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Experience bringing Toddlers to Japan?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by qsg, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. qsg

    qsg Active Member

    Hi, anyone can share your experience bringing toddlers to Japan? Would it be challenging in terms of travelling via the trains especially bringing a stroller and also feeding them in eating places? Are baby chairs provided?

  2. lin2004

    lin2004 New Member


    I 've brought my son 2 years old to toyko last year. In disneyland and some department store, you can rent a stroller. The toilet facilities also caters for kids need.

    Only thing is that there is lots of steps to climb in the train station
  3. augustmum

    augustmum New Member

    hi lin2004,

    could you share with me which hotel you stay in? Is it a free and easy? Do they provide playpen in hotels?
  4. harriet

    harriet New Member


    brought two toddlers 1.5yr & 3 yr to japan. we stayed in ryokan where the futon is on the floor and everyone sleeps on it. so there's more space and no worries about playpen.
    there lots of steps and quite a bit of distance to cover in the train station, so u may want to bring a lightweight stroller/sling instead.
    as for feeding, there are many restaurants/eating places, not too difficult if child is used to adult's food.

  5. fairymoss

    fairymoss Member

    We brought my 2.5yr old son and 18mth old niece to Tokyo in Mar this year. It's a nightmare carrying strollers up the stairs in train stations, but if you enough manpower to help, should be ok. Lots of walking though, and the tods may be cranky to walk, so always need to bring stroller out. May not have baby chairs in small eateries but restaurants have. Most sushi shops have counter bar seats that are not suitable for tods, and it's rather cramp also to bring stroller in. So if you want space and comfort, better to eat in big restaurants.
  6. baked_bean

    baked_bean New Member

    I agree that although Tokyo is baby friendly, it is NOT stroller friendly. I just came back and boy did we have a workout with the stroller, carrying up and down the stairs of train stations, with baby in it. Thankfully we brought our baby carrier and used it - it was much better.

    Rentals for strollers in department stores are free and the strollers are rather cool!
  7. smalldreams

    smalldreams Active Member

    Hello, is this thread still alive?

    Just wondering, are there lifts / escalators in the train stations? can't imagine lifting my tod's stroller up & down the stairs!
  8. summersbloom

    summersbloom New Member

    Hi smalldreams,

    there are escalators in the train stations, but i don't remember seeing any mom's taking it with the stroller, think its not so safe, cos some escalators are VERY long and alot of people take the 'express lane' (left side in Japan if i remembered correctly). i think lifts are quite limited too.

    I've been there twice and am also planning to bring my baby there when he is about 6 months old too.
  9. yumeumi

    yumeumi Active Member

    For Tokyo, they have installed both lifts and escalators to most stations in the busy area.

    If you are using stroller, the train master will ask you to take lift.

    if u need any help, can pm me.
  10. smalldreams

    smalldreams Active Member


    Thanks for yr advice. I can imagine how crowded it would be in the train stations there.

    If yr baby is only 6 mths old when you bring him there, I think it should be easier rite? can just sling him / place in baby carrier.


    Thanks, I hope it'll be easy. I'll see how things go on our first day. if it's inconvenient, I'll just leave the stroller in the hotel and bring my baby carrier. That is, IF my son wants to be in that. At 18 mths, all he wants is to be on his own 2 feet!

    Would a backpack harness help, so i can hold on to him?

    Thanks mommies.

    Also, what to shop for when there? I hope they have nice non-winter clothings for babies!
  11. poky

    poky Active Member

    can i ask if diapers is better to bring along or to buy from the departmental stores there for a 9days trip? Thx.
  12. ashwen

    ashwen Member

    can anyone recommend Lip balm for toddlers?
    Bringing 18 mth to Tokyo next week.

  13. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    It's so easy to bring kids around in Japan. There are many clean and decent nursing rooms in big shopping centres there, and such a wide variety of baby food and packet milk powder if you need [​IMG] Don't worry!

    Ai @ http://www.sakuraharuka.com

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