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Figurines for birthday cakes

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by smurfygal, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. smurfygal

    smurfygal Member


    Thinking of buying a cute piggy figurine to place on top of the cake I intend to get for my girl's 1st birthday. Anyone knows where I can get such figurines? Thanks.

  2. hi

    there is some overseas spree to get the figurines on-going if u dun need it urgently.. I've waited abt 3wks to get mine :>
  3. clearsky

    clearsky Member

    YOu mean overseas spree in sgMotherhood?
  4. bluemoosesgm

    bluemoosesgm New Member


    can go phoon huat to find, plenty of choices at inexpensive prices. to find the locations near to you, surf their web at:

  5. summer1979

    summer1979 Member

    Anyone have minnie mouse or mickey mouse topper to lent or let go cheaply.
    Would prefer minnie mouse topper.
    Pls pm me asap. I need it by Sep 09.
  6. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    I have a Hello Kitty candle to let go.. pls PM me [​IMG]
  7. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    I need disney princess figuring...if have any to let go pls PM me thanks [​IMG]
  8. champagne

    champagne New Member

    Do you know if phoonhuat sells disney figurines?
  9. cakes

    cakes New Member

    i do edible figurines for all occasions. sms if keen 98328553. thanks!
  10. maggie_heng

    maggie_heng Active Member


    also have hello Kitty and mickey mouse and also Minnie too.

    interested!! pm me or sms me at 97954200
  11. maggie_heng

    maggie_heng Active Member

  12. mrericlee

    mrericlee Active Member

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