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Feedback on Learning Vision Childcare

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by hsee, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. hsee

    hsee Member


    Need advice on the above childcare. Any comments?


  2. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    hi hi,

    me wanna know too... although my girl is only 8th mth old... hee!!! heard lots of ppl said gotta be on long long q list.... need comments...
  3. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    My son has been attending LV at Surbana 1 since 26 mths old. He is going to K1 next year!

    Basically diff branch has diff standards. Some are good, some are no good. For my son, I find it quite good... till this recent half year. I find it good becos this school bothers to organise excursion/field trips out. Sometimes once a month, sometimes once every 2 months. As compared to other branches, this branch is doing a good job. Kids can learn faster, better when they see the things. For eg, when they are studying ocean world, they get to go Sentosa's Underwater world. He really really learnt alot! Some creatures I don't even know their names, but he knows [​IMG]

    I find this yr's teachers turnover is really high. The new ones are not as dedicated as the previous ones. They are quite short-tempered. I witness a teacher scold and scold, becos the kid cld not finish his food. This is 1 eg. If u are there to hear, u will be quite upset. Come on, they are kids! I don't believe in shouting/scolding when they are so young.
  4. hsee

    hsee Member

    Hi Sunshinekid,

    Thanks for your feedback. The branch I am interested in is a new setup at Grassroots Club...Will be going to their open house tis Sat :)

    For your son, is he attending the nursery, that is, full or half a day when he joined LV? I am considering the playgroup which is 2 hrs per day. Just wondering what's the difference btw the nursery n playgroup besides the hours.....Believed nursery have more activities...

    OMG, poor kid..the teacher should have asked whether there's any reason why the kid cant finished his food.......
  5. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    For my son, he joined the toddler half-day childcare programme. In fact, he has always been on half day childcare. Toddler, then Nursery. Next year he should be attending K1, but I am pulling him out and putting him at a PAP. Find PAP's syllabus is more structured, and closer to Primary 1. My son's branch does not have a playgroup programme if i m not wrong.
  6. 99mm

    99mm New Member

    Hi Shunshinekid,

    can share a bit more about the infant care at Surbana 1? My boy is 15 months in infant care at the LV at Arthur rd now (I work in bedok)but looks like I have to move him when he become toddler nearer home as my company also changing location
  7. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member

    Hi Hsee,
    My daughter is attending LV at Gentle Rd. She is currently in N2 for half-day but sleeping over twice a wk (Tues & Thurs). We fetch her at 5pm instead of 12.30pm on these days.

    Like the Surbana branch, the branch my daughter attends also organises outings/field trips. Its more regular for the older kids in kindergarten if compared to kids in nursery level.

    They also hv a Parent Support Programme where parents come in to share wt the kids,basically be teacher for say 1hr that day. There are also other enrichment lessons like Speech & Drama, Music & Motion etc. I also like the school as it has an outdoor area for playground, water & sand play.

    So far I do not hv any probs wt the school or teachers. Hb & I had a great first impression of school. We had a gd meeting wt the principal who seems like someone who has a lot of pride in running the school.

    Teachers also seem very patient & because they rotate on yearly basis, they know most of the students by name which is nice[​IMG] They are also very flexible & accomodating esp when my daughter first started.

    In toddler class, there is a lot more playing. When they move to N1, they will learn through play to help them adapt so more hands-on work etc. In N2, there will be less play & more learning in the classroom to better prepare them for kindergarten. They are also taught to be more independant.

    I will most likely enrol my twin boys there in June for toddler class[​IMG]
  8. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    hi hi,

    me went to LV @ arthur road last sat, just walk-in without making appt.. liked the open field very much. they are going to have new building/ car porch, so the field will be smaller. comfortable with the briefing and show aro of the compound. but the fee is on high side for me... still consider. if my budget allow, sure will put my girl over there...
  9. mickeyh

    mickeyh New Member

    Any comments on the Grassroot branch? Am thinking of placing my son there next year.
  10. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    hi Leereiner,
    My son is in Arthur road for the last 2+ years. Actually, if you compare the N1 clases onwards, the prices is one of cheapest in mountbatten. That is one reason y my son is there.. grin. However, you factor the extra optional enrichment (MMI, kinderart, ballet, swimming, chinese S&D) that they have for N2 and above, it may add quite a bit.
  11. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    hi hopeac,

    how old is your son when you put him there? who's the teacher?

