Fitflop Spree(Swim N Sandals) - No concierge fee, low exchange rate!


i had just trf to u. pls check.

To Account POSB Current
954-00171-7 mangolover smhf
Transfer Currency and Amount S$30.00
Transaction Reference 10140997853

thank u

Item name : FitFlop Walkstar 3 Nubuck Sandals - Grape
Colour : Grape
Size : US6
Price : 42
Style number : 211-213

42 x 1.31 = S$55.02

Amount correct? Roughly when the shoes will arrive? Shipping is abt $15 correct?

Hi June
Yes amount is correct an it will take about 3 weeks to arrive.
The shopping charge will be $15.
Pls pm me once payment is made tks
Hi June
Yes I received your payment and also replied your pm.
Pls check your bulk mail box as very often my email will go into Bulk mail box.
1) Item name : FitFlop Frou Sandals - Supernavy
Colour : Supernavy
Size : UK5 (US7)
Price : US$70
Style number : 137-097

2) Item name : FitFlop Lunetta Sandals - Urban White
Colour : Urban White
Size : UK3 (US5)
Price : US$75
Style number : 181-194

3) Item name : FitFlop Lunetta Sandals - Pale Bronze
Colour : Pale Bronze
Size : UK5 (US7)
Price : US$75
Style number : 181-221

4) Item name : FitFlop Fleur Sandals - Pale Bronze
Colour : Pale Bronze
Size : UK3 (US5)
Price : US$85
Style number : 180-221

5) Item name :  : FitFlop Fleur Sandals - Mineral Red
Colour : Minimal Red
Size : UK3 (US5)
Price : US$100
Style number : 180-219

6) Item name : FitFlop Men's Sling Leather Sandals - Navajo Brown
Colour : Navajo Brown
Size : UK7
Price : US$80
Style number : 218-220

US$485 x 1.31 = S$635.35

Trsf to the a/c given S$504.35
Transaction no. 1210030284004560
Kindly check & confirm received.

To drop item no 5, FitFlop Fleur Sandals - Mineral Red, currently OOS.
Hi Annie
Pls be informed that your shoes will depart fr VPOST by end of this week and should arrive singapore by end of next week. Will SMS u to update before arriving tks
Hi mango lover, tt done.

To Account POSB Current
954-00171-7 Mango Lover-Fitflop
Transfer Currency and Amount S$62.87
Transaction Reference 10166456935

Thank you!
Hi Sharon
Yes Electra purple is still available and yes try are brand new and still on the way to singapore and will be strong next week.
One mummy ordered and changed her mind after that so wanting to sell off. Pls pm me if you would like to take over as you dont accept pm tks
hi mango lover,

for ur 1st post in this thread, the T&C, collection points, costs and exchange rate, are they still valid now?

I want to get FitFlop Lunetta Sandals black US6 but i cannot find it in the swimnsandals website
hi mango lover,
FitFlop Lunetta Sandals black costs USD75.
can u let me know the estimated cost (in SGD) after conversion and other costs? TIA