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! ! ! Excellent Kindy at Teluk Kurau/East Coast Area

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by cameronlee, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. cameronlee

    cameronlee New Member

    Hi All

    I am new to this forum..I hope I am posting at the right space...

    I am a mom of a 3 yo gal staying at Teluk Kurau. I have been keeping her at home and was hoping to send her to school only after she turns 5. But things change as I am expecting my no. 2 currently and find that it becomes very hard to occupy or teach her.

    I used to teach her alphabets, basic phonic sounds, counting...all the preschooler stuff. She has learnt most of her first sounds, and can trace some abcs. We sing a lot and do some simple crafts. Also going out to differnt places to play. But lately, i get tired very easily and has been neglecting her. After talking to hubby, we decided to look for a kindy for her next year.

    As I never think about school so far, I have no idea where to start. And some friends told us that good kindergartens would have all been fully booked and have long waitlist..what more with my stringent requirements....Then, another friend told me about this forum and so here I am.

    My requirements:

    1. Near home (I will need to send her and pick her up so must be near)

    2. Small teacher/student ratio (I am not sure what is the requirement for 4 yo? Is it 16 in a class? I am hoping to see if there is one that take in max 10 in a class? I understand that the fees can be a bit more but I would love to know if there is such a kindy within my vicinity)

    3. teaches beyond moe requirement - as in beyond the basic requirements of abcs and 123s. I have heard from friends that their chidlren are asked to play if they are more advanced than other classmates so that teacher can focus on the weaker ones. I hope that is not the case. Also, i believe learning is beyond that, I hope to see something more theme based for eg. a term on farm animals with activities surrounding the theme..

    4. good hygeine - heard that children get sick easily from school....I hope at least the school is vigilent in this area.

    5. teaches social emotion sides..and maybe character building - this will be a plus to me since gal will be having a younger sibling

    6. teachers are firm yet caring - I have quite a strong 3 yo so hopefully teachers are firm enough to handle her but yet not the kind that shouts at children...

    Sigh...I know I am askign for a lot..but if anyone knows any such kindy, please let me know. Btw, I am not considering cc as I have no intention to send her away for full day especially with no. 2 coming. I dón't wnat her to think that I am sending her away because of no. 2....

    Please reply asap so that at least I can shortlist some places to visit soon...And I believe in power of word of mouth...so who else is best to hear from but mothers. Thank you in advance!

  2. pabc888

    pabc888 New Member

    Hi, I m staying at Bedok Rd and my two kids studies at Bedok Methodist Church Kindergarden since pre-nursery (N1). The school is famous and well-known. You can consider.

    I m SAHM since I pregnant my 3rd last year and have been trying few childcare. All not suitable, chilfren fall sick easily and the cc has HFMD from time to time.
  3. cameronlee

    cameronlee New Member

    Hi MammaMia,

    Thanks for recommendation, will check it out...but still hopefully there is a good one nearer to home...need to take cab to send her and all...

    Yes, heard cc generally is more prompt to falling sick and all. Wow, you have 3! I can't imagine having no. 2...

    Thanks again!
  4. cameronlee

    cameronlee New Member

    On 2nd thought...i am not sure if all kindy provide school bus? Would anyone let your 3 yo go on school bus?
  5. aiko2010

    aiko2010 New Member

    Yes, the popular kindy are all having long waiting list even for my 1-yr-old.

    From what you have described, you may like to check out Raffles Montessori? I think it is pretty near your home and they provide school bus.

    I think montessori may be good for your girl because it allows the child who is faster to progress while the child who is slower to take her time to learn.

    I have once heard of another good montessori school along Fort Road but can't remember the name of the school off hand.

    Hope it helps.
  6. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    1) Shaw's along East Coast Road, nearby Katong Shopping Ctr

    2) Yamaha Kindergarten next to Parkway Parade

    3) Church Kindergarten opposite St Patrick's School but won't knw wat's the student & kids ratio .

    International Schools have most of your requirements ard Fort Road / Mountbatten Road Areas and they do have school bus services.
  7. daffy

    daffy Member

    Tried to pm u but can't
    U can msg me for more info. My kids attending one at telok kurau which is fab!
  8. pinkjji

    pinkjji Member

    Hi Cameron,

    Wonder if u found a sch for ur child, care to share as I m also looking for 1. Thanks
  9. jol

    jol New Member

    My children are in our juniors schoolhouse at Lorong G. Their teachers have been very caring and concern. ^-^
  10. leeoh

    leeoh Member

    I had a very bad experience with ACES MONTESSORI at Kembangan Lor Sarina. My boy started crying after starting K2 (he was ok in K1). After 3 months of crying, I decided to put him in another school.
    Only on the last day, another teacher quietly told us that his form teacher had been shouting at him in class cos he would not sit still. We were furious but since we already decided to pull him out, we did not pursue the matter further. He is ok once he started in another preschool where the teachers are more loving.

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