first period after extended breastfeeding


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My daughter is a week shy of 15 months and has been nursed on demand from birth. No bottles and was exclusively nursed for 6 months before introducing solids. These days she nurses about 4 times a day (morning, before each nap, and before bedtime). She recently night weaned on her own and she's begun to sleep through the night and earlier this month I finally got what I presumed was my first PP period. It lasted only 3 days and was brighter than usual but flow was similar to before. Then, two weeks later, I had had spotting just for one day. I took several pregnancy tests around this time because we don't use contraception and so i was not sure if it was implantation bleeding but every test I took came out negative. It's since been about a week and a half and I'm now experiencing bright red bleeding and the flow has been rather heavy from the start which is unusual for me. The bleeding has been accompanied by slight cramping but nothing major. Any insight? Thought I'd check here before going to urgent care.