Fitflop Spree(Swim N Sandals) - No concierge fee, low exchange rate!

Hi mango,
Can I check with u? I m thInking of ordering a pair of Fitflop Electra sequin. Do u know if the cutting is similar to pietra? I hvnt gone to try d Electra but hv a pair of pietra. Is d fit similar then I wld just take d same size as pietra. Tks.
GACC, usually Electra might be a little bit tighter than Pietra on upper part but the cutting of sole should b same 
Hi Wens, the price for Electra at swimnsandals sandals is us$65. In Singapore it is selling $129. Pls make
Payment and advise ref no tks
Hi Wens, sorry for late reply. The Electra black current price become usd$52. There is no special code for anyone is t
Just that the pricing of sandal changes time to time depending on the promotion online. The best price to secure good price is to make payment soon once you see there is special deal and if I can close bath within the sales period, you will be able to enjoy the sales price. Ytd when you asked me to check, I did check price on swimnsandals web and at that time it was USD65, so I told u it was usd65 then, but this morning when I check again it become 52 again. I suggest u to make payment soon so you can get this sales price. Hope this is clear tks
Hi Mango,

I would like to order the following:

Nick: bubbliciouslee
Collection Method / point : Either 1) Vivo city or 2) Harbourfront MRT - TBC
Email: [email protected]

FitFlop Girls Electra Sandals - Gold
Size: 1
Size: 2
USD22.49 x 2 x 1.31 = SGD58.92

FitFlop WalkStar I Sandals - Fuchsia
Size: 9 X 2 pairs
USD19.99 x 2 x 1.31 = SGD52.37

FitFlop Oasis Sandals - Chocolate
Size: 9
USD19.99 x 1.31 = SGD26.18

Total: SGD137.47

Have made payment to you as follows:
To Account POSB Current
954-00171-7 mangolover
Amount S$137.47
Transaction Reference 7562745302

Do let me know if my orders are in. Thanks very much.
Batch #7
Purple -- Walkstar3 Petant bronze (size5)
Pietra black (size 5)
total $145.4
Jess Pang -- Sling Sport orange (size 10)
Walkstar urban white (size7)
total: $163.75
Littledar -- Electra Black (Size7) - $68.12

Batch #8
Bubblicious -- Electra girl gold (size 1 and 2, 1 pair each)
Fuchsia walkstar 1 (size 9 x 2pair)
Oasia chocolate (size 9)
total: 137.47
Hi mangolover,

I have transferred SGD65.47
Reference no.7565008577 to your POSB Current Acct.

Please kindly acknowledge received.

The 3rd order please cancelled. The above payment only for the 1st & 2nd order USD24.99 x 2 =USD49.98 x 1.31 = SGD65.47

Have trsf to your POSB current acct. Pls chk.

Txn no: 7661
Date: 29/03/2012
Time: 8.21
Amount: $104.79

If the price is increase back to USD90, please drop my order.

Hi Mangolover

When will u be placing order for B9? Am afraid price will increase back

Thank you

Pls go confirm if u r able to take in my order b4 I trf $ to u.

Item: FitFlop Pietra Sandals - Black
style no: 051-001
Price: USD 50.99

Hi, keen to get

Nick: Voncm
Collection Method / point : HarbourFront MRT or Marine Parade
Email: [email protected]
Hp No: via PM

1) Item Name: Pietra Sandals - Bronze in UK5/US7
Style no: 051-012

Alternative if OOS: Pietra Sandals - Silver in UK5/US7
Style no: 051-054

Qty: 01
Price in USD: US$59.99

Number of Items ordered: 01
Total Amount in SGD: US$59.99 x 1.31 = S$78.59

Nick: sanrio
My order: Electra Sequin - Pewter
Size: US 6
Price: $58.50
Collection: harbourfront or vivo
Will make payment by tonight, in time for batch 10?
Hi, hpliew
This is the spree to purchase Fitflop from Swim n sandals which is Authorised distributor for FITFLOP in USA, so confirm genuine.
Hi hpliew, this is mangolover, can you advise what size you want to order for your Pietra black? Pls specify in US size tks
Has any of the batches arrived? I'm in Batch 6.

My CROCS ordered 1 day after this fitflop has already arrived SIN.

Kindly advise est arrival. Thks
Hv trf $76.63 to your posb current a/c.
Date: 29 March 2012
Time: 10.58pm
Ref: 7570466823

Pls let me know which batch I am in n roughly d estimated arrival date. Tks!

Hi Amanda, some of shoes arrived VPost USA already but I m trying to consolidate more so shipping can b cheaper. Will
Probably have them delivered to singapore next week. Will update status tmr again tks for understanding