Experienced Babysitter In Whampoa/Balestier

With over 25 years over experience, Shirley is the one you should be looking for at Whampoa Drive, Balestier.

Infants preferred, weekdays only. Rates can be discussed.

She can be contacted at 6256 1021, speaks Mandarin and Cantonese but can also understand English.

Age should not matter, the experiences of Shirley should be your top priority. Able to start as early as 01 December 2018.

P.S. Posted on behalf by a 26 year-old whom was raised by Shirley from an infant till 6 years old, right before enrolling into Primary 1.


May i know more about your opinion towards Shirley? Pls whatapp or text me at 91773247 (Daphne)
Sorry for the very late reply Ms. Daphne; I am not sure if you have already found a babysitter for your child, but here’s my opinion on Shirley:

One to one care, responsible and passionate in taking care of children. She will spend time, give attention and play with the child.

At any point of time the baby seems unwell, she will call the parents right away and if they are unable to rush back, she is able to bring the child down to the clinic opposite her block.

She does *not* leave the house unnecessarily.