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###### First time Mom-2-Be #####

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by filifala, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. filifala

    filifala New Member

    Hi All Mummies... and Daddies

    I'm now 14wk preggy and I'm still lost!

    Any good advise how can I and should I get started?

    I've so far downloaded the BB App to read the daily progress and friends advises a bit here and there
    But I'm still so messed up and don't know where should I start organizing??!?

    Till now I'm still trying to find a CL

    Pls help!!! [​IMG]

  2. just take care of urself! eat ur multivits, try to eat healthily & try not to b stressed out! find out what foods u cant eat during pregnancy. have fun, cos thats abt e only time ppl will offer to do this n that for u, especially when ure tummy is bigger [​IMG]
  3. filifala

    filifala New Member

    Thanks Pink_Popsicles

    Really at a lost, only thing I can do is read, then again my mind is like blocked!!
    After reading 2-3times when I scan thru again I dun seem to remb reading it!!!

    Brain really ain't functioning as it used to ^_^
  4. usaginoko

    usaginoko Member

    hi FiLi, congrats & relax!
    I'm a 1st time mum and like you, i was very lost coz my frds are either single or childless or kids very big liao.

    1. Find a CL if you require one. Agency or freelance.
    2. Go major dept stores kids dept get their "things to buy" list for babies (Robinson, Isetan & Taka have it). Compare the items, talk to other mums in forum on what are the essentials, recommended brands etc.
    3. Go window shop on the items you want to get, note the model & prices. But dun buy first coz it's pantang to get too early.
    4. Think through which hospital you want to deliver at. Research on the charges & check with other mums whether nurses are good etc.
    5. Discuss with hb on whether to attend parenting course or not. Research on which hospital provides better courses. TMC is quite popular.
    6. Once you know gender by tri 3, can start to brainstorm for bb name. I took 6 mths to decide on one!
    7. At start of 3rd tri, you can start to buy the required bb items.
    8. Research & think about how u wana deliver bb. Natural or csect.
    9. Read through forum, books, internet to find out what happens at each stage of preg & look fwd to each gynae visit to see your little bb.
    10. Take good care of yourself, watch your diet and dun get too stressed out. Happy mummy = happy baby. I was happy & relaxed during preg, so my bb is a very happy smiley girl.
  5. filifala

    filifala New Member

    Thanks so much for the advice Usaginoko

    1) Currently I'm trying to find a CL thou my mom insist she can do for me, but she's ardy 64 w high blood, I'm afraid it'll b too tiring for her

    But all those CL recommended by my frds R ardy taken.
    One of e CL recommend her own frd, Lilian, I can't find any reviews on her, so if I could trust her

    And abt paying them e deposit first, there's no receipt or anything and strictly base on trust, hoping that she'll turn up when the time comes?

    2) I planning to get BB stuffs when I'm abt 7mths (hope not too late) coz I'm getting some hand-me-downs fr my frd, then fr there C wat else is needed then I'll buy

    Meantime I'll try shop ard compare prices and ask ard C wat is good, necessary etc...
    But really too much to digest!!!

    3) When wld b a gd time to go for the hospital tour? (Currently I'm 15wk).
    By when do we need to cfrm the hospital?

    4) I was thinking of Natural birth w/out Epidural coz I've ardy got quite a backache even b4 being pregnant
    But can I endure e pain??!!!
    Besides I read abt it, it has more disadvantage than advantage which is to minimize e pain only

    5) I'm oso thinking shld I change gynae nw, is it too late?
    Currently I'm seeing Dr. Tan @ NEX (saw him 3times ardy so far)
    - He and his nurse are OK, but I tink his price a little steep
    (consultation:$70-80... ultrasound:$60... package after 20wk $600)
    - It's a bit far fr my pl
    - There's no review on him, I think he Juz came out of SGH to start his own