    went to 2 centres which are near to my hse, within walking distance, but dont really like it. like fully air-con, uncomfortable with this, principle doesnt speak fluent English, mix with mandrain...

    as for learning vision @ arthur, we gotta take public bus which is abt 6-7 stops away, so thinking to let my girl take the sch bus, this will incur another cost, est $150/-... so the total will be aro S$750/- per mth, which is out of our budget... if gonna give her the extra, its way out, man.... but really like the pl... ha!!! sigh!!!
  12. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    hi leereiner,
    I put him there when he was 23 months. We started with Toddler class. We do not have a direct bus to LV. We drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the evening. THere is a further 50 dollars off if one of the parent is civil servant. My son is N2, so we pay 480 dollars after subsidy + civil service discount. He takes chinese S&D and swimming lessons part of the extra enrichment. So we pay around $580 for his CC.

    Where do you stay? See if I have some suggestions to the CCs nearer to your place?

    One thing to note, LV program is play as they learn. But, The circulum gets more academic and less real playtime eg playground time as they go up. They do not have homework and spelling list. They will prepare the kid sufficiently for P1 but you die die expect your kid to read by 4 and know his addition and subtraction by 4. and times table by K2. Then it is not the school for your kid. But it does have a rounded circulum, your kid will have well rounded knowledge. And K1 and K2 they have a sci circulum which teaches the kids sci concepts eg. Functions of the eye, how the eye see. And most kids in arthur road are generally speaks good english and.
  13. hsee

    hsee Member

    Hi mickeyh

    din put my dd in the grassroot branch after all as 2 far from my hse...juz go for playgroup in RC near my hse.

    am tinking of pat's schoolhouse...any feedback anyone??
  14. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    hi hopeac,

    me stay at upper boon keng, next to kallang mrt... have direct bus to there... where else would you suggest?
    the fee for toddler is S$730/- right? after subsidy of S$150, we gotta fork out S$580/- excl the extras.... still thinking... hmmmmmm...

    went to cherie heart on the same day... found the animal kingdom's animals unhealthy or rather skinny, esp the rabbits.... there's a rabbit @ LV, it so beautiful, and it is free at the field... my hubby said that LV is better coz of the "rabbit" thingy...
  15. sook

    sook New Member

    Anyone has feedback on LV at <font color="ff0000"> Temasek Poly</font>?
  16. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member

    hehe, my parents live in upper boon keng & i grew up there[​IMG]

    anyways, you can in the middle of learning vision at arthur or gentle rd (novena). frm your plc, there is a direct bus to both places more or less same number of stops too.

    gentle rd also has outdoor area but not as vast as the one of arthur & no rabbits running arnd [​IMG]

    the fees reduce as the child moves up a class i believe. we pay close to $500 per mth after $75 subsidy. if i am nt wrong, i think diff outlets hv diff fees though nt much discrepancies.
  17. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    hi Leereiner,
    If you or your hub is a civil servant or working in some affliated organsation to LV, you get a further 50 percent off. If you or hub is working in those big company, it could be affliated company. So do check with the principal.

    For me, my hub is a civil servant, so I get the furthur 50 dollars discount. As my son is in arthur road, it works out to be around be 530 for toddler, 480 for N1 and N2 and 430 for K1 and K2.

    The rabbit at aurthur road is free to roam. The kids feed the rabbit with veg and bread. They used to have chicks and chickens, but they were taken way becos of the bird flu thing.

    Becos of the further discount, for us, LV gives the most value for money. The rest of the childcare around that area are simply beyond our reach. Besides the 2nd lang teachers, the turnover of the school is actually quite low.
  18. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    wow... so many positive feedack, but its the distance that's bring objection from my hubby's side family....
  19. fairymoss

    fairymoss Member

    Hi I'm a mummy in search of childcare centres. Heard good feedback about LV. I'm staying Bishan but my tod (18mths by June) is currently under the care of Mum at Balestier. Can anyone suggest which is the nearest LV to go? Issit Gentle road? How much is the fees after subsidy of $150 for working mums? Neither hb or myself is civil servant. What's the registration fee, uniforms fee, other miscellaneous charges like? I've yet to see a childcare for myself, now still collecting info and then zoom down on which one to visit.
  20. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member

    I agree wt hopeac on the low turnover rate of LV schools which I think is very beneficial to the kids. So hv you decided then?

