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Finding nanny @ Jurong West poineer

Discussion in 'Confinement Lady and Nanny' started by Amotherofagirl, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Amotherofagirl

    Amotherofagirl New Member

    Hi I need nanny at Jurong West poineer come my house. Interested pm me. Price neg. Sincere patience individual looking for long term.

  2. messymissy

    messymissy New Member

    Hi.. my aunty is staying at kang ching road tamah jurong. Experienced nanny.. hose is clean. She is looking for toddler or baby to look after. If u r keen I can pass u her contact
  3. minjunliaw

    minjunliaw New Member

    my sister is looking for stay in nanny job. she was a stay in nanny with her ex employer for few years. she needs a work permit to work her (from malaysia). she charges $70 / day.
  4. kimmyksc

    kimmyksc Member

    Hello mummies to be

    I'm a 3rd time mummy and I would like to recommend my confinement auntie Jenny Low Siew Chin, she is from Malaysia KL. I'm feeling lucky to have her with me during my confinement month.

    She has 12 years experience as a nanny, understand baby condition well. E.g. my baby has high jaundice level and she advice me not to have ginger and sesame oil added into the food as these food will caused the jaundice level increased. Feel grateful that she know about this as the 2nd blood test is indeed high, she was saying that if I didn't stop/control, very high chance baby need to admit to hospital.

    She also cook well, difference type of food, and she always check with me if I have any craving, if no craving, she will tell me what is available in the fridge (as the veg, meat are bought by my mil). If you are not the traditional type, she will not force you to follow all the old traditional confinement way. Most importantly is comfortable, she believe if the dishes is not what you like to eat, it is not your dishes (something like that). She will bring some of the cooking ingredient from malaysia, so that she can cook more variety to the mother or family.

    Baby was taking care well and she also share her past experience how to handle high jaundice baby, she even bring her own barang barang in case we do not have the stuff that she can use.

    You can contact her through whatsapp 013 6099588. She speak EN and Cantonese. Better to send voice message as she can't read well.

    All the best wishes to you!
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  5. Amotherofagirl

    Amotherofagirl New Member

    I want in at my house. Thank

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