    The other gynae I was thinking to switch to is Dr. Loke @ Tampines
    - Near my pl (I'm staying Tampines)
    - Charges according to my frd seems reasonable
    (Package 12wk $500)
    - Read a few gd reviews abt him... BUT his nurse not so good, a bit of attitude

    6) I'm currently not working hence I'm always at home, only go out w my frd once awhile when they're free
    Hubby travels a lot so not home often
    Hw to remain happy??
    Basically watch TV/series, do hsework, try read online forum , attend prenatal yoga once a wk
    Hope by Mar13 I won't b bored to death ^_^
  6. usaginoko

    usaginoko Member

    hi FiLi

    1) u can try confinement agencies if you are concerned abt freelance CL take your deposit and MIA. And if agency's CL no gd, can request for change. But of coz no guarantee the replacement also gd lah.. If agency give problems, at least u know can go CASE to complain.

    If your mum do your confinement, it will be tough on her, esp night duty. Then she has to cook confinement food too. My frd's mum did her confinement and lost 10kg!! If your mum insists to do for you, then u, your hb & mum have to spilt duties liao.

    I was resting/sleeping all the time during confinement. Wake up to breastfeed, go toilet and eat only. Everything let CL settle, so i strongly suggest getting CL.

    2) 7 mth preg then get is just nice. Not too late. As long as everything ready by 37wks can liao. No worries, research on the big ticket items like stroller, cot, breastpump, carseat first.

    3) I went for hosp tour during 3rd tri as it was part of the antenatal parenting course. If i didnt remember wrongly, by wk 30 have to confirm hospital liao?

    4) I wanted to deliver w/o epi coz I suffer from lower back slipped disc. So scared it'll worsen the backache. But in the end i took epi. No side effects. Many mums in my thread delivered naturally w/o epi, so you can do it too [​IMG]

    5) Should be fine to change gynae at this stage bah... Dr Tan's charges seem fine to me, esp if his pkg includes the detailed scan at wk20. Most impt is whether u are comfortable with the gynae or not.

    6) haha, dun worry, wont' bored to death! I stopped working when i was 3mths preg. I spent my days marathon on tv dramas, read forum,surf net, go library flip magazine & enjoy aircon, window shop, sleep.
  7. neuros

    neuros Member

    Hi Fili,
    I think we're in similar boat! FTM and at a lost as to what to do. Feeling pretty anxious whether I'll be able to care for bb on my own so trying to do some reading up etc now. My EDD's 7 Mar 2013. Haven't bought anything yet either 'cos seems too early.

    I'm not working too (for more than year) and was really bored to tears in the first trimester as I was prescribed bed rest by doctor due to spotting so spent all the time sleeping, eating, watching tv n surfing net. I'm now 16+wks but due to recent accident is now banned from driving by hubby.

    I think being at home all the time can cause one to think left think right until think too much? I've been rather emotional lately too and bit worried. Mebbe also 'cos my doc's put me on progesterone since confirmed pregnancy so that might have affected my mood.. But am trying to overcome by thinking positive and talking to others. That really helps.

    I stay in the East too. Let's ganbatte together!
  8. filifala

    filifala New Member

    >> Hey Usaginoko,

    I hv no worries abt my mom's cooking, she's a good cook and she claims she used to cook for others last time (during the day) and she oso did confinement for my SIL 10yrs ago

    Did ask SIL hw my mom skill
    Well she didn't wanna comment much, juz say v tiring *_*

    Then I'm oso wondering having e CL for the 1st mth, wat abt e 2nd & 3rd mth after CL leaves?
    Eventually we still need do everything ourselves...

    As for Dr. Tan, my nxt visit on my 18wk (his package starts @ 20wk) and the detail scan will b after my 20wk at Mt. Alvernia so I doubt it's inclusive

    Trying to cut cost since nw only hubby bringing e bacon home (*__*;)

    So hw many wk R U ardy? ^_^

    >> Hi Kris

    My EDD 13Mar13, easy to remb but ppl say usually will b 2wks earlier

    Gosh hope both U & BB ok?!!!
    Did U go for check after e accident to ensure everything's fine?!

