Farlin baby product??


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Hai, mummies:

I found this brand of baby product from net, is anyone used this product? Is the quality good? Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks.

I got the breast pump. is user friendly and handy. Cheap thou. Quite good.

You may check it out at Kiddy palace, but I bet online is cheaper??
Hi, I got the Farlin electric breast pump for sale at $30 only...(kiddy palace is selling for around $60++) I am not used to it, still prefer my avent manual pump.. selling cheap, condition as good as brand new...comes in complete packaging... if interested, can email me at [email protected] for more discussion, thanks
I just bought Farlin Breast Pump today at Kiddy Palace ( SGD66.90 ) and its seem doesn't work with me, selling at SGD30. If interested, pls contact me via e-mail at [email protected], Tks