
    Size: 2X

    Draped Open-Front Kimono
    Color: Burgundy
    Size: L
    OOS : M

    French Terry Knit Shorts
    Color: Blue
    Size: L
    OOS: Burgundy

    Number of items : 5
    Total : USD 55.20 x 0.7 x 1.32= SGD 51.01

    Transfer details:
    To Account
    POSB eSavings Account
    042-09192-8 Vinnierae
    Transfer Currency and Amount
    Transaction Reference

    Thanks Vinnie !
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
  44. jgrace

    jgrace Member

  45. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Kindly please help to order the below:

    Item 1
    Floral Lace Layering Bra
    Color: Neon Pink
    Size: Large
    Price: 10.11
    Qty: 1

    Item 2
    Polka Dot Peplum Dress
    Color: Black/cream
    Size: Medium
    Price: 10.24
    Qty: 1

    Item 3
    Medium Impact - Open Back Sports Bra
    Color: Black/hot pink
    Size: Large
    Price: 12.90
    Qty: 1

    Item 4
    Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
    Color: Black
    Size: One Size
    Price: 3.90
    Qty: 1

    Total items: 4
    Total amt: 37.15 x 0.7 x 1.32 = S$ 34.33

    *Please drop order if items not entitled to 30% off*

    Nick: Jing Hui
    Collection: Normal Mail
  46. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    Nick: snowlurve

    1) Lace-Trimmed A-Line Dress

    2) Favorite Boyshorts
    Color : White
    Size : Large
    Price : 3.80

    3) Burnout Gym Tank
    Color : Sunset
    Size : Medium
    Price : 6.86

    4) Low Impact - Space Dyed Racerback Sports Bra
    Color : Neon purple
    Size : Medium
    Price : 10.80

    5) Easy Knit Workout Tank
    Color : Coral
    Size : Medium
    Price : 8.80

    6) Geo Bib Necklace
    Color : Peach/Cream
    Size : One size
    Price : 10.80

    7) Crew Neck Tee
    Color : Rose
    Size :Small
    Price : 3.80

    Total quantity: 7
    Total amount: USD(14.24+3.80+6.86+10.80+8.80+10.80+3.80=59.1) x 0.7 x 1.32 = SGD54.61
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2014
  47. starrycanopy

    starrycanopy Member

    hi! estimated shipping for a dress/ a big bag?
  48. vinnie

    vinnie Well-Known Member

    hi starrycanopy

    depending on the weight of the item and how the merchant packs, dress can range from $3-$6 and big bag can range from $10-$15
  49. coolzy

    coolzy Member

    AccountPOSB eSavings Account
    042-09192-8 Vinnie
    Transfer Currency and AmountS$152.00
    Transaction Reference13360211023

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