    So far I'm fortunate my hormones/emotions/moods all still in order, or shld I say my hubby is fortunate?
    With him always traveling, not at home, fingers & toes crossed I nv (or haven't) let imagination run wild yet
    Crazily I've been watching all e horror/zombie movies (especially during e Chinese 7th month)
    Nw trying to watch more comedy

    Only prob is stiff neck and shoulder yet I can't go massage which I'm so used to last time
    If I go out I can't stand more than 5min or I'll feel giddy, light headed.
    But I'm ok walking and move abt.
    Checked w Doc he said coz I'm tall(actually 1.68m only), heart needs pump harder to pass blood/oxygen to brain.
    When I'm moving, blood is circulating....

    Currently I'm waiting to feel BB first kick (@^_^@)
  9. neuros

    neuros Member

    Hi filifala,

    Yea - went to gynae after the accident for checkup, doc did scan everything looks ok and gave me some progesterone cream to apply for few days after as "insurance". It's more the emotional trauma and scare so I'm really lucky in that sense.

    I get quite a lot of giddy spells / lightheadedness too though I'm not as tall as you. From what I read it's pretty normal. Just have to be more careful not to stand up too quickly and move around slowly.

    I can't wait to feel my BB first kick too! So far nothing though... But my tummy quite small (though I'm not very petite!) not sure if that affects anything. Hahaa...
  10. usaginoko

    usaginoko Member

    hi FiLi
    Since your mum has done confinement for your SIL before, I guess it should be fine. But of coz it means u can't have as much quality rest as compared to having a good CL. Having a CL is like having a helper to do everything for you while u just rest, however it comes with a hefy cost too. If it's mum or MIL, we feel bad to let them do too much so we end up doing a lot ourselves. After CL left I almost died the 1st mth. Coz suddenly everything i do on my own in addition to latching bb whole day. Gradually adjusted to it and survived! [​IMG]

    Oh, Dr Tan doesn't do the scans for you? My gynae did all my scan, including detail scan at wk20. His package starts at wk20 too & included the detail scan.

    I popped last yr. Not ready to try for a #2 yet...

    hi Neuros
    U r doing confinement on your own? Or u mean gona be a SAHM? Dun worry, when the time comes, you will be able to care for your bb on your own. Do rope in your hb to help too!
    Sometimes our hormones cause us to get very emotional, have negative thoughts etc... So do try to relax more & dun think too much [​IMG] I experienced the first kick around wk 21+? More obvious kicks from tri 3 onwards.
  11. theresangshiling

    theresangshiling New Member

    Hi kris!!

    We have the same edd 7mar2013!!!

    N I m also staying home not working coz of spotting hubby said stay at home !!! At times is so boring...
  12. neuros

    neuros Member

    Theresa - I just answered u on th other thread! Hahaa... Yea... Staying at home cane early be super boring. If u wanna mebbe can drop me a pm we can hook up. I stay in the east, u? R u a FTM too?

    Usaginoko - I stopped working for more than a yr was contemplating going back to work then happily got pregnant so probably going to bee SAHM (unless I can't manage! Hahaa). I really wanna take care of baby myself as we tried so long finally succeed,, very precious to us. Just not sure of my own capacity for child rearing as never done it before.
  13. filifala

    filifala New Member

    >> Hi. Usaginoko
    I've chk both doc doesn't do e Detail scan (Dr. Tan refer to Mt. A & Dr. Loke refer to TMC)

    Seems like having a CL is out of question ardy, tt day went back mom's pl for dinner w hubby tot we can talk her out of it, she's so persistent and if we say anymore I tink she'll disowned me (*_*;)

    That nite I was slpñ I heard Water sound fr my tummy
    I'm sure it's not my digestive juice and I dun feel anything
    Wonder is it BB having a swim inside or shiftñ position? ^_^

    N last nite my tummy felt so tight like e skin gonna tear!!
    Lucky today feelñ much better!
  14. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Go to www.babycenter.com.sg to register. They give you weekly emails about your pregnancy. Very informative.