    I think you are in the middle of the one at Gentle Rd & the one at Grassroots Club (Yio Chu Kang). Different centres hv different charges. For example, the toddler class at Gentle Rd is cheaper that the one at Grassroots club.

    You may want to check out www.learningvision.com
    to get more info. Best is to call the principals & set one day to visit the school wt your child. Wirma of Gentle Rd centre is a very nice person to speak to.

    I cant remember if I paid registration fee cause we signed up during the open house & got some perks like free set of uniform[​IMG]
  21. koapolar

    koapolar New Member

    Any one put your kid with Pasir Ris branch? Appreciate your comment
  22. fairymoss

    fairymoss Member


    thanks, u know when got open hse? grassroot club is too faraway as my tod is at balestier under the care of my parents. I fetch him to and fro work daily so want to choose one that is nearer to my mum cuz she helping me to take care of #2 when he/she comes along. u know the schedule/timetable for gentle road branch? what is usually the activities? when it says 0700-1900, does it mean that my tod need to be there by 7am?
  23. fairymoss

    fairymoss Member

    Sasha, u know what this mean?
    Child FC1-12 to 24 hrs/wk
    I was looking through the rates for diff LV branches near my parents hse, and saw this, and also got diff rates for full day childcare for the same age range, the price diff is huge, but i dun understand why.
  24. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member

    FC means flexi-care but as far as i am concern, the branch at gentle rd stopped flexi-care. i do not know abt other branches though. since your parents are at balestier, then gentle rd is the closest to you. can take bus service 21, stop at novena square, then underpass to IRAS bldg & its behind the bldg.

    considering ur son is still a toddler, they will be doing lots of playing but of course learning too at the same time, but mostly through hands on & play[​IMG]

    the ctr is open at 7am but your son need not be there at that time[​IMG] if you want your son to hv breakfast in sch, then send him in by 830am. lessons officially starts at 9am wt circle time. arnd 1130am is shower time then lunch. if you are putting in full-time, then nap time is at abt 1-130pm till abt 330pm after which is tea time & then more playing. parents usually fetch their child after 5pm.

    they get less play time as they move up a level. my eldest is now in nursery 2 & before she used to play outdoors almost daily whereas now is once or twice a wk. kids in K1 & K2 will spend their afternoon on lessons after their naps & tea time to prepare them for pri 1.

    at the moment, am not sure when open house is. when i signed up, it was in august but i can help you find out.

    let me know if you hv other queries
  25. she_she

    she_she New Member

    hi all,
    can anyone share yr experience with LV at woodlands Plaza 888 branch? appreciate yr help!
  26. fairymoss

    fairymoss Member


    very appreciate your help! For a lost mummy like me, it's indeed very kind of you to help me with my queries. I quite keen on gentle road branch although the price is a bit steep for me, but dun mind to pay more if it has good cirriculum to develop my son, and of course, teachers must be of good quality too. There's a recent outbreak at the NTUC CC which is a stone's throw from my mum's hse, and that makes us think twice about sending my son there. Is it very common for CC to have this? or can be prevented if the CC sanitize the toys etc more frequently? If you has insiders info on open hse, pls let me know.
  27. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member

    Initially HB & I found it expensive too. But having compare it to several other schools we visited like Pat School House, I think Learning Vision has one of the best rates for their service & curiculum. Teachers there are also very warm. Even teachers who may not teach your son will recognise & know him by name[​IMG] They are also very gentle & playful wt the kids!

    I also like Learning Vision at Gentle Rd cause it is a fairly new centre so it is not run-down like some schools I hv seen. The building is also new & nice. Pleasing to the eye at least[​IMG]

    The centre at Gentle Rd is well ventilated. During lessons, windows are open & fans switched on. They switch on the air cons during nap times to cool the kids but I hv noticed some windows open, again for ventilation. As wt other CCCs, they practise hygiene which is then passed on to the kids.

    I think it is very common for CCCs to hv outbreaks esp if the staff is not vigilant. Also there are irresponsible parents who will send their child even when the child is not well. Some things are just hard to control.