    You can start to buy things after you know the gender. Need not buy so early cos there will be those baby fairs with good deals.

    If you need a list of things to buy, I have an excel spreadsheet on it. Should be quite comprehensive. I used it as a checklist for my 2 kids. You can pm me for it. Jiayou to all new mummies to be!
  15. filifala

    filifala New Member

    Hi Rachel

    Went to e BB fair at Expo ytd
    Tink there's more ppl than things to see

    Heard there's another fair in Dec
    I'll start buying then
  16. twinkle10

    twinkle10 New Member

    I think there is a Baby Expo end of October (26/10-28/10) and
    Parenthood fair in November (9/11-11/11) at Expo
  17. mndymxl

    mndymxl New Member

    thanks filifala, love this post as i'm a first time mom2be and still lost too haha and thanks Usaginoko for the list of things to do! at least there's something to refer to and can sort out from there. feels like got 1001 things to do/learn/buy all at once and not sure when's good. already started reading some books. read a bb website on weekly development of the baby just to give me a rough idea of how lil tyke's working in there lol. never thought of getting CL as both my elder sisters (1st one has 4 boys, 2nd one has 2 boys) never took any, and i cant remember how they manage. i think my mum & my sister's MILs basically made sure they ate well. had some sleepless nights too, helping my sis take care of bb back then haha. but not sure when it's my turn how it'll be.

    having awful ms for now that lasts morning till night. at 9th week, hoping it'll go off soon. heard it's a bit more testing for those expecting first child (cos body first time adjusting to dramatic changes)? wish me luck! :D
  18. scratchhead

    scratchhead Member

    Just another thg u can consider is signing up for pre-natal classes. Personally, I feel that they provide some form of preparations for the pregnancy and the few weeks aft delivery. Tho' I would not say that information covered is sufficient to cover all grounds but it helps with mental preparations. And some info provided was iterated by the nursing staffs aft delivery eg how to bathe baby.
    I also had the "practical" pre-natal classes where they did exercises to help with the delivery process. That I found very useful. However, muz be diligent to practice it at home too.
  19. filifala

    filifala New Member

    Hey mndy
    Hope u're feeling better nw
    Hang in there, by tri2 Ur ms shld stop
    Seems like u come fr a family w excellent experience
    I'm sure they'll help U when it's time

    Hi ScratchHead
    For e prenatal class I was thinking of e one at Mt.A
    But need to attend w hubby and I hasn't got his schedule
    We can only attend those classes after 20wks rite?

    Juz went for blood test ytd, 2 tubes and a urine sample
    Any idea wat it's for?
    Doc wasn't in, my visit last wk I was told to go back again b4 10am to take these by my 18wk
    So far this is my 2nd test, first was e OSCAR
    Then 3Nov they've refer me to TMC for FA Scan which I assume is e Detail Scan for abnormality rite?
  20. scratchhead

    scratchhead Member

    I think there shouldn't be any restrictions on when u can begin the classes. But wld strongly encourage that you accommodate to ur hb schedule to attend the classes together. Since this is a journey that u both shared together.

    As for the blood samples, I believe it is for testing downs. If memory doesn't fail me, my gynae said that oscars provided 80% accuracy. With blood test, it will up the accuracy rates to 90%.
  21. filifala

    filifala New Member

    Yes I've done both e scan & blood test for Down Syndrome at my 12wk
    That's Y I'm wondering what's this blood test at 17-18wk for
    Guess can only find out on my nxt visit on 2Nov
  22. filifala

    filifala New Member

    Find out what's e Blood test for ardy
    Results out today, Dr called said my IRON low so need change my pills to one w high iron
    Basically e test is to test for Iron, calcium etc
    So that solve the mystery ^_^
  23. mndymxl

    mndymxl New Member

    had my first blood test + urine test last weekend, 2 vials worth! have decided not to do the down scan though. she'll be taking 3 vials of blood if i'm going for it (not that thats the reason haha)

    so i'm not sure what they're checking for this first round of blood + urine sample...am guessing its for sugar level and iron? a little nervous on the outcome as i've been taking sweet things to keep the bitterness on my tongue at bay.... gotta wait till next appt on 1 Nov..soooo longggg lol

    btw, when do u guys start taking other supplements ..like fish oil? cant imagine how i'm gonna face all that. already now everything (even clothes and my own room) smell so stale to me. even perfumes [​IMG]
  24. usaginoko

    usaginoko Member

    @Fila, so have u decided on your gynae already? I attended the prenatal class at Mt A. I think only can attend after wk 24. It's gd for mental preparation although hubby & I found it quite boring ;)

    @mndy, i started taking supplements (calcium pills, multi-vitamin & fish oil) from wk 20 onwards. It's part of the gynae package but excluded fish oil. It's optional, probably coz it was very expensive!
  25. scratchhead

    scratchhead Member

    Fila, I didnt take any additional blood test for iron/ calcium leh. think the doc cheated me off my test....

    Mndy, i began multi-vits at around 3/4 mths. but did not take fish oil cos i hate the smell (when i burp)

    Have you girls found out the gender of your baby?
  26. usaginoko

    usaginoko Member

    @Fila, I attended the prenatal class at Mt A. I think only can attend after wk 24. It's gd for mental preparation although hubby & I found it quite boring ;)

    @mndy, i started taking supplements (calcium pills, multi-vitamin & fish oil) from wk 20 onwards. It's part of the gynae package but excluded fish oil. It's optional, probably coz it was very expensive!
  27. mndymxl

    mndymxl New Member

    scratchhead - oh no, i'm gonna dread when its time to eat it! already so sensitive now and keep burping nonstop with bad aftertaste...

    as for gender, i guess not yet for me as i'm only abt 10weeks. can't wait! but negotiating with husband if we wanna keep the info to ourselves or not lol.

    usaginoko - am looking fwd to calcium pills, a little worried coz i cant seem to bring myself to drink any kind of milk (even the maternity ones). taking other alternatives for now like cheese lol. as for fish oil am guessing it tastes so terrible...then still so expensive somemore haha. all the more dread! but hopefully can tahan for bb's sake lol
  28. filifala

    filifala New Member

    B4 I went for my blood test on Mon morning, I had a glass or 2 red wine at e wedding dinner on Sun nite ^_^
    To tink tt I'm a meat eater, thou I don't enjoy my Beef steak nowadays s can't order Medium-rare, but I can still b low on Iron!!
    I guess if there's anything the clinic will call U immediately when e results out like for my case, otherwise they'll juz wait till Ur nxt visit then tell U everything's fine
    From the first time I found out I was pregnant (7wk) till 12wk I was given Folic Acid & one more white pill which I think is 安胎药
    Fr 12wk till now 18wk I'm given multivitamin & fish oil (plus e Iron pills starting ytd)
    I've no problem taking e fish oil, coz it's a capsule juz take it w lots of water
    But if U really can't stand e smell, there's a vegetarian type made fr Algae, slightly more ex

    I've decided to stay w Dr. Loke @ Tamp, nearer my place & I think he's much more experienced
    I found a co. call InspireMum holding this course in 1day , fr 9am-5pm abt $290
    Probably I'll go for that coz doubt my hubby can attend all 6 days class with me if I go for e one by e hospital

    I believe U can request for it, but I u/stand has to b done by 17-18wk coz when I changed my gynae they told me I've to go back ASAP to do e test b4 10am (b4 e courier guy leaves)

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