    Why dont you come wt your son for a visit? You can make an appt wt Wirma, the principal.
  28. fairymoss

    fairymoss Member

    Sasha, will do. thanks for the useful tips. going to make appt with wirma. [​IMG]
  29. jumbo

    jumbo Member

    Hi, i wonder any mummies have comments on LV at Kent Vale? Intend to enrol my son there when he reaches 18 months...
  30. shermaine_chn

    shermaine_chn New Member

    any comments about LV at Sunshine Place? tia [​IMG]
  31. amark1314

    amark1314 Member

    hi fairymoss,
    registration fee is $32 plus with GST
    uniforms with badge sewn on is about $30 plus with GST
    t-shirt set is about $17 plus with GST
    jumpers is about $21 plus with GST
    deposit if about $500 (refundable) but each centre varies.
  32. spunky

    spunky New Member

    Mine is in LV @ Changi Airport.
    They have lots of activities and excursions for the kids. Quite interactive as they get parents involve too. Unfortunately, being a working mom, my hours are extremely long to join the activities.
  33. mommy2006

    mommy2006 Active Member

    Hi Spunk,
    Can share how much for full day in LV @ changi airport?
    How abt teacher&amp;tot ratio?
  34. zieyanis

    zieyanis New Member

    Anyone ever experienced LV@ NCS hub? Just surveying around for cc near toa payoh/bishan/ amk area.
  35. superbabymama

    superbabymama New Member

    i'm still looking for a CC for two kids. Can any mummies comment on learning vision at grassroots?
    TIA. [​IMG]
  36. miss_clean

    miss_clean Member

    Hi mums, any fdbk on the branch at NUS? Is it the same as Kent Vale?
  37. priscilla_teo

    priscilla_teo New Member

    Hi Missy13,
    There is one LV at NUS kent Vale and there is another LV for infants at Temasek Life Sciences, which is also located within NUS campus. I hv juz put my girl in N2 at the one in Kent Vale. It's generally quite ok except that the toilets are not very well maintained - can be very dirty in the morning.
  38. priscilla_teo

    priscilla_teo New Member

    My girl was in a PAP childcare. It doesn't take her long to like LV@NUS &amp; her form teacher. The quality of food is much better compared to the PAP ones and the ciriculum is also better. However, unlike the PAP childcare, there is no teacher attending to kids while they have bfast in LV. So most parents will be around to attend to own kids during bfast time.
  39. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member

    hi there,

    any comments on grassroots branch? tks [​IMG]
  40. blur_green

    blur_green Member

    any comments on LV at NCS?
  41. bbloh

    bbloh New Member

    <font color="0000ff">PrisTeo,
    Are you referring to the one at Kent Vale? What is the teacher to student ratio? I heard that there are 230+ students. Are the teachers able to handle so many of them? Any occurrence of HFMD?</font>
  42. miss_clean

    miss_clean Member

    Thk u mummmies, for you valuable feedback. I think bf wise, my boy should be able to handle,he's in k1 goin k2. He will be starting next month, he used to be from PCF
  43. cecill

    cecill New Member

    Hi there,

    Any mummy has used good condition LV uniform/T-shirt to giveaway or sell? Pls PM me. Tks!
  44. faintz

    faintz New Member

    hi hi

    any comments of LV at Cecil street, the newly opened centre?
  45. luvkids

    luvkids New Member

  46. priscilla_teo

    priscilla_teo New Member

    Hi bbloh, so sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, it's the one at Kent Vale. Teacher students ratio is 1 teacher to abt 15 kids for N2. K1 is 1 to abt 20 - 25 kids. As for HFMD, since my girl joined in Aug till now, there has been 1 or 2 cases but didn't spread. They check temp. 3x a day.

    I mentioned that their toilets were not well maintained in earlier post. But recently, the toilet cleanliness has improved. Much cleaner now.
  47. merrymum

    merrymum New Member

    hi Mrs Ching Chong, cant view the link...can send me some comments? thanks..
  48. mother_of_3

    mother_of_3 New Member

  49. diveera

    diveera New Member

    Hi All

    Any comments on LV KK? How are the teachers? Caring and firm, etc. the curriculum comprehensive for P1 preparation?

  50. rejoice_glad

    rejoice_glad Member


    any comment on the one at Cecil St Avia Building